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Month: May 2011

Number 210

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 210                                                                                                                               29 May, 2011   Innocence demands the impossible — the accomplishment of the goal without the means.   Salt And Blood Pressure A dozen years ago, a New Terrapin staffer was told he should limit his salt intake in order to reduce his blood pressure. He objected, pointing out that (a) his intake of sodium chloride was not excessive, and that (b) in the climate where he lived at the time, the heat and humidity removed large quantities of salt from his body through heavy sweating. The protests were ignored. Subsequently, the frustrated patient researched hypertension on the internet and found a paper in Nature, the publication of The American Association for the Advancement of Science, that included these flat statements: Public policy has generally recommended that blood pressure can best be controlled by restriction of sodium chloride intake and with medication. Recent research has, however, emphasized the powerful role of total diet in the etiology and treatment of hypertension, suggesting that the focus of current public policy regarding nutrition and blood pressure is too narrow. Limitation of sodium chloride in food has historically been the dietary mantra of those who set nutritional policy for hypertension. Nevertheless, the importance of salt in the pathogenesis of hypertension has long been debated and remains undetermined. The intense focus on sodium began when early studies...

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Number 209

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 209                                                                                                                               19 May, 2011   Virtue is moral strength in observance of its duty. It never becomes habitual, but should always proceed anew and original from our mode of thought.   Utterly Unexpected, Utterly Insane When Obama called for “pre-1967” borders, what did that mean? Maps: Pre, and then Post. Important: the “post” borders Obama was referring to do not include Gaza and the Sinai peninsula, which Israel returned to Egypt shortly after the conclusion of hostilities. So look at the “West Bank,” that area between Israel and Jordan, and at the Golan Heights. Note in particular that when Israel annexed all that land that formerly belonged to Transjordan, it reduced the length of its eastern border considerably, making the nation easier to defend. Finally, the Golan Heights, which were seized from Syria, may be included in Obama’s call for a return to prewar borders, but there is no way Israel will ever surrender that territory — it is far too tactically and strategically valuable. If Syria were to regain that high ground, Israel would be in deep trouble. It could be that the Golan Heights are not part of Obama’s demands, as the region has no direct relationship to the “Palestinians.” Clearly, Obama has taken the side of the “Palestinians.” His clients are enemies of Western Civilization, passionate Jew-haters, and among the...

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Number 208

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 208                                                                                                                               17 May, 2011   True wisdom is the companion of artless simplicity.   Links How do you promote prosperity and reduce poverty in the USA? You find out which states are doing the best job, and you ask what policies they follow. “First, states with no income tax generally outperform high income tax states. Second, states that have right-to-work laws grow faster than states with forced unionism.” Unfortunately, the feds want to force right-to-work states to give up jobs to union states; at some point, it would be nice if the Obama administration were able to distinguish between the unions and their members. There is a difference, you know. Further, it’s unethical governance to consign a class of employable people to high levels of unemployment because they are not contributing financially to the welfare of a parasitical class that, not incidentally, has frequently been an arm of organized crime. Michael Yon from Afghanistan. You know not to miss it. If you are interested in the condition and course of US society, this is indispensable commentary. It is graceful, thoughtful and insightful. While some of you may be offended by its description of the elite that governs the USA, most of The New Terrapin’s subscribers will praise the author for his objective approach to a subject — the quality of the culture and...

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Number 207

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 207                                                                                                                               15 May, 2011   Two things suffuse my mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe, and all the more frequently and persistently as I contemplate them: the starry firmament above me and the moral law within me.   How Should One Think About Obama? Conspiracists love to make connections, linking individuals they don’t like with each other and claiming relationships that cannot be solidly demonstrated. This methodology has been used to “prove” such fables as Jewish manipulation of the world economy (a fantasy usually starring the Rothschild family), so it does not rate very high with historians (see the footnote). Many claim it’s just slander and libel depending on the fallacy of guilt by association. Look closer, and you find the polemicist is aping the work of genuine scholars. That, he feels, will lend credibility to his eccentricities. It was to be expected that this mock scholarship would be used against Obama, and here is an example of it. The question is, how valid is this sort of argumentation in specific cases? The answer should make everyone in all political camps uncomfortable, for there are conspiracies, and there are secret alliances, and there are the plots and long-term plans of zealots to contend with. Yes, sometimes the conspiracist is on target. He may have detected something overt like Zionism, or...

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Number 206

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 206                                                                                                                                   8 May, 2011   Laziness and cowardice lead a large segment of mankind, though it has been liberated by Nature from alien control, happily to remain forever immature; laziness and cowardice also account for the ease with which others assume guardianship of the naifs.   The Amazing Viability Of Anti-Science Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax/fraud that just won’t go away. Facts be damned; carbon dioxide is still claimed to be doing the impossible — overheating the earth. For some folks, the persistence of the claim must mean that the babble about “carbon footprints” and climate change is trustworthy. They are mistaken. Al Gore’s evidence, that faked hockeystick graph, is a clear fraud and an embarrassment to science. Many honest scientists realize that it is a humiliating descent into error and credulity. AGW is a fable concocted by fanatics who have parlayed its promotion into money. Isn’t that bizarre dishonesty and fakery unique in science? No, it’s not all that unusual. Science is not totally objective; it goes through fads and trends. More significantly, it reacts with horror when a hoax is discovered, often trying to cover up the facts and discredit those who reveal the truth. Here’s a list of examples already mentioned in this newsletter: 1. The claimed artificial insemination of a female ape with human semen that resulted in...

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