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Month: June 2009

Number 88

It Was Just A Matter Of Time, Given The Depravity Of The “Progressive” Mindset Playboy magazine, which is said to be teetering on the edge of the financial abyss, put a piece up on the internet that is a bit hard to describe. It jokingly promotes sexual intercourse with hateful women who happen to be alluring. They deserve to be discounted as human beings because of their political and religious views, in other words — so they are to be the objects of what the magazine calls a “hate fuck.” (No, this is not an exaggeration of what the Playboy article said.) Is that something like the use of rape as a weapon of war? It seems so to this newsletter, though the author of the piece concludes his advocacy with, “Let the healing begin.” That reference baffles the PenPo utterly. Well, as soon as this egregious material was available to one and all, it came under fire (Example here). In a matter of hours the magazine pulled it. But a weblogger is said to have made screenshots of the entire post, and was claimed to be making them available at this URL. The server was swamped and perhaps lawyers for Playboy have threatened the weblogger into closing down. The “progressive” response to criticism of Playboy‘s calculated transgression will of course be to mention the recent murder of the...

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Number 87

It’s Easy To Mix The Occasional Fundamental Error In With Speculative Projections When You Are Making Stuff Up To Support A Politically Correct Ideological Position; Or, You Call This Science? Alarmist reports generated by computer modeling are all the rage, as noted in the previous number of the PenPo. They usually include assumptions, wild speculations, dramatic scenarios and the like, and once in a while they go beyond harebrained reasoning to simple statements of untruth — like this one (from this story): Unlike water in a bathtub, water in the oceans does not spread out evenly. Sea level can vary by several feet from one region to another, depending on such factors as ocean circulation and the extent to which water at lower depths is compressed. That sounds very plausible, doesn’t it? The text glides right over the fact that water is uncompressable. Oops. This Article Announces A Fundamental Breakthrough In Climatology A hat tip to JY for an admirably clear article that sweeps away a lot of the nonsense that has for so long beclouded an understanding of climate. Sample quotes: Because they (most climatologists) are using mathematical equations that have been found to be incorrect, they cannot get repeatable results that can be applied systemically to the entire Earth’s climate that matches the data actually recorded. They can only get a probability. …Earth’s atmosphere is a balanced...

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