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Month: March 2009

Number 72

What In The World Is Wrong With Hillary? The reader must be cautioned, for the following item requires a willing suspension of disbelief. In fact it’s so incredible that you may question whether The Penguin Post is attempting a cruel hoax. Yet everything reported here is true. Someone is going to have to sit down with this pushy, obnoxious, know-it-all female, and explain the facts of life to her — with a cattle prod. She’s blundering her way around the world like a moron on methamphetamine. It’s just one gaffe after another, and she’s leaving a trail of ignorant remarks that hurt her astounded hosts. First she messed with Israel, then made some uninformed remarks at the USA-Mexico border, and then, visiting Mexico’s sacred national shrine, she blurted out a highly offensive remark that will harden anti-USA sentiments throughout the Hispanic world. No, she was not done yet. On leaving the shrine, she gushed to some (presumably astounded Mexicans, if they understood her English), “You have a marvelous virgin.” Some diplomat. — Say, where did she go to college, anyway? Give The Powers That Be A Chance To Smear The Loyal Opposition, And Stand Back They published it, and now they are un-publishing it. It describes irrational explanations for events, and it points out that some people have irrational solutions for perceived problems. It labels the critics of some...

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Number 71

Number 71 28 March 2009 A Nazi Is A Nazi, Whatever He Calls Himself Today The equation of anti-Israel political opinion with genuine Jew-hatred is candidly expressed by a respected cartoonist in the very “progressive” Washington Post. This modern abomination is in every significant respect indistinguishable from the most vile Nazi propaganda of the 1930s and 1940s (do click on the links to see the proof). If this is your idea of progressive thought, may you rot in hell. Bush As Eternal Villain Strange as it may sound, a lot of folks really hate news items like this — especially when they appear in the major news media: “MARKETS without bombs. Hummers without guns. Ice cream after dark. Busy streets without fear.” So began Terry McCarthy’s report from Iraq for ABC’s World News Sunday on March 15, one of a series the network aired last week as the war in Iraq reached its sixth anniversary. The hard left will never forgive Bush for having come up with the winning strategy in a war that was supposed to be lost with humiliating consequences. Old Wine In Leaky Bottles There is no Utopian answer to the economic problems the nation and the world face. You can’t put everybody to work at good jobs for good wages by taxing them, deepening the public indebtedness, providing “free” health care for everybody, increasing educational...

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Number 70

The One Knocks ‘Em Dead On TV Ha, ha. Funny as a rubber crutch. But really, now — why does this surprise anybody? He implied that Sarah Palin is a pig and gave Hillary the finger during a debate. He’s a vulgar, immature brat, with none of the ear-shriveling profane honesty of a real man like Patton. — Sources and evidence: most of the videos of Obama’s remark about lipstick on a pig have been taken down, but you can still see it here. If you watch, pay particular attention to the reaction of the crowd before Obama completes his “joke.” At the time, the PenPo (30) said this: “Obama either knew exactly how his words would be taken (which makes him filthy), or he did not (which makes him an idiot). There is no third possibility.” As to the gesture that was directed at Hillary, see the video.– Is Somebody Up There Finally Responding To Public Anger Over Press Bias? Unh, No It seems out of character, somehow. Consider: (1) CBS gave us Mad Mary Mapes and Dan Rather; then CBS (2) supported those two incompetent zealots as they launched a Quixotic attempt to swing a presidential election; eventually (3) there was nothing left to do but fire Mad Mary and let Rather drift away to his private fantasy-land of denial, there to mumble to himself. But now...

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Number 69

This Is Good Because It Is Good, And Because It Means We Still Have Some Control It was FUBAR from the first, and evidently a disciple of The One noticed that The Penguin Post had pointed that out. In an attempt to prove that his administration does indeed have a level of moral sensibility measurably above that achieved by pond scum, His Superillustriousness has decreed an end to what had to be one of the most insensitive, inhumane and just plain stupid plans ever. Details here. Is the PenPo disappointed to see this explosive issue removed from the debate? Not at all. Let all rejoice at the restoration of free care for our wounded heroes. It is also a relief to see that in this ethics-deprived administration, raw, primal fear can still be experienced. The amoralists do know when they are about to be butchered. When they no longer fear us, we shall have scant hope. Oh, So That’s What He Had In Mind This newsletter has told you about the change Obama made in the US Census Bureau, and you are probably aware of the role ACORN played in the president’s training, experience and career. The two have come together. Information here. Yes, that is an implication that voter fraud is extremely likely, and that the White House will be a party to it. Recall Biden’s lie about...

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Number 68

Number 68 18 March 2009 A Sea Change The cult of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is demonstrably crumbling under the assault of science. Increasing numbers of people are questioning and rejecting alarmist hysteria. A few links will suffice to demonstrate the phenomenon; they provide additional sources of information, so skim or delve deeply, for it’s all here. Reason magazine weighs in, Pajamas Media provides a good report, and a respected weblogger adds valuable psychological insight. See also this report. It’s almost embarrassing. As this issue is about to be delivered to both of its eager subscribers, more sources have surfaced: call this oneTurning Point, the next one Tinfoil Brigade, then Details, Details, and finally Goofus Gore. Whew! Then there is this series of hammer blows that mangles the case for AGW: it’s relentless, even brutal. What, this article asks, is “consensus,” and how do the news media deal with the dispute between junk science and real science? The answers are damning. Don’t overlook this contribution. The list of sources concludes with a stunning, virtually unprecedented breakthrough. It is a seismic event, and signals the desperation of a terrorist as he is trapped by his own deceit. For years, Al Gore and many other AGW cultists have flatly refused to debate their critics. Gore recently insisted that we must act, not argue — and his contention was very reasonable indeed....

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