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Month: July 2008

Number 18

The Icon That Failed The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a speckled history, much of which remains occult. There are some things you just don’t repeat. For example, when the libertarian folks at the Cato Institute take a very critical and skeptical look at the FBI on the occasion of its 100th birthday, they somehow manage not to mention the bizarre facts about J. Edgar Hoover. JEH was a cross-dressing homosexual in days when that was considered so shameful it made one vulnerable to blackmail. Hoover was held in thrall by organized crime. He declared publicly on many occasions that there was no Mob, no Murder Inc., no Mafia…no well-staffed, sophisticated and far-reaching criminal enterprises at all. Hoover’s lauded special agents never investigated any of the huge openly operating businesses that were selling drugs, controlling prostitution, practicing extortion, corrupting labor unions, bribing the police and judges and intimidating jurors. Thanks to Hoover, much of the eastern and central USA was in the hands of criminals and beyond the reach of the state and federal governments. The man did tremendous harm to his nation. A victim of his time, you say? No. JEH chose to remain in power and collude with the Mob, when a better man would have gone into obscure retirement. As the willing instrument of criminals, Hoover was not just tainted but suffused with evil. The man...

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Number 17

The Sacred Teaching Is Become Mandate And Censor What is this man talking about?? “The first sentence is nothing more or less than a deliberate lie,” writes Professor John Brignell on his Numberwatch blog. “The second is, to say the least, contentious; while the third is an outrageous example of ultra vires interference by a committee in the proper conduct of scientific debate.” He’s talking about anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and an attempt to prevent discussion thereof. He’s talking about censorship. He’s talking about an ideologically-based block on free, open inquiry, research, and communication. He’s also providing yet more evidence that a belief in AGW is a faith, not science. And he’s referring to the publication of a scientific paper debunking AGW that was linked to in the last PenPo. Read his comments and the article in which they appear, and then consider the harm done not just to science, but to Liberty. Er, Ah…Nice Kitty! Have you seen this yet? Give it a look, and if you have seen it already, you will enjoy it almost as much this time as you did the first time you saw it. It’s one of the YouTube stars right now, and for good reasons. They Are Campaigning In The USA, So Here’s A Little Something From The PenPo For Each Of Those Scoundrels First, a stiletto into the left kidney of...

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Number 16

Is There Such A Creature As A Good Muslim? Whether Muslims can be decent people is a primal and essential consideration. As soon as the question arises, it demands definition: by which standards of goodness shall we measure Muslims, theirs or ours? A “good Muslim” may be defined as a person who follows the dictates of the Koran; in that sense, the meaning of “good” is something like “a high degree of fit between the (Koranic) ideal and the real.” If, however, “good” is defined according to Western ethics and jurisprudence, then the answer must be that it is impossible to be at once good and a person who believes and lives by the Koran/hadith. There is no escaping this conclusion. Those books were written by evil people, and they can be used to perpetrate monstrous evil because evil is precisely what they demand of Muslims. Just as today’s Christians and Jews manage to live what they consider pious lives even as they ignore many of the teachings and commandments and examples found in the Old Testament, millions of Muslims pay no attention to the hatred Mohammed preached. They are content to be nominal Muslims. Many are not even aware of the passages in the Koran/hadith that are ethically indefensible. This is the inevitable consequence of a faith that damns and endangers those who would leave it. Yes, there...

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Number 15

News To Gladden The Hearts Of Democrats, And Make Republicans Throw Up John McCain is not constitutionally eligible to be president of the USA. Before you dismiss that claim out of hand, download and read this document written by a law professor. Meanwhile here is a summary of the facts: 1. Congress determines who will be a citizen, and how. The federal constitution does not make the rules, except to state that anyone born in the USA is a citizen. 2. The commonly-held notion that the child of a US citizen is automatically a citizen, regardless of where that child is born, is false. In fact the courts have explicitly stated that citizenship is not inherited. So forget all that nonsense about jus soli and jus sanguinis they told you in college; there is no such thing in US law as jus sanguinis. 3. McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. The courts and Congress both have been clear on one point: the Zone was not ever a part of the USA. It was under US control, but that did not incorporate the Zone into the USA; it was never even a territory. McCain was born without citizenship of any kind (hard as that may be to believe, it’s true). 4. Eleven months after McCain’s birth, Congress passed a law allowing those in his predicament to be naturalized...

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