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Month: June 2009

Number 93

Al Qaeda’s Dream For some folks, this from the top level of Al Qaeda will come as a shock, perhaps even a wake-up call. For readers of the PenPo, it should be nothing more than confirmation of obvious truth. Two observations suggest themselves: first, the exact nature of the custodianship of those Pakistani nukes is not public knowledge. It is, in this newsletter’s view, probably one of the best accomplishments of the G. W. Bush administration, and may also be partly due to efforts of the Clinton administration. Second, if the USA does not have contingency plans to go into Pakistan and secure those weapons with whatever force necessary — yes, that could mean war with Pakistan, and that India would try to take advantage of the situation — then the world is in grave peril. Finally, those on the left should ponder how the world’s Muslims would react if the USA and Israel were hit by multiple nuclear weapons. Some believe that Islam in general — including all those putative “moderate Muslims” — would would fail to take advantage of events. That is an extraordinarily ignorant and stupid view. If the USA is crippled and Israel is destroyed, all of Islam — not just the radical elements thereof — will move into the vacuum. The piecemeal eradication of the entire heritage of Western Civilization will begin. Today’s Islam-friendly...

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Number 92

Friends Of Liberty Everywhere Are Reassured That The United States Of America Stands With Them, Unequivocally And Fearlessly Well, diplomacy be damned, because The One knows that when Liberty is mocked by scoundrels, there can be no mealy-mouthed mincing of words! The federal government of the USA, impregnable bastion of decency and democracy that it is, has issued a fire-breathingstatement denouncing the repression of democracy in Iran (which repression includes the police beating, murdering, wounding and abducting people) as “…vigorous debate and enthusiasm….” Hah! Take that, Iranian fanatics! (Now you have to believe Obama can talk really, really tough — you know, Chicago-style tough, tough enough to scare people so badly they throw up.) Wow! And what about Hillary, what does the distaff element on the tough Obama team have to say? Why, she’s growling and slavering like a rabid Rottweiler. “We watched closely the enthusiasm and the very vigorous debate and dialogue that occurred in the lead-up to the Iranian elections….” Gosh, that language makes your blood run cold, eh? And how about this menacing utterance — “We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds in Iran.” It makes a fellow proud to be a citizen of the world’s greatest defender of human rights and Liberty. Yeah. Sure it does. You bet. And that goes double for those US citizens who happen to be overseas, because they can...

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Number 91

Number 91 20 June 2009 There Is Big Money In The Anthropogenic Global Warming Hoax, As Al Gore Has Proved. This Fellow Noticed From the newsletter PNG Attitude, to which the PenPo subscribes, comes an article concerning a high-profile advocate of legislation to combat AGW. (PNG stands for Papua New Guinea.) NEWS PNG controversy surrounds “climate hero” PNG correspondent, Ilya Gridneff, sent people diving for cover in Port Moresby last month with revelations that one of the world’s most outspoken voices on climate change, Kevin Conrad, has been linked to a string of failed business dealings in PNG. Mr Conrad was the man who achieved international fame at the 2007 Bali climate conference when he told the United States to either lead the debate or get out of the way. At the time, he was PNG’s Special Envoy and Ambassador for Climate Change. Last year, Time magazine named Conrad as its top placed “Leader and Visionary” in its list of Heroes of the Environment and this year the UN Environment Program named him a ‘Champion of the Earth’. But in PNG, perceptions of Mr Conrad are different. There have been allegations in Parliament that he was involved in a failed housing scheme where $8 million was spent and not a single house built and in the PNG Banking Corporation writing off $18 million and landowners losing plantations in the...

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Number 90

Letterman Has Provided A Valuable Service He explains and makes everything all better now: I had, honestly, no idea that the 14-year-old girl, I had no idea that anybody was at the ball game except the governor, and I was told at the time she was there with Rudy Giuliani. It’s not your fault that it was misunderstood, it’s my fault. … So I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. Baloney. He’s lying again. How does the PenPo know? The truth is always the easiest answer, because you don’t have to think it over. The truth can be stated at once, and would have been blurted out spontaneously. But: I’ve been thinking about this situation with Governor Palin and her family now for about a week. The original word from this vulgarian was that he was “joking” about Sarah Palin’s 18 year-old daughter. Even if that were true, it is still not somehow all right to slander the (very) young woman. Realize that it’s not just Letterman reading the papers to see what’s happening in town. He has a team of researchers and writers scanning the news outlets and feeding him items for comment, yet he expects the world to believe that he literally did...

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Number 89

Utterly Reprehensible. Primitive. Anticipated. The culture war continues. Letterman “jokes” that Sarah Palin’s fourteen year-old daughter was impregnated by a famous sports figure (yes, he did say that, though he denied it later: Palin’s eighteen year-old daughter did not go to the baseball game with her mother and younger sister — a fact Letterman knew — and so could not have been the “daughter” Letterman was referring to). CBS tried to prevent trouble by censoring the transcript, but a video exists. Letterman is indeed lying. Then a genuinely humorous response to the filth appeared. This newsletter predicted long ago that the attacks on Sarah Palin would be vicious, and would definitely involve sex. Unfortunately the PenPo knows the “progressive” mindset too well, and cannot be said to be shocked by the subsequent excesses of the leftists. Further, it is with chagrin that the PenPo confesses to an error of omission in the previous issue. A reference to pregnancy and abortions was deleted from the item on the Playboy attack on “wingnut” females. At the last minute, a question arose: did the filthy Playboy article include a comment to the effect that because the targets of the attack would not abort any pregnancies resulting from the suggested “hate fuck” assaults, they would deservedly suffer the consequences of the sexual activity? Yes, that rationale was spelled out in the magazine’s attack....

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