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Month: November 2012

Number 279

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 279 24 November, 2012 Whatever talent it is that helps a baby to learn a language with three or four times (or any number of times!) the ease of an adult, this talent is apparently not a “speech instinct”. We have no birthright to vocabularies and syntaxes. Terminology As Deceit An enthusiastic advocate of LSD asks, “Why did our drug research frighten the establishment so profoundly? Why does it still frighten them?” The answer is that the political establishment always demands a certain level of control over the populace, and the more Utopian the establishment, the broader and the deeper are its demands. Citizens perceived as ignoring the interests of the government are necessarily damned as rebellious, though they may be in no sense violent or conspiratorial. It is their distinctiveness, their rejection of convention, that frightens authoritarians. Thus has it always been. In many cases, the deviant individual may be left to himself, unmolested, because the government has no overriding need for the community to work cooperatively on a vital task (such as fighting an all-out war). In peacetime, if the political authority encourages the people to “cooperate” and “progress” toward a perfected society, that is a sure indication the ruling class believes it must be able to forbid and require a great many behaviors. Whenever the body politic is required to move...

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Number 278

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 278 8 November, 2012 …cults often have a will to power all their own, which is one reason why Germany still bans the Church of Scientology along with the Nazi Party. Already it is becoming difficult to question the pagan assumptions behind environmentalism without seeming like a crackpot. My hunch is it will only get harder. Liberals and leftists for the most part seem incapable of dealing with jihadism — a quintessentially fascist political religion — for fear of violating the rules of multicultural political correctness. It’s For The Best The collectivist victory will benefit the nation in the long run, for it will demonstrate the consequences of a false conception of man. The coming hardships will convince enough people that they function best when they are free to exercise choice. The community organizer will be unable to impose organization without creating a dysfunctional tyranny. Obama’s iatrogenic problems will prove devastating. In matters great and small, failure will provoke public judgment and consequent sanity. The electorate will increasingly recognize the folly of following a charlatan who says flatly, “The free market doesn’t work.” The result will be a nation far less divided. That will make genuine reform possible. Yes, the interval before reform will be painful, even excruciating. It is necessary. The polity must go through this Time of Troubles before it can reject...

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Number 277

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 277 4 November, 2012 (Pacifism) is almost never branded as flagrantly immoral, which I believe it is. While it can seem noble enough when the stakes are low, pacifism is ultimately nothing more than a willingness to die, and to let others die, at the pleasure of the world’s thugs. The Election This intransigent silence seems to set Obama up for a loss. Who knew this would boil over? Mixed in with the Libyan fiasco, it could be the motive for some undecided voters to prefer Romney. These questions, and many others, need answers. The administration has managed to avoid providing them for nearly eight weeks, with a much needed assist from a suddenly lack of curiosity among the truth-seeking journalists at many of America’s most influential news outlets. Perhaps after the election that curiosity will return. (Source). Under such circumstances, Obama supporters can be expected to take whatever measures necessary; in fact, that has already begun. What is this? Firearms Control: The Obamoid Vision, An Embarrassing Quote, And Journalistic Ethics The firearms business is booming, and almost everyone agrees that has a simple cause: a significant segment of the US population believes that if Obama serves a second term, there will be a serious attempt to disarm the populace and render the second amendment to the US constitution moot. This newsletter does not...

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Number 276

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 276 3 November, 2012 The distinctive features of human beings — self-hood, free will, that collective space called the human world, the sense that we lead our lives rather than simply live them as organisms do — are being discarded as illusions by many, even by philosophers, who should think a little bit harder and question the glamour of science rather than succumbing to it. The UN, Obama, Hillary And You Freedom of speech and press are fundamental, essential. Here’s predictive commentary relating to Islam’s challenge to Liberty; unfortunately, the author spins a tale that could easily resemble events in the very near future. You may disagree, and if you do, by all means inform yourself about the fact that the UN disapproves of the USA’s first amendment to its constitution. Note as well that President Obama agrees (quoting The One: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”; in context here). NTG has already remarked that Obama called for more, not less, dispute and slander and hatred when he uttered those words. You also need to realize that the Obama administration backed UN resolution 16/18, and you need to understand what that resolution says, so do click on the hyperlinks if you are unsure as to what has happened in Turtle Bay. NTG would bet that not one...

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