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Month: July 2009

Number 98

What Is Happening Can Be Understood We are struggling through the consequences of the elite’s failed rule. As central and eastern Europe were transformed by the fall of the great monarchies, the USA is beginning a transition of historic moment. The USA’s distress is caused by the death throes of a ruling class that may be historically unique. Unsurprisingly — for the dying often rally briefly — there is a frantic attempt to reassert power as the end approaches. Courage, everyone. This will take time. Proof Positive, As If It Were Needed, That The Major US News Media Practice Censorship In Pursuit Of Partisan Goals Honduras. Backing Obama, the media refuse to report the truth. Their excuses will doubtless be attempts at distraction. Obama’s supporters will buy them, but now everyone can see what is going on. It’s brazen, it’s elitist, it’s utterly inexcusable, and it reveals the media — yet again — as inveterate leftist propagandists. As time passes, pressure will mount on the unprincipled journalists, and they will have to allow the public to learn some aspects of the truth regarding Honduras. It will be partial, it will be downplayed, it will soft-pedal the connections to Castro and Chavez, and news consumers in general will know roughly as much about Honduras and Zelaya as they know about Saddam’s (very real) weapons of mass destruction. The journalists know...

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Number 97

The Willful Ignorance Of The Nominee Heralds Prolonged Battle Over The Second Amendment Sotomayor’s testimony in pursuit of a seat on the highest US court invites endless partisan analysis. If you are interested, begin with a few link-rich webpages: leftist concerns; the nominee’s repeated comments; the Ricci case and Sotomayor’s original take on international law, and then a report from, of all people, AP. That will get you started — assuming you want to go wandering in the swamp. What’s most interesting to this newsletter is not the way Sotomayor is lying, reversing herself and babbling incoherently, but that she has resorted to fantasy. Her erroneous ruminations on the second amendment express the “progressive” dream that it does not apply to the states. That mistake is fundamental (do click on this link!), and shows that she bases judicial practice on ideological goals that hark back to the nineteenth century. The original purpose of firearms legislation was to disarm newly-freed black folks who were defending themselves against night riders and KKK thugs. Courts decided challenges to those laws by honoring overarching racist values. If the extreme left is ever to disarm the USA, it must ignore modern judicial doctrine and overturn precedent. “Wise Latina” Sotomayor has told the senators she is equal to the task. There is no way her critics can prevent her from being confirmed, so her appointment...

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Number 96

The United Nations Is Conspiring With China And The USA’s National Security Agency To Extend Tyranny — And You Are Targeted Some very upsetting news is reported here. An excerpt: A United Nations agency is quietly drafting technical standards, proposed by the Chinese government, to define methods of tracing the original source of Internet communications and potentially curbing the ability of users to remain anonymous. The U.S. National Security Agency is also participating in the “IP Traceback” drafting group, named Q6/17, which is meeting next week in Geneva to work on the traceback proposal. Members of Q6/17 have declined to release key documents, and meetings are closed to the public. This drives home two points: first, the Chinese are a serious problem for those who cherish Liberty, and second, the UN is the creature of the General Assembly, not the Security Council. The General Assembly has a majority of members that are neither free nor decent nations. There is a third fact which many will consider even more distressing. An agency of the US federal government has sided with stereotypically unethical governments in an assault on individual privacy. While many charges leveled against the NSA are pure nonsense, this new development must be taken seriously. It calls for a stiff rebuke from the US electorate. If this newsletter trusted the Obama administration to do the right thing, it would...

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Number 95

From Governor To Martyr-Saint? Governor Palin may be guilty of corruption committed when she was a mayor — local government is where most of the USA’s corruption is found — and if she is another crooked politician, she should go to prison. Resolving the matter is likely to be extraordinarily difficult. The FBI says it is not investigating her, and the “progressive” webloggers who are accusing her of illegal dealings can not be disgraced unless absolute proof of the governor’s innocence is provided. That is utterly impossible. Even if there were an investigation that resulted in her being cleared of all wrongdoing, proof of innocence remains beyond the jurisprudential system; a verdict of “not guilty” is not a verdict of “innocent,” but a statement that the charges were insufficient to produce a conviction. (For more on this, see this explanation and a related Scottish legal concept.) This newsletter is certain the bitter left-wing campaign of defamation will continue. “Progressives” will spread rumors that Palin is a criminal who got away with her crimes. This is just a small part of the flood of filth that has been directed at the “whore” and “bitch” who “popped out a retard.” Some evaluate Palin solely on the degree of her acquiescence to orthodox feminism. That is not just a narrow view, but a false one; it is, as this post makes clear,...

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Number 94

The Real Point Of The Mess In Honduras The story changes daily, and it is not as straightforward as first appeared. “Wingnut” news and commentary outlets on the internet arefussing (with good reason?) over Obama’s “support” of the Marxist jerk who just got transformed from the president of Honduras to a political refugee in Costa Rica. And the “moonbats” are saying that Castro and Chavez and Obama are right, as if that made them right about absolutely everything else in the known universe. The Honduran military (at the orders of the judiciary and the legislative branch? Click here) got rid of a Bad Guy who wanted to change all the rules so he, a Bad Guy, could stay in power like Chavez and Castro (who are Worse Guys). Whether something like a correct, procedural deposition took place is now up for debate, but you won’t learn that from the lap dog media. It’s worth remembering that Adolf Hitler, while never directly elected to political office, was quite properly appointed chancellor of Germany under a democratic system. He then changed the rules and assumed dictatorial power. How much better it would have been if…but only very late in the war did anyone in the military attempt to remove Hitler “illegally.” A Persistent, Principled Press Would Be An Excellent Idea ACORN (no longer called that), a whistle-blower, and race: put the...

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