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Month: August 2010

Number 161

An Exercise In The Forensic Analysis Of Journalism In Number 158 of this newsletter, you (doubtless) studied carefully the item that explored the sophisticated techniques used by, among others, media apologists for Obama and assorted “progressive” causes. The overall thrust of TLB’s contentions was that a lapdog press in thrall to collectivist ideology is producing what is tantamount to propaganda, and is hiding it in plain sight. You will (doubtless) recall that TLB insisted that the tenor and techniques of biased journalism could be detected, and that you should be ferreting out the hidden assumptions made by those who claim to report rather than comment. The news provides an excellent example of tax-supported propaganda/journalism pretending to report on a controversial issue. The subject is the Islamic center that includes a mosque (that is claimed to be small, as if that mattered) near Ground Zero in New York. Yes, National Public Radio has the story. By all means read it. Sure, the issues are debatable, and partisan views are strongly held and angrily expressed. For the moment at least, set all that aside and try to consider this extraordinarily emotional issue forensically. This newsletter will guide you through a few steps in the analysis necessary if you are to understand how the news is presented to you. The aim is not to settle the issue of whether the mosque is...

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Number 160

The Propriety Of Obama’s Presidency When opposition arose to the location of a mosque within a few hundred feet of Ground Zero in New York, President Obama lectured the electorate on the right of Muslims to put mosques wherever they wish, as long as local regulations (zoning, presumably) were met and the building were situated on private real estate. This revealing incident raises serious questions about Obama’s fitness for high office. Note that the president did not meet with the Muslims who want to create this facility and explain to them that their plans are grotesque and inimical to good relations with the community. He would not have had to scold or lecture anyone — he would merely have had to clarify matters, setting out the case that the sentiments of the US public would be profoundly wounded and alienated by this trimphalist act. It would not have been necessary for Obama to say that he knows that all Koran-believing Muslims hold non-Muslims in utter contempt, or that the proposed mosque is a way of telling the US public to convert to Islam or face death at the hands of Allah’s warriors. Nor would he have had to explain that the fiery hatred taught by the Koran is at odds with the ethics of the increasingly tolerant US public. Instead he could and should have pointed out that by...

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Number 159

Watch This Video You can spare the time. You need this information — it won’t entertain you, not at all; it’s important. Vitally so. Click on this link and watch this video. A Mosque Near Ground Zero Is A Very Good Idea As public opinion rages at over sixty percent in opposition to the Islamic whatever-it-is that will be built a few hundred feet from where the World Trade Center Towers once stood, this newsletter applauds the Muslim intent and Obama’s defense of the project. Both are good for the nation. Look first at the most important aspect of this gut-wrenchingly horrid project: it tells everyone in the USA exactly, precisely and unambiguously what Islam thinks of the West, of the USA and of New York in particular. That statement should be welcomed as the truth that it is. Muslims are acting insensitively, offensively and even maliciously, and that must be admitted. You now have hard evidence of the nature of the heart and soul of the faith founded by the pederast, incestuous rapist, mass murderer, enslaver and slaveowner, fraud and lunatic Mohammed. Islam considers all non-Muslims enemies to be conquered. Simply being a Buddhist is a capital offense. Jews and Christians get a break: they deserve not death, but a kind of slavery in dhimmitude. Muslims who believe that the Koran is the word of the creator deity...

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Number 158

“Bizarre” Is The Word For It Since most banks are required by the country they are registered in to keep a record of every major transaction that goes in and out of such accounts, money can be traced. (Most banks are also required to report suspicious patterns of activity and to know the identity of their customers.) But Nauru permits its shell banks to operate without such encumbrances. And thereby hangs a fascinating tale. Let There Be The Light Of Reason This newsletter has denounced the concepts of “dark matter” and “dark energy” as irrational. Now it appears some academics agree, though it will be quite a while before things are settled. Consider this quote from the linked article: The motions of stars and galaxies that astronomers have observed seem to require there to be much more matter in the universe than meets the eye; without it, galaxies and clusters of galaxies should fly apart. But this conclusion arises from equations of motion derived from general relativity. What if these equations are slightly off? Could this explain the observed speeds of the stars and galaxies without dark matter playing a role? That’s right: there now appears to be good reason to believe the equations of general relativity are indeed slightly off, and off just enough to have misled some people into believing there are “dark” ingredients in the cosmic...

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Number 157

A Paucity Of Principle Is Not Excused By A Trendy Ideology This newsletter recently referred to the fable of the frog and the scorpion. That ancient wisdom bears repeating: consider, for example, thewhining coming from segments of the “progressive” community regarding the impact of greed and ideology on journalism’s elite. It should come as no surprise at all that people who are willing — nay, eager — to fabricate news, censor the truth, slant their reports and claim the stories are “news” should be subject to manipulation by whatever power can impress them. Just as a scorpion is a scorpion, a whore is a whore. Remember that many a journalist is for sale. Of course the price of his cooperation may be purely ideological, in that he may seek only to advance religious or philosophical causes that make him a saint (or at least put him on the side of the angels) in his own eyes. The person who is committed to truth and reason cannot be corrupted, whether by money or ideology. Now look again at the argument that the press has been the servant of the rich and powerful. Instead of blaming those who corrupt the eager-to-please, put the blame where it belongs: on the whores who do not believe in the freedom of the press, instead supporting the licensing of the press — and governmental subsidies...

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