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Month: November 2010

Number 178

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 178                                                                                                            28 November, 2010 Notable Quotes Victor Davis Hanson, no stranger to readers of this newsletter, has this to say: North Korea may think 20011-12 is about the last chance it is going to get with a Carteresque president, and it wants to make the most of it, pronto. Same source, longer quote: We have created a situation that simply could never be emulated without social chaos (e.g., on what grounds do we say that a million Greeks or five million Sudanese could not in theory come en masse to the United States — that it would be wrong, illegal, impractical?). Would the Latino community accept a million from Mozambique arriving in the American Southwest every year — without diplomas, without English, and without legality? We know illegal immigration is supposed to be unlawful, expensive, and contradictory — but is it not also abjectly one of the most unethical and amoral phenomena of our times? Source.   Victory Is a US victory in Afghanistan possible? Can the Taliban ever be defeated? It’s time to apply some common sense to these questions. There was a time when victory had a simple definition: unconditional surrender. The Empire of Japan was told flatly that unless it gave up utterly and unreservedly, it would be destroyed, no matter the cost. The bloodbath that was Iwo Jima, and...

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Number 177

The Lynx Bulletin Number 177                                                                                                    24 November, 2010 What To Do About North Korea? Begin with a simple fact: literally nobody knows what to do about North Korea. Even the Chinese, who know everything, don’t know what to do about North Korea. It’s the perfect example of a nation run by a mad totalitarian dictator. Yes, that alien in charge of the place is genuinely insane. His health may be bad, a speculation that has probably led the US to assume that things will naturally fall apart when he dies or is incapacitated, for his designated successor is assumed to be utterly incompetent. Given time, in other words, North Korea will collapse and be absorbed by the south. That hopeful scenario overlooks the fact that South Korea may not agree. The burden of rescuing the north is not generally understood; in fact, it would cripple the south for decades, effectively destroying the economic power of that nation and threatening the very existence of its political elite. The north is far, far worse off than most people know: it is so retarded that it will take at least a full generation for it to achieve novice status in the community of nations. So while the short term is very dangerous, the long term is both dangerous and grim. When (not if) North Korea gets nuclear weapons, there will be...

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Number 176

The Lynx Bulletin Number 176 14 November, 2010 Journalism Today Is Partly The Product Of The Myth Of Watergate. Be Reminded, Therefore, Of The Truth Yes, it’s an old story, and of course it is not nearly as fascinating now as it was back then. At the time, it made for a successful movie, and that inspired two generations of would-be and actual reporters. The results, unfortunately, have not been salutary. Take a quick look, therefore, at the myth, the truth, and the harm done. The standard version goes a lot like this: Nixon was a nasty man who became president by appealing to the brownshoe community’s fear of hippies. He was fond of pulling dirty tricks on his political opponents, such as spreading lies about them. He hired some anti-Castro Cubans to break into the offices of the Democratic Party and steal some records that proved misdeeds, or something; we don’t know exactly what Nixon was after, but the Cubans thought they were going to prove that the Democrats were illegally negotiating with Castro. The Cubans were clumsy fools, so they were caught. In the investigation, the White House prevented the truth from getting out, but a couple of brave, smart, intrepid journalists at the Washington Post were tipped off by a guy who knew where the dirt was (and told them to “Follow the money”), so the...

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Number 175

The Lynx Bulletin Number 175 7 November, 2010 The Second Two Years Begin With An Interesting Gambit Played By The President The headline says it all, really, but the first two paragraphs of the story are important: Obama calls for compromise, won’t budge on tax cuts By Kevin Cullum – 11/06/10 06:00 AM ET Days after Democrats received a self-described “shellacking” at the polls, President Obama called for an end to campaigning and an embrace of compromise. But he signaled no willingness to bend on the first challenge likely to face him from a Republican House as he advocated the permanent extension of Bush-era tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year despite the GOP’s resolve to extend the tax cuts for all income brackets. That sums up the political scene as The One sees it. It was an interesting performance; watching the man pretend to be stunned and saddened (by something everyone, simply everyone, knew was coming), and then tell the GOP to work with him, cooperate, collaborate, not prevent the administration from doing what it wants…well, it was virtually unparalleled chutzpah. He’s amazing. He says voting is a “privilege,” ignoring the fact that it’s not at all a privilege, but a right enjoyed by citizens who are not felons. That’s not a slip of the tongue for a lawyer. It hints at something dark and...

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Number 174

The Lynx Bulletin Number 174 1 November, 2010 All Right, So Obamacare Is A Bad Idea. If There Is A Way To Improve Matters Tremendously Without Imposing Some Variety of Socialized Medicine, Let’s Hear It Which is to say, if you are opposed to Obamacare, what’s your solution to the delivery of health care, Genius? Fair enough. Here the answer is, courtesy of the weblogger who put the common sense together: 1. tort reform (half of what docs and hospitals do these days is to avoid lawsuits) 2. some sort of coverage reforms for the uninsurable 3. legalizing interstate sales of medical insurance: free markets and free choice of plans and options 4. expansion of medical savings plans 5. some sort of support for the return of Major Medical insurance instead of insurances that cover every flu and bug bite 6. portability of insurance plans 7. adjust Medicare reimbursement by income and assets   Links This newsletter accused Barney Frank of being an incompetent ideologue, and did so repeatedly. Where’s the evidence for that charge? Right here. A “Wingnut” examines Obama’s policies toward Israel, and concludes that there are indeed several of them. He seems to be right about that, but he can’t predict what The One will do next. Take the commentary with an adequate quantity of sodium chloride, and realize that there is nothing comforting about any...

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