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Month: August 2012

Number 265

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 265 27 August, 2012 What is the difference between a normal, a sick and a dead organism? From the standpoint of physics and chemistry the answer is bound to be that the difference is not definable on the basis of so-called mechanistic theory. … Nevertheless, there is a fundamental difference between a live and a dead organism…. The Attack Of The Killer Butterflies Obamite propagandists are lashing out at military veterans who criticize The One for security leaks and for claiming undue credit for killing bin Laden. There is also bitter criticism of the Boy Scouts for refusing to accept homosexuals as members. Yes, the campaign is heating up. The Democrats are smart to characterize the criticism of Obama’s security leaks as “Swift Boating”. Here’s why: it’s easy to assume — as Team Obama wants you to — that “Swift Boating” is very naughty. But if you wanted to be fair, you would have to determine whether that is the case, and that would require you to sift through all the facts regarding candidate Kerry’s military career and subsequent employment in politics. It’s a long, complicated and boring tale, brimming over with charges and counter-charges. Locating and then evaluating all the facts and claims in order to determine the ethical status of “Swift Boating” would be difficult and onerous. The predecessor of the NTG...

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Number 263

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 263 14 August, 2012 Victory over Japan came three and one-half years after Pearl Harbor. But we are still in an unending war. Who Will Win? Romney could evict Obama; Ryan may convince enough undecided voters in the states teetering back and forth that responsible governance is preferable to fiscal madness. Yet this newsletter believes Obama is the way to bet. So, with apologies to readers who either cannot or do not wish to vote in the forthcoming US election, The New Terrapin suggests a closer look at the situation. Two distinct strategies for defeating Obama Charles Krauthammer is tolerated by the WaPo because he is that newspaper’s way of demonstrating that it is not the collectivist propaganda organ that it is; he’s a “wingnut”, and a very articulate, observant and wise one, at that. In a valuable column you really should read Krauthammer explains that the argument from personal competency is a loser, while ideology is more important. In other words, Mitt can’t say, “I know what I’m doing, because I was a governor and businessman, and as a capitalist, I can put the economy right.” Far better if the Republican tells the voters that his political/economic values and aims are quintessentially American and solidly based in ethics, while Obama’s ideals are utterly alien. “I can do the job” will fail for Romney,...

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Number 264

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 264 20 August, 2012 Except for the immediate satisfaction of biological needs, man lives in a world not of things but of symbols. We may also say that the various symbolic universes, material and non-material, which distinguish human cultures from animal societies, are part, and easily the most important part, of man’s behavior system. It can be justly questioned whether man is a rational animal; but he certainly is a symbol-creating and symbol-dominated being throughout. Obamacare Is Not Just A Deliberate Hoax That Will Fail — It’s A Stalking Horse The truth Obamites like Sebilius know but will never admit is found in quotes selected from an article in The Wall Street Journal: The health-care system can’t possibly deliver on the huge increase in demand for primary-care services. To meet the promise of free preventive care nationwide, every family doctor in America would have to work full-time delivering it, leaving no time for all the other things they need to do. As physicians increasingly have to allocate their time, patients in plans that pay below-market prices will likely wait longest. Those patients will be the elderly and the disabled on Medicare, low-income families on Medicaid, and (if the Massachusetts model is followed) people with subsidized insurance acquired in ObamaCare’s newly created health insurance exchanges. A typical primary-care physician has about 2,500 patients (according to...

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Number 262

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 262 10 August, 2012 A nation trained to think hedonistically cannot survive amid peoples who work like slaves and breed like rabbits, and whose chief national industry is war.   The Questions Themselves Are Seismic — And The Answers Are Fraught Face facts: when you have a tiny minority of dangerous people in a large nation, and the emotional outcry from the electorate is deafening (thanks to highly sympathetic news media), there is a tendency for everyone involved to go a little crazy. That’s a good time for rational thinking, so begin with this fundamental question: what’s probably the greatest threat to your life? Well, unless you are a professional fisherman, it’s likely to be automobile accidents. It could be diabetes or cardiac disease. Certainly it’s not being shot by a madman, or even being killed in a robbery. When spectacular, inexplicable crimes hit the news, everybody seems to unplug that part of the brain that evaluates risk sensibly. People demand measures that will prevent lunatics from making themselves dangerous, even though the threat is minuscule. That “minuscule” threat includes death at the hands of the world’s worst people, suicidal jihadis. That implies that rather than tie the population of the nation in knots with security measures, we should deal with the people who were behind the horrible events of September 11, 2001. Part...

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