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Month: March 2010

Number 140

Almost Totally Unnoticed And Certainly Unreported In The Major Media, That Powerful And Enigmatic “Civilian National Security Force” Proposed By Candidate Obama Has Been Authorized. Be Concerned Issue 39 of this newsletter (then called The Penguin Post) was published in November of 2008. It included this: Obama speaks: We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. See and hear it here. What is this?? Why must this intra-national national security force be as well funded as the regular military? Why must it be federal? Is this constitutional? What will the domestic military’s mission be? Will it be some sort of “Super-SWAT” outfit? Who is to be targeted — who is the enemy to be vanquished with the help of the billions of dollars that will be poured into this force? Why are the nation’s internal enemies considered just as dangerous as all those jihadis beyond our borders? Will this mighty governmental arm (which it seems must be very like the conventional military in important ways) be staffed by volunteers, or by draftees? To whom will it be accountable? If they rough you up, whom do you call? Beginning with that original publication some sixteen months ago, this newsletter has carried...

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Number 139

Number 139 25 March 2010 Obamacare Is The Law Of Part Of The Land Herewith some links that clarify the new circumstance, and what better way to start the avalanche than with an impolite, disrespectful anddefiant post? It includes a suggestion that the aristocrats and their lackeys be served the same fare they force on their serfs. Lese majeste! Repeal? Obamacare is politically vulnerable, according to this post. Maybe, maybe not. But if you don’t believe the private citizen has a chance of challenging Obamacare in the federal courts, read this enumeration of the possibilities and ponder the coming storm. — More here. Here it comes: a multi-state lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare. A favorite topic of TLB is the culture war, which does play a role in the continuing (yes, continuing) struggle over Obamacare. Here’s more on this interesting topic. In order to frame the terms of the debate, Obamaniacs will be characterizing the majority of US citizens as racists. The more determined the efforts to repeal Obamacare, the more you will see this smear employed. It has already begun, and if it seems to be even partially successful as it proceeds, the lying propaganda will become a frontal assault on the core values of Flyover Country. Team Obama will use its proxies to damn the very people the White House claims it wants to help. The...

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Number 138

The Mess Events are unfolding rapidly in what is probably the biggest and worst legislative tangle this nation has ever seen. Here are a few remarks and links. First, it is clear that US health care is not nearly as complete as it could and should be. That’s because it is expensive. Common sense tells us to find ways to make it more efficient so it costs less. That is not what Congress is trying to do. Yet there are practical suggestions that should be tried first. Second, one can easily see that the specifics of Obamacare do not matter to the president or to Pelosi or to Reid. That should tell the electorate that the wrong people are in charge. Third, the means the Democrats are using to pass Obamacare as soon as humanly possible appear to TLB to be unconstitutional. This fight is not over, no matter what the short-term outcome. Fourth, the intrinsic desirability of something like socialized medicine is low. Certainly that is a debatable point, but TLB denies that any nation has made socialized medicine work well so far (claims to the contrary are Utopian fantasies). Clearly the UK and Canada have failed, while there is some dispute as to the records of Germany and France. Anecdotal evidence is unhelpful, so to settle this question one would have to deal with survival rates for...

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Number 137

The Great Puzzle Behind The Anthropogenic Global Warming Disgrace Introduction A great many hard facts have exposed the AGW deceit as both a huge error and an indelible stain on science itself. As the hoax is increasingly available to scrutiny — the press cannot maintain its blatant censorship forever — the public may lose some faith in the academy, governmental research agencies, the authority of scientists in general and the desirability of supporting research with tax dollars. The scandal far surpasses the Piltdown hoax. Its full implications cannot be predicted, but they may be catastrophic. The rational observer could make a list of the victims and the villains, and consider how each should be treated. Events will, however, unfold as they will, not as one might wish. Yes, it would be nice to see Al Gore stripped of his fortune, and the sight of a few scientists behind bars (if only for a few months) for violations of the various freedom of information acts would be a delight. Of course it is to be hoped that Waxman and Boxer will not be in Congress next year — and so on. Enough daydreams. The topic on which one should ruminate is how this could have happened. The Collapse Consider first the stunning cascade of causes and effects: first, science was corrupted; second, an irrational fable replaced knowledge; and finally, that...

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Number 136

This Newsletter Comes Late To A Signal Realization In 2006, Mark Steyn published America Alone — The End of the World as We Know It. The New York Times refused to review it. As if in response to the newspaper’s contempt, the public put America Alone on the NYT’s bestseller list. (Additional links to Steyn: Number One, then Number Two, and finally you have Number Three.) The 2008 paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-59698-527-8) includes an introduction that describes the reaction of admirers and wrathful foes alike to Steyn’s presentation. If you have not read this book, do so at once. Meanwhile, here’s a recent quote from Steyn that hints at the man’s ability to help us see what should be obvious, but often is obscured by the lap dog news media and the hypocrites in our governments: A year or two back, when the Canadian Islamic Congress attempted to criminalize my writing north of the border by taking me to the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, a number of outraged American readers wrote to me, saying, “You need to start kicking up a fuss about this, Steyn, and then maybe Canadians will get mad and elect a conservative government that will end this nonsense.” Makes perfect sense. Except that Canada already has a Conservative government under a Conservative prime minister, and the very head of the “human rights” commission investigating me...

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