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Month: April 2011

Number 203

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 203                                                                                                                             27 April, 2011   Napoleon provides us with an example of how dangerous it would be to elevate oneself to an absolute level and sacrifice everything to the realization of an idea.   The Beeb: Eternal Booby Hatchery You probably saw this, but in case you missed it — Wikileaks documents show that an Islamist had a telephone number of someone at BBC. “The possible link between extremism and staff at the BBC will anger the national broadcaster, which prides itself on its impartiality.” Oh, my, yes. But the BBC is and long has been a problem child — spoiled rotten, whiney-cranky, smug and maddingly deceitful. Some ten years ago, the intrepid staff of today’s New Terrapin gave up on BBC World as a (TV) source of news, so biased and goofy were the “reports.” Then things got worse: a man killed himself, the government held an inquiry, the head of the BBC resigned, and there was a supposed housecleaning. The bloodshed and the fuss went for naught, for the international network is the same swamp it always was, though some of the denizens are gone and have been replaced with new mutants. The BBC’s problems are the endemic consequences of the mindset that invigorates the Oxbridge Axis, a topic this newsletter hammered on for years. Well, when Wikileaks stole and revealed...

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Number 202

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 202                                                                                                                             25 April, 2011   Parents typically rear their children simply to get by in the contemporary world, however broken it may be. They should, however, rear them better, so that a better future condition might be brought forth.   An Example Of Questionable Medical Journalism Here’s part of the intro to an article that explains what’s in store for cancer patients: “Sandia and UNM lead effort to destroy cancers: Boosting medicine with nanotechnology strengthens drug cocktail many times over.” Ignore the sis-boom-bah boosterism and the local pride evident (the University of New Mexico is proud of what it does, which is fine with The New Terrapin). Go to the article and you find you have to pay to read it, and it’s not cheap (US $32). All right, fine; what concerns The New Terrapin is not the cost, but the way the article represents current research. Look again at that headline above, and this time note the words “destroy cancer.” The cancer sufferer reading that won’t be likely to ponder the fact that the headline does indeed not claim that Sandia and the university can “destroy” illness, thereby curing the disease. But that’s the impression left by the powerful metaphor. Don’t agree? Go to the abstract of the article and note in particular the words and phrases The New Terrapin has placed...

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Number 201

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 201                                                                                                                             22 April, 2011   Violations of the criminal law of a secular state are punished by the state. But those crimes, and all other crimes that cannot be included in the civil code of a secular state, are punished as sins by a sectarian state. Thus does the list of canonical punishments grow endlessly.   What Should You Call Things Like This? “Revealing”? “Embarrassing”? “Pathetic”? “Typical”? “Diagnostic”? “Helpful”? Sarah Palin gets her just desserts: the collective flexes its muscles and whacks her…baby. Well, that should tell you something. Obama the Frangible. If you ever wondered whether Donald Trump might be a wretched failure as a human being, this should settle the question. This newsletter encourages the formation of a twelve-step program for “wingnuts” who support Trump’s presidential bid. There is hope for the weaker members of the electorate who have collapsed intellectually under the pressure of the Obamania of the news media. When accosted by an enthusiast who hopes to vote for Trump, be gentle, Pilgrims. With the compassionate support of family, friends and recovering Trump partisans, the afflicted can be restored to rationality.   The USA Is Not Immune To The Consequences Of Bad Governance There are lessons to be learned from the success and failure of other nations. Some economic policies work better than others, in spite of cultural differences....

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Number 200

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 200                                                                                                                             20 April, 2011   Essentially, character is a matter of how one acts, and a person of character is a decent person; as such, he envisions certain goals and pursues them with determination.   Commentary On Nine Examples Of The Current Political Correctness You simply must read this brief commentary. It is essential, Promethean. Here’s a sample quote that hints at the sweeping importance of the piece: “We live in a time in which those who want to advance in the professions must pretend to believe what we all know to be untrue. The totalitarian temptation persists.” Is the thesis of this book factual? The New Terrapin suggests that virtually everyone will be able to answer that question without reading the book or checking even one of its claims. When it comes to politics, the information people consent to consider is usually determined by their partisan orientations. True “progressives” will flatly refuse to read the book described at the link above. That will allow Obama to get away with his crony capitalism. What is needed is the wide appreciation of this truth: self-censorship, a crippling result of irrational conviction, is the ultimate tyranny. Since collectivists feel that “wingnut” opinions are not worth uttering or hearing, the repression of speech is the politically correct way to cope with the primitives of Flyover Country....

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Number 199

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 199                                                                                                                             18 April, 2011   Have the courage to be in service to your own understanding.   The Trends In Academia Are Just As Silly As Trends In The Clothing Industry Here’s an unfortunately timely and relevant article that concludes with this paragraph: Why won’t higher education hold women’s studies to ordinary standards of historical accuracy? Because contemporary American higher education cares far more about protecting its favored group of political ideologies than it does its standards of rational inquiry and scrupulous use of evidence. The standards are cited most conspicuously when they lend themselves to fencing off members of disfavored groups. Why is higher education having such a hard time these days attracting public support? A good part of the reason is that it is so self-indulgent. Good grief, what’s all this about? Well, begin by absorbing the fantasies of a nineteenth century crank, and then click on the link above to join your guide Gloria Steinem on a consciousness-raising pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Goddess. Mere males must leave their reason behind before they depart on the misadventure.   Libya Again, Damn It From the first, you could just smell that something was wrong. Some folks pointed out how the USA was acting both too hastily and too tentatively; the policy was slipshod and unwise. It had been many years...

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