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Month: December 2010

Number 181

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 181                                                                                                                          22 December, 2010   People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this; that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.   Obamacare Is Another Battle In The War Over The Rights Of The Individual Introduction Understanding the role and function of government-mandated health care involves a lot more than finding out how the bills will be paid. There is history behind this effort, and much of it involves the interpretation and abuse of the USA’s constitution. Jurisprudential issues dominate the discussion, and if you understand those issues, you can see the fundamental importance of the imposition of “socialized medicine.” The core of the matter is not health, the public good, or even easing the burden of people who have been devastated by illness or injury. That’s a claim that will be disputed. An objective evaluation of the relevant legal issues and court decisions shows that it is rational and accurate, however. The following survey will demonstrate the overall thrust of the US federal constitution and limn its enemies’ struggle to frustrate ethical governance. No, don’t skip this item because you cannot bear slogging through tedious lawyer-speak! The facts and principles are clear. The fancy language is found only in the arguments of those who defend Obamacare. Those folks talk that way because they...

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Number 180

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 180                                                                                                               11 December, 2010 Obama Is An Alien No, that does not mean he was born outside the USA (he was born in Hawaii), nor does it mean that he lacks US citizenship. It means his values are informed by ideological aspirations distinct from the core principles of the Republic. Those core principles are assumptions about the nature of mankind that drove both the American Revolution and the US Civil War. They include a generally individualistic view of ethics, a desire for opportunity and Liberty, and a mutable faith in the existence of human rights. Generally, the predominant culture in the USA favors a practical maximum of freedom, with the federal government doing little more than what it does best: wage war in defense of the national interest. The philosophically unjustifiable belief in human rights has changed to include people once thought to be sub-human. Over time, the role of government has become that of a nurturer, if not nanny — a development fostered by various ruling elites for their political benefit. This imperfect basis for governance permits various interest groups to compete, and they do, often unfairly. Individualism does not automatically militate against exploitation, and corruption is always a danger. Those who dream of a Golden Era in which there was no income tax and no need for one forget a few...

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Number 179

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 179                                                                                                            6 December, 2010 Prefatory Quotes From here comes this observation: “…what a devil’s bargain electoral democracy is.” Now add this from Sam Harris: …were democracy to suddenly come to these (Muslim dictatorships), it would be little more than a gangplank to theocracy. …we cannot merely force Muslim dictators from power and open the polls. It would be like opening the polls to the Christians of the fourteenth century.   Understanding The Security Breach And Its Implications The news media have mistaken the Wikileaks story for a kind of epiphany — the realization that the nexus of politics, jurisprudence, diplomacy and technology has redefined everything and changed the course of history. The result is the creation of a myth for morons. In this puerile vision of reality, cyber-heroes wielding a powerful talisman will destroy tyranny and injustice. That talisman is to be the inevitable, irrepressible imposition of transparency on officialdom. Because their activities will be subject to unpredictable exposure, leaders at all levels will find it extraordinarily difficult to conspire sub rosa. They will learn the hard way that pulling filthy tricks is dangerous. As secrets become impractical (big ones will be the hardest to keep), democracy will prevail, and mankind will be safe from the plots of villains. The myth is a morality play inspired by a stunningly naive world-view. Herewith some...

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