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Month: October 2009

Number 111

The Resistance: A Preliminary Proposal In Number 110 of this newsletter, it was proposed that the Tea Party participants establish an informal network to see to effective voter opposition to the leadership of Congress and the overall thrust of the Obama administration’s policies. This general concept deserves to be debated and developed. The name of the spontaneous Tea Party movement is ideal. While it should be used by those working to redirect Congress and force Team Obama to moderate its extremism, it might be a good idea to give the emerging resistance its own name. Perhaps “progressive” scorn of the Tea Parties and the contempt of the bicoastal elite for much of the nation can suggest a term. This newsletter believes that the pejorative “flyover country” is particularly suitable. Begin, therefore, with “Flyover Country Volunteers,” and go from there to come up with a better name. At this stage, political specifics should be minimal. Opposition to deep indebtedness, Obamacare, an apologetic foreign policy and the lap dog press might be on the list. But the goal of the network should be simply to reform what is almost certainly the worst Congress in US history. If that can be accomplished, the leader will get the message. This newsletter therefore proposes that various weblogs and Tea Party groups establish communications and begin planning a nationwide effort to impose reform. First, communicate...

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Number 110

Begin Planning Now These are parlous times, cluttered with counter-intuitive truths. Note, for example, that keeping the corrupt in power, as horrible as that sounds, may prove to be for the best. By refusing to clean house, the leadership of Congress could be writing its suicide note. Then too, when Old Europe makes it obvious that it welcomes the decline of the USA, that could be just the shock the nation needs to make it replace its masters with principled leaders. And finally, it is certain that attempts to create a Utopia will do great damage, thereby demonstrating the need for fundamental reforms — and animating the reformers. Sometimes in order to find the strength to determine their destiny, the afflicted must suffer at the hands of rascals. But…how does one oppose an establishment that views the national community as a mass of uncomprehending peasants, a mere target to be organized? How can the people nullify the commands of a man who can remain in power for more than three additional years? How can the electorate throw out a Congress controlled by professional politicians whose seats are safe because they live in the strongholds of the contemptuous ruling elite? Well, some folks have pondered these questions, and provided suggestions. Fact: it’s not too early to to consider what matters most, to plan, and to begin to form the networks....

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Number 109

What Happened? The first account posted on the Drudge Report of the Iranian nuclear fuel plant being built near Qom appeared at 1126 GMT, on Friday, the 25th of September (note well the information in bold). It was a story that appeared in the Washington Post. The writer implied that the USA and its allies had revealed the existence of the plant to the world, but deeper in the body of the story are these two paragraphs: The CIA, along with its British and French counterparts, spent the summer compiling a dossier of information that administration officials said they had not yet decided how and when to reveal. Their hand was forced, they said, by a letter the Iranian government sent to the IAEA in Vienna on Monday. U.S. officials said they thought the letter came after the Iranians learned of the Western intelligence and decided to preempt disclosures about the site. The letter vaguely described construction of a “pilot” plant to enrich uranium up to 5 percent, enough for power production but far less than the 90 percent required for weapons material. “Further complementary information will be provided in an appropriate and due time,” the letter said. (Emphasis added.) A Google search for the earliest story on the Qom plant carried by the Los Angeles Times turns up this post on the internet dated Saturday, the 26th. Quote:...

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