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Month: October 2012

Number 275

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 275 30 October, 2012 We need the government to be afraid of its citizens. We want our rulers to think carefully about what they try to take from us. We need to remember that they can only take from us what we give them. Wrong, Wrong, And Wrong Yet Again For a textbook example of three cardinal sins practiced by collectivist True Believers, you can’t find a better specific example than the misbehavior of the current Secretary of State of the USA. First, she has little if any regard for freedom of speech; second, she is more than willing to lie; and third, she is eager to abuse the jurisprudential system to prop up her censorious deceit. Those are serious charges. Proof is available. When a crackpot made a film depicting the fake prophet Mohamed, an offense against Muslim sensibilities was committed. According to Hillary, this violation of sharia was illegal under US law. Now it does not take a genius to see that there is no statute that proscribes criticism of any faith or of religion itself; US law has long recognized that the government is not permitted to license criticism. The existence of slander and libel laws in no way refutes this fact. If you do not understand that, or if you dispute it, you are not party to the foundational values...

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Number 274

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 274 24 October, 2012 There comes a point when you suddenly find yourself behaving like Robert Browning as characterized by Gerard Manley Hopkins: “a man bouncing up from a table, his mouth full of bread and cheese, saying that he meant to stand for no more blasted nonsense”. This Sums It Up Two significant scenarios are unfolding as the sixth of November approaches: first, the expected October Surprise launched by Team Obama is late, and may well never arrive. Second, it’s becoming ever more clear that the White House attempted systematically to deceive the nation about the Libyan disaster; at one point, there seemed to be an honest dispute about that, but the facts are coming to light. This means Romney might win. To this newsletter, that seems a remote possibility because of the massive voter fraud that will be employed by the devil-may-care apparatachiki in the collectivist camp (SEIU, ACORN remnants, racists, self-proclaimed wannabe assassins, hard-core Occupy activists, and many others whose ethics do not hinder their zeal). — This just in: the news media seem to be catching up with this newsletter’s constant harping on the issue; see this post and then this one. Stories like these are a small sample of the coming fraud, the overwhelming majority of which will never be detected. Unfortunately the GOP faithful are under the misapprehension...

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Number 273

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 273 20 August, 2012 …man’s original sin was precisely what the Bible says it was: eating from the tree of knowledge; that is, in modern parlance, invention of symbolic universes. This made man both better and worse than other species with their inbuilt drives and controls. This opened up his tremendous history from cave shelters to skyscrapers, from fetishism to Freudianism, from paleolithic painting to pop art. A Nation In Extremis: Islamist Colonialism And Collectivist Supremacy This is a story of great evil, almost unspeakable horror, the lust for power and control, appalling jurisprudential error, and the failure or simple absence of morality. The following summary is abstracted, with quotes, from a longer account published here.   In July of 2011 a man murdered seventy-seven people because he objected to “multiculturalist” policies that favored Muslim immigration to Norway. He made a number of outrageous statements, leading the authorities to doubt his sanity and therefore his culpability. In pre-trial proceedings, he insisted that his actions were sane because they agreed with critics of Muslim immigration. Initially, mental health specialists proclaimed him a paranoid schizophrenic, which the accused strongly denied. “…many of the country’s citizens — particularly those members of the predominantly left-wing cultural, political, and academic elite — (found) themselves in agreement with the mass-murdering, right-wing fanatic on the question of his mental state.” As...

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Number 272

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 272 16 August, 2012 Religious Muslims cannot help but disdain a culture that, to the degree that it is secular, is a culture of infidels; to the degree that it is religious, our culture is the product of a partial revelation (that of Christians and Jews), inferior in every respect to the revelation of Islam. Repeating The Obvious According to a British newspaper, “Yes: global warming is real, and some of it at least has been caused by the CO2 emitted by fossil fuels.” That’s an astounding statement, for it leads naturally to a question that cannot be answered: how much warming is the result of human activity? Recall first that perhaps as much as five percent of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is there because people exist, and then recall that all the carbon dioxide in the air adds up to about 0.04 percent of the atmosphere (as reported in Nr. 34 of this newsletter). Look carefully at the article linked above and at the chart it includes, and you will see that the most responsible conclusion to be drawn is that Mother Nature is moving things up and down with varying degrees of irregularity. It gets warmer, it gets colder (as it has lately) — thus has it always been. While you are pondering all that, take a break to look...

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Number 271

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 271 12 October, 2012 Psychology has obviously lost the happy recklessness it enjoyed when Watson, Hull and Skinner, in their respective ways, believed they had found the great Laplacean formula of behavior, which at the same time provided the program for reorganizing society according to Hullian theory or Walden Two. The Continuing Struggle To Destroy Free And Open Source Software Years ago, when the personal computer was relatively rare, computer-literate folks literally created the tools they needed and passed them around for everybody to copy, modify, improve and use. Then Bill Gates declared that people should be paid for developing computer programs, and began trying to round up the good ones and take ownership of them so his company could make money. Apple adopted and pioneered a graphical user interface (GUI) for home computers; Gates had his employees reverse engineer it so his version looked and worked like Apple’s, and locked the result up legally. Then the struggle between the two companies to control the market for the home computer heated up. Shortly thereafter, Linux was developed. This operating system was designed to do the tasks done by Unix, an operating system that existed before Microsoft and Apple were founded. Linux developers clung to the original concepts of software invention and evolution (employed by the developers of GNU), producing tools that were freely distributed...

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