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Month: December 2009

Number 121

You Were Informed — Or Warned, Depending On How You Look At Things Inspiring orator and purveyor of hopeandchange Obama is now more loathed than was G. W. Bush, when the latter was at the end of his second term. This may seem like a remarkable achievement, but in truth, it was inevitable. And it was virtually predicted in the pages of this newsletter. If you want to understand what is really going on, call up all the past issues of The Terrapin Gazette, The Penguin Post and The Lynx Gazette (the names don’t matter, it’s all the same stuff) in which the culture wars were discussed. There you will find a sketch of the core issues that animate the political freak show. If you want to do your homework but have discarded the relevant issues of this newsletter, the staff of TLB will help you. Your request will result in the delivery to you of the necessary documents. The Protective Aura That Proceeds From The August Personage Of The One In explaining its Islamophobia in Number 118, this newsletter said Recall that peaceful Pakistani immigrants in Great Britain have reared children who become engineers, physicians, professionals — and murdering terrorists who are hidden by the Muslim community’s code of silence. There is a discernible pattern in the behavior of Muslim immigrants, whether they are permanent or temporary. Consider...

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Number 120

Freedom: A Peculiar Concept, As Some People Use The Word What does “reproductive freedom” mean to you? Does it mean…. 1. Women should have the option of abortion. 2. People should have the option of not being parents. 3. People should have the option of being parents. 4. Women should have the option of carrying to term and delivering babies. Which of the above are not included in your definition of “reproductive freedom?” Now read this. Finished? And are you angry yet? The Congress In Charge The holidays are upon us, and this year, they approach with fangs bared. We must maintain a cheerful posture for the sake of the little ones, but the truth is, the governments of the nations have stabbed us all in the back, and our financial ability to provide all that we would like in the way of gifts has been drastically reduced. As this number of TLB wends its way slowly to distribution, the Congress of the United States prepares to complete its fell work. Rotten to the core with corruption and degenerate ideology, the legislative bodies will soon press upon the nation a horrendous miscarriage of governance. Opposed by left and right, hated by the majority of the electorate, this takeover of the health care of the country is a travesty. It will earn this Congress the title of the worst in...

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Number 119

Quotes The great story here for anybody willing to find it, write about it and explain it is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president. — Hillary Clinton, NBC Today Show interview, January 1998. The adoption of the conspiracy theory can hardly be avoided by those who believe that they know how to make heaven on earth. The only explanation for their failure to produce this heaven is the malevolence of the devil who has a vested interest in hell. –Karl Popper, Conjectures and Refutations, 1963, p. 342. The Anthropogenic Global Warming Conspiracy Exposed The exposure of e-mail messages and other documents has discredited scientists who believe anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a fact. In response, a clever but flawed defense has been mounted. Climatologists in their thousands are allegedly being maligned, slandered and libeled as a gigantic conspiracy. And why? Because anti-AGW scientists can not explain the fabrications, manipulations of data, and faking of conclusions without positing a massive, and therefore impossible, conspiracy. Fact: there was and is no huge AGW conspiracy. The good work of hundreds if not thousands of people was undone by a relatively small number of True Believers who were strategically positioned in the data path. Fact: those who disagree with the concept of AGW do not have to resort to crackpot conspiracist...

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Number 118

The Significance Of Fanaticism And Incompetence In The Climate Research Unit Of The University Of East Anglia As various observers extend their study of the data that spilled out when a whistleblower opened the CRU files to public view, the extent of the scandal emerges. The rot reaches into all subdisciplines and areas of climate research, tainting data, making previously unquestioned information suspect, producing hopelessly inaccurate projections, and closing off corrective research (because original, unmanipulated data have been destroyed). Climatologists around the world took their lead and drew confirmation for their ideological position from the CRU. Without the contributions of the CRU, the IPCC report would not be what it is. For a glimpse of just how fundamentally important the CRU’s corrupt science was, see this article. If you have friends who are ignorant of the scandal, direct them to this fine video. Then consider this careful examination of the damage, and finally spend a few minutes on arevealing look at the computer code (which non-computer types will still understand). The impact of these facts has not been lost on the AGW cult and its apologists, of course. They are circling the wagons, and Al Gore continues to whine about carbon dioxide. Remember: there has been no statistically significant overall temperature increase in fourteen years (in spite of rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere); CO2 can not drive planetary...

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