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Month: October 2010

Number 173

The Lynx Bulletin Number 173 29 October, 2010 Thoughts On The Eve Of An Election In Number 170 of this newsletter, corruption was named the single greatest problem of mankind. That judgment was accurate. Accordingly, as the USA prepares to vote, all citizens are well advised to note what happens at their polling places and report questionable events to the police. After the election, whoever wins, a nationwide effort to reduce election fraud would be welcome. This may be possible, for if the GOP takes back the House, Congress may try to look into Holder’s Department of Justice. The courts say that federal laws apply to state elections for federal offices, so the FBI should be investigating ballot irregularities; as long as Holder is in office, however, that is not likely to happen or to be effective if it does. That’s right: things are rotten at the very top. For decades jokes have been made about the Chicago style of politics, and no one seems to take very seriously the fact that the president is a product of Chicago’s machine. How, exactly, he got a job teaching a law course remains a bit of a mystery, for example, and no one seems interested in why his background has been so scrupulously hidden from view. His relationships to Billy “Bomber” Ayers and that absurd preacher remain unclear and puzzling. Where...

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Number 172

The Lynx Bulletin Number 172 27 October, 2010 Cracks In The Superstructure? That’s Wishful Thinking Now this is interesting on several levels: a documentary film on lower education has been produced (it’s one of three or more made recently on that topic), and it was reviewed in The New York Review of Books. One recalls that TNYRB strongly supports the collectivist ruling elite, so the reader should brace for a partisan, or even blatantly biased, review. The film’s director is, one would expect, staunchly politically correct, for — quoting from the review in TNYRB — “His reputation as the director of the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, about global warming, contributed to the anticipation surrounding Waiting for ‘Superman’ …” That only emphasizes the caution that because Inconvenient was deceitful, this new documentary must be approached skeptically. Too, the teachers’ unions are an integral part of the Bicoastal Elite. The majority of their members who should be teaching civics and history promote an interpretation of the USA profoundly influenced by bogus scholars like Howard Zinn. (Yes, as implied, there are exceptions.) What one might therefore expect is a film that exploits ignorance. It will probably be dishonest, glossy, and strongly supportive of the tax-supported educational apparatus. Now since no one on the staff of this newsletter has seen the documentary, TLB can not pass judgment on it. Still it is...

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Number 171

The Lynx Bulletin Number 171 18 October, 2010 Ruminations On The Current Unease It’s a disgrace. At a time when the electorate should be debating the roots of problems and the available remedies, it is flooded with libel, slander and lies. That inundation of verbal sewage comes from the ruling class, which, on noting the disobedient and disrespectful protests of the electorate, has revealed its authoritarian hauteur. This may be the first time — or one of the few times — in US history that the Congress and the executive branch of the federal government are literally anti-democratic. I. The Tea Party phenomenon as unprecedented and alien A puzzled Bicoastal Elite is struggling to wrap its collective mind around the origins, meaning, implications and dangers of the Tea Party Movement (TPM). Politicians are sniffing at its influence; editors are trying not to give it any more publicity than absolutely necessary; columnists are treating it as if it were a fad that intelligent, well-educated folks automatically consider beneath them. The activists on the collectivist end of the political spectrum have tried everything from lying and slandering/libeling the TPM to beating people. Nothing works. It just won’t go away. So there are calls for the intellectual cadre in the Bicoastal Elite to explain the TPM to the frustrated faithful. Here come the articles and references in Vanity Fair, The New Yorker,...

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Number 170

The Lynx Bulletin Number 170 9 October, 2010 Liberty Will Be Extinguished — Unless The People Prevent It This link appeared in a previous TLB; the video at the URL explains the commerce clause of the US federal constitution. If you did not see it the first time around, give it a look now. The reason: a federal judge has just handed down a shatteringly novel mandate for the literally unfettered expansion of governmental authority — based on the commerce clause. Points to note: 1. Activity is one thing; non-activity is another. The judge conflates them, and errs when he assumes that they both amount to choices that are of the same quality. 2. The court claims that a decision is the same as an activity, and again, it is wrong. The federal constitution can not properly be used to control decisions. Yet the court asserts otherwise. In so doing, it enables the constitutional federal oversight and punishment of literally all thoughts and deeds of all people in the USA. This madness is far from the constitution’s express definition of the role of government. 3. In handing down this decision, the judge has created a novel principle in law. It is so sweeping that it deserves the appellation totalitarian. Now it may be possible to discern a use for Obama’s promised “national civilian security force” that will be as...

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Number 169

Noonan On Obama, The Democratic Party, And Solidarity In an incisive and interesting article, columnist Peggy Noonan discusses the Democratic Party’s current course and probable destination. This newsletter considers her remarks to be important enough to warrant a special issue. Here, therefore, is virtually all of her text (indented); what you see is unedited. Only two short introductory paragraphs have been omitted. Please read what she has to say, and consider this newsletter’s rejoinders. Everyone talks about the tensions between the Republican establishment, such as it is, and the tea-party-leaning parts of its base. But are you looking at what’s happening with the Democrats? The implication: the Tea Party Movement (TPM) is basically a part of the GOP’s voters. This is not true. Many Tea Partiers are independents, libertarians, and non-voters; the TPM is not a fraction or faction of the GOP. This point will come up again at the end of Noonan’s article. Tensions between President Obama and his supporters tore into the open this week as never before, signifying a real and developing fracturing of his party. Mr. Obama, in an interview in Rolling Stone, aimed fire at those abandoning him: “It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.” The Democratic base “sitting on their hands complaining” is “just irresponsible. . . . We have to...

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