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Month: October 2008

Number 37

The Warmonger Has Once Again Attacked Innocent Civilians, Slaughtering Babes In Arms And Harmless Pensioners Of course he has. And all decent people everywhere will rise up in solidarity against the imperialist capitalist crusaders, and…and…burn down the local McDonald’s! Death to McCain and his whore, who “popped out a retard”!! Right arm! (Heavy sigh.) Meanwhile, people who want to know what happened in Syria, and why US troops were in there killing people, will readMichael Yon and ponder the implications of events. Is Iran A Problem Without A Solution? The religious ideology of Iran makes that nation particularly dangerous. As discussed in Number Three of The Penguin Post, believers in the cult of the twelfth imam trust that if Iran is devastated by nuclear weapons, the total victory of Islam will be facilitated and accelerated. The articles of faith seem to be a bad parody of a bad comic book. First millions of Iranians will vanish into hot gas, satisfying the divinity’s wishes. Then the returned imam will lead Muslims in the final battle; billions of infidels will perish and plunge to eternal torment in hell. The universal caliphate will take charge of submissive mankind, and there will be no further history. If your enemy believes things like that, you have problems. The US electorate’s understanding of the Iranian situation is primitive. Evidently many if not most voters want...

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Number 36

Feminism, Diagnosis Of: Sclerotic. Treatment Modality: Study Paglia. Prognosis: Guarded You may recall that this newsletter has advised you to read a bit of Camille Paglia’s work — and that you gave it a pass. What good luck for you, that once again the opportunity beckons. Paglia is a devoted Obama supporter, feminist, Lesbian and Democrat. She has been savaged by feminist Czarina Gloria Steinem, who at one point imposed censorship on Paglia’s work. Mainstream feminism is nothing if not authoritarian, and Paglia is an original thinker whose intelligence and honesty threaten the Old Guard. Start here and you will probably read it all, hungrily. Whatever your views, Paglia can only sharpen your vision. Insight Into The Culture War Orson Scott Card is a Democrat, a journalist, and a very angry man. He recently expressed his outrage at the misbehavior of his party and his colleagues in the press. Unfortunately his words will be ignored for two reasons: first, because he is critical of the news media, and second, because he is a Mormon. Mormons are suspect. Nobody trusts them. On the political right, they are viewed by fundamentalist (“evangelical,” “charismatic”) Christians as literal witches and servants of the devil. On the left, they are considered superstitious, ignorant fanatics whose politics are as crazy as their absurd religious beliefs (because most Mormons are not on the left). Readers of...

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Number 35

On The Transition And Its Consequences Introductory note: as this is published, polls vary, with McCain in position to stage a surprise, come-from-not-too-far-behind win — maybe. In the event that Obama does not defeat his GOP opponent, this issue of the Penguin Post will be the “Dewey Defeats Truman” number. That’s acceptable. Sooner or later, everyone is wrong about something. But never let it be said that this newsletter is afraid to go out on a limb. The ballots have been counted, and Barack Hussein Obama has just defeated John McCain. This event should be an opportunity to strengthen the nation and secure a better future. Unfortunately it is yet another negative development in an era of cultural discord that began some years ago. While one can neither see the end of this era nor predict how severe the approaching problems will be, it is clear that Obama’s presidency will intensify the nation’s distress. Various policies, attitudes, goals and strategies of the Obama team, along with the inevitable implications of the new president’s tenure, can be identified today as causes of anguish tomorrow. They include: 1. Obama’s sensitivity and unwise responses to criticism and opposition. It’s been documented in this newsletter: the new president displays an angry, vituperative intolerance of contrary opinion, too often resorting to attempted censorship and accusations of racism. Shades of Nixon’s infamous enemies list! This...

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