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Month: March 2008

Number 7

News And Comment You Almost Certainly Missed Victor Davis Hanson: Can’t we find a single Presidential candidate who says: “Hang on. We are going to get serious. We our going to build coal, nuclear, more hydro-electric plants. We want as many Americans as possible to buy a second electric plug-in car for urban driving; we want more efficient gas and diesel engines; we are going to cut spending, radically so, to balance the budget, pay down the debt, pay off our foreign debt, and raise the value of our currency. Tighten your belts: federal spending is frozen for five years; we are going to raise the Social Security retirement age and reform the system. The borders are going to close, and citizenship is going to mean something again.” Should McCain say that, it would trump “hope” and “change” and the 1960s tired old agenda, adopted by both parties, that got us in the mess we’re in. Read the rest.   Yikes, this must have really hurt: The deal with white America runs like this, he argued. Obama promises not to make a fuss about racism and the hundreds of thousands of blacks in jail. Whites are grateful to have their guilt absolved and vote for him. Their support rebounds “to Obama’s political advantage without having any impact on racial inequality.” Source. The writer means “redound,” not “rebound.” As you...

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Number 6

News And Commentary, Much Of It Not Widely Reported. If You Knew Why That Is, You Would Be Angry The radio-frequency radiation from mobile “phones” does something to you, as recent tests have proved. But what does it do? Not known yet. Two questions you should ask and answer: first, do you honestly believe what the radiation does to the human body is harmless, or could be good? Second, does it concern you that your children or grandchildren have embarked on decades of exposure to this radiation?   The look of poverty in Cuba.   Dutch treat: Holland wonders whether to revoke freedom of expression in order to avoid hurting the feelings of some people whose ethics are mired in the sixth century. An outspoken citizen has made a short film denouncing Islam, and the government is seriously considering banning it. “Wilders (the film’s creator) has argued that there is no such thing as moderate Islam, and has called for a ban of the Qur’an, which he compares to Hitler’s Mein Kampf.” Virtually all non-Muslims who might oppose Wilders’s suggestion have no idea of what is actually in the Koran. Those who believe this book is the inerrant record of God’s marching orders necessarily oppose Liberty in all its forms, preach the murder or virtual enslavement of all non-Muslims (based solely on the religious beliefs of the victims), and...

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