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Month: September 2009

Number 108

Number 108 30 September 2009 The Iranian Threat Do not allow journalistic rhetoric to obscure the fundamentals. They include: 1. The recent revelation that Iran is building an additional uranium refinement facility is not new to everyone; it was known years ago. Who knew and when they first knew are the questions. It now appears certain that Obama had this information before he was elected. The press should be asking whether that is true, and asking whether he was in effect lying when he attacked John McCain for insisting that Iran posed a threat that had to be dealt with firmly. It would be very interesting to know why the construction of the new plant was kept secret from the public. Further, the timing of the Iranian announcement of the plant’s existence virtually proves that there is a highly-placed spy in the US administration or intelligence community. (This was not a leak; it was a tip to Iran to pull the rug out from under the USA at the very last moment. The spy knew of the plant and knew when the USA was going to tell the world about it — which means his position is either political or very high in intelligence. The traitor is probably no stranger to the Oval Office.) Unfortunately we can not expect the lap dog media to pursue these subjects. 2. The...

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Number 107

Number 107 25 September 2009 The Administration Positions Its Heavy Artillery For The Next Battle In The Culture War This newsletter has been emphasizing the importance of the culture war in US politics for some time. Recent developments — exposed by the same folks who have told the world how ACORN operates — tell us more about Team Obama’s dream of organizing the national community. We have already been treated to the spectacle of a number of show business personalities telling each of us to “pledge to be a servant to our president.” (See PenPo 103 and 104.) Now we see that this risible propaganda effort, little remarked in the news media, was a tiny part of a much larger effort. The nation is targeted by a recruiting effort. The latest story was unleashed on this website. There is related information on a sister site. Further information can be obtained at this link-rich site. For a quick overview of the unfolding scandal (and yes, it is a scandal), read this post first, and then follow up with these two: read this, and then conclude with a good roundup of the facts. Since before the advent of civilization, art has often been in the service of power. In the twentieth century, Stalin and Hitler and Mao policed their artists vigorously; the Nazis even created the category of “entartete Kunst” (“degenerate...

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Number 106

Understanding The USA’s Culture War If you wish to make a start at comprehending the depth and scope of the divide in US politics, you are well advised to read Tom Wolfe. His commentary is both revelatory and entertaining. Begin with parts of Hooking Up, in particular Wolfe’s classic “Tiny Mummies,” and the author’s comments on what happened after that lampoon was published. The most famous of Wolfe’s vivisections of the ruling elite is Radical Chic; this newsletter has referred to it several times. It limns a perverse, fascinatingly bizarre ethic that borders on a suicidal imperative. The piece caused anguish throughout the establishment, and the term “radical chic” entered the language. Wolfe’s devastating commentary was subsequently published in a slim volume that includes Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers, a disturbing snapshot of entitlement and bureaucratic dysfunction. Wolfe’s incisive prose flays the chattering class, the social stratum that thinks of most of the nation as “flyover country.” Sarah Palin makes no sense at all unless one first understands the assumptions and values of those who loathe her because they recognize her as The Other. The Tea Party Movement… …was born about a half year ago. Today, they’re putting two million people on the Washington Mall. Wow! If I were Obama & Co., I’d be afraid, I’d be very afraid. And no doubt they are. They bobbled the ball big time...

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Number 105

Number 105 11 September 2009 In Memoriam Never Forget The Truth Is Our Sword And Shield The many heroes will never be forgotten, and all citizens of the USA can be proud of them. Eight years after the terrible events, this newsletter pays special tribute to the people who just happened to be on United flight 93. They prevented the hijackers from destroying their target. When they could have frozen in terror, the heroes of flight 93 responded. “Let’s roll.” Thus did some very ordinary, everyday people overcome suicidal fanatics. In so doing, these heroes reminded us that the US citizen, however weak he or she may be, is much too strong to be conquered. Our war to defend our way of life will be won because we are determined to triumph. That determination is not inspired by the empty words of our politicians, nor is it diminished by the lies, dishonesty and deceit so often employed by those in office. Our strength as a people does not come from the cynical blandishments of a governing class that seeks to pacify and control us. We are better than many of our leaders. We are more honest, we are braver, and we are not as vain or as hungry for power as are those who would rule us. We are determined to make a better world for our children and...

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Number 104

The Penguin Post’s Modest Proposal: A Pledge For Patriotic Citizens Of The United States Of America The call has gone out, promoted by celebrities — each citizen is enjoined to “pledge to be a servant to our president.” The hyperkinetic plea for lemming-like solidarity has led the PenPo to draft a counter-proposal. Let the citizenry make this pledge: I pledge allegiance only to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands. This, my sacred pledge, will not be mocked. On my honor as a free individual, I avow that I shall never pledge to be the servant to any human being. An Incendiary View Which, If Correct, Is Cause For Protest Here’s a broadside that needs supporting facts: In the short time Obama and the radical left have been in power, they have worked hard to bleed our spirit and our energy with massive tax increases, corruption, cronyism, special interest entitlements, new regulations and the politicization of our institutions. They appease tyrants, siding against democracies, giving unredeemable despots status and legitimacy and prolonging the suffering of millions. They mouth the words of our founders to hide their true nature. They work to dismantle freedom after freedom, destroying what we have proudly fought for and so lovingly built. They do not revere what has made us great; they embrace all that will...

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