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Month: November 2009

Number 117

The Debased State Of Climate Science Introduction For a good overview of the disgrace, with a cast of characters and clear explanation of what the issues are, you can do no better than thisbrief article. What Facts Matter Most There are five major truths that characterize this scandal. In order of their importance: 1. The software used by the crucially important University of East Anglia to model climate and predict it is a total disaster. All forecasts and analyses produced using that chaotic code are worthless. Raw climate data employed in the modeling no longer exist. The program has collapsed. 2. Secrecy replaced honesty in climate research. Refusals to make data available for study by other scholars, refusals to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, and destruction of data that might undermine the pro-AGW stance of the UEA researchers have been documented. 3. Solid evidence has existed for some years that raw data had been tampered with to produce evidence of AGW; now corroborating evidence of fakery is available. 4. The peer review process, a necessary protection against error and fraud, was corrupted and effectively dismantled by a small group of climate activists. 5. Not a single salient contention of the proponents of AGW remains standing. AGW is not just unproved, or problematic; it is a manifest absurdity. Implications The above facts suggest a policy that repairs the...

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Number 116

Number 116 22 November 2009 The Hoax Introduction On the 18th of August, 2008, this newsletter called the concept of anthropogenic global warming not just junk science, or a mistake, or the propaganda enriching a former US politician, but a hoax. Since then, the claim that AGW was and is deliberate lies remained unconvincing to the press and public, with only a minority of people agreeing with the obvious facts. New evidence of the fraud has recently come to light, and there is the distinct possibility that it will be widely acknowledged that many of the leading advocates of AGW have, in talking to each other, revealed their secrets. Those revelations are composed of e-mail messages that discredit the scientists — personally and professionally — and expose their claims as unscientific. What follows is not a comprehensive review of all the data that are now available, but an introduction to the new information. Links will take you to reports, quotes and commentary; do follow them. For a clear introduction and explanation, see this helpful site. More technical details and a record of the discoveries as they were made are available here; sample quote: I started this blog venting about the obvious politics of the IPCC and the control that scientists apparently had over skeptic publications. These emails have been incredibly revealing. We who are skeptical will hear no more...

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Number 115

Is The Republican Party Worth Resuscitating? If ever a political party strangled its chances of victory, that was what the Republican apparatus did in the last election. From the first, it was a virtually suicidal performance. That disgraceful pratfall, taking place as it did in a great representative democracy, was a tragic betrayal of the tradition of government of, for and by the people. Yes, it’s that bad. In fact, whether the party deserves to survive is debatable. To some folks, resuscitating the GOP would mean revivifying the political opportunities of a number of good people, men and women who are badly needed in public life. So, if by resuscitate one means save, there are certainly excellent reasons why the Republican party should be saved. The careers or ideas of brilliant people are not, however, tied to the success of the Republican party. That does not mean that the party should be forgotten; quite the contrary, it should be saved… …as a museum exhibit. That’s right. The voters should give up on the GOP and seal it in a bottle of formaldehyde. That would free the best people in the party to pursue the reform of governance. As things stand, those folks are burdened by an organization that has lost its vitality, ethics and common sense. Abandoning the GOP would not mean throwing the baby out with the bath...

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Number 114

You Ignore Lunacy At Your Peril. The Lunatics Mean What They Say Here’s what Team Obama thinks of free speech and freedom of the press. It’s pretty amazing stuff, and the reasonable person has a tendency to dismiss it as somehow not sincere. Big mistake. Yes, yes — you Obama-lovers in the expensive seats can trivialize these quotes as the stuff people may blurt out before they are fully awake, but it just won’t wash. The individuals quoted here were either writing a book or speaking words they knew were being recorded and would be reported. They were confidently stating their malformed versions of the truth; they believe the sophistry so strongly that they think its veracity will be obvious to everyone. That’s diagnostic of true fanatics: they repeat their mantras and shibboleths without awareness of how bizarre they sound to rational people. So when you hear something like this from a powerful person, do realize that you are not being lied to, but taken for a fellow traveler. The speaker simply cannot understand how any right-thinking person would disagree with him. This detachment from reality is a hallmark of a deviant and potentially dangerous person. Of course how deviant he is depends on how wild his statements are. How willing he might be to try to impose his views on others can often be estimated by considering his...

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Number 113

This Is The Core Issue The effort to provide adequate health care for all persons in the USA is not humanitarian. It is not an act of charity. It is not an attempt to be decent. It is a matter of solidarity. The collectivist, anti-individualist cant that informs hard-left dogma insists that solidarity is of paramount importance because the people, the masses, are best served by government if they are of one will, one mind, one purpose and one aim. Solidarity unites the masses in a common effort to bring about equality and fairness. The greatest good can be achieved only if each member of the body politic understands that he must march with his comrades along the path to security. Only in uniformity is there true strength and the full realization of human potential. Because idiosyncratic behavior is not conformist, the individual has no place in a society that demands solidarity. Free choices, the mutually voluntary acts of free people, are militated against. Liberty is the enemy, not the goal. All varieties of collectivism must eventually turn to repressive measures in order to control the individual. Without the virtually omnipresent police power of the state to impose cooperation, collectivist policies cannot succeed. Recognizing this, Mao stated that all power comes from the muzzle of a firearm. The current push to impose Obamacare on the USA is an instance...

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