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Month: February 2010

Number 134

The Quest For Insights Into Obama’s Essential Character This newsletter despairs of being able to puzzle out what makes any human being the person he is, or even arrive at a good list of his character traits. True, some progress can be made — we can tell the difference between Pol Pot and Mother Theresa, for example, and describe that difference pretty well. But a genuine understanding that suggests how we might predict the subject’s future actions and explain his past behavior is impossible. That said, it still seems helpful to try to figure Obama out. He needs to be understood at least a bit because he’s important. When he comes up for re-election, he will have to run on his political record and on the public perception of his personality, values and vision. So without attempting psychoanalysis, can we discuss his values and vision? Yes. If you disagree, this is where you stop reading. It is peculiar that so little is known about this man. It’s not just that his time in state and federal offices before becoming president was so brief, or that he voted “present” so much of the time, but that he has been fastidious about sealing up all records of his history. We have no access to any of his academic record beyond the superficial. While the people demanding his “real” birth certificate are...

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Number 133

Number 133 18 February 2010 In Considering The Catastrophic Science Fraud That Was Anthropogenic Global Warming, One Must Remember The Fundamentals(Note: this text has been edited. The version of TLB 133 that does not include this note is the original. Editing has not altered or corrected any facts, but has been done to improve clarity. Only the first item, “In Considering….”, has been edited.)It is becoming the popular wisdom that the exposure of documents thought safely tucked away in the computers of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia brought down the concept of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). While that may accurately reflect the attitudes of the overly sensationalist press, it is not true. AGW collapsed long before the damning e-mails and other records were cracked open. Issue number twenty-four of this newsletter, dated the eighteenth of August, 2008, linked to the explanation of how the fraudulent hockey stick graph was crafted. The headline: “The myth of AGW is not just false, but a deliberate hoax.” On the twenty-eighth of March, 2009, issue number 71 declared, “The warmers concede defeat.” The revelation of the dishonesty behind the hockey stick graph was not the missing proof that AGW is a lie. For years before that, solid scientific evidence had been piling up to prove that AGW is an impossibility. The physical properties of carbon dioxide, the sequence...

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Number 132

Three Links That Richly Deserve Your Attention Just as this issue of TLB was being wrapped up, some very interesting reports were discovered on the internet. The first is a direct assault on Obama, dealing with his career before he ran for public office. The charges will infuriate the White House, and both sides in the dispute will be screaming bloody murder. Yes, Obama has been unusually secretive about his life; that was a strategic mistake that set many folks on the trail of his problematic dirty laundry. It certainly does not mean that if the truth were known it would hurt him. He seems to believe a president does not owe the electorate even a modest amount of candor, a view TLB does not endorse (this newsletter told him to lay the facts bare and silence his loony critics, as Bush did with his alcoholism). That does not make the man a Manchurian candidate — it makes him an egotistical twit who hates to admit to sloppy judgment. Wait and see how things develop. Second is a white flag from one of the most prominent global warmers, a fellow who coordinated much of the hoax. Jones has decided he cannot refute the hard evidence, and rather than be utterly disgraced by stubbornly insisting that the impossible is true, he is making an effort to depart with some measure...

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Number 131

Number 131 5 February 2010 Holder Is A Braying Ass, Which Statement Is An Insult To Asses The Underwear Bomber set his pants on fire (which castrated him, according to a report), was arrested, started filling the cops in on all the details of his training and comrades in arms, was Mirandized, and promptly shut up. So how smart was it to tell him he could remain silent? That depends partly on whether you consider him an ordinary criminal, a prisoner of war, or maybe some third type of Bad Guy that nobody has fully defined yet. But if you ask the Dept of Justice (DOJ), which is run by Eric Holder (this newsletter’s candidate for appointment to that job as a crossing guard in Death Valley), you get a rambling answer about how telling the UB he could shut up has made him sing like a lovesick gondolier. Holder explains it all — if “explains” is the correct term — in a letter he had some poor junior civil servant write. A careful analysis of the alleged reasoning is available here. This excerpt sums up most of it: …in our ordinary criminal justice system, people will know they don’t have to (answer questions the police ask) and, frankly, won’t (even talk to the authorities) without advice from an attorney. I like that for ordinary criminal suspects, but that’s...

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