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Month: December 2012

Number 280

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 280 27 November, 2012 …according to the Copenhagen interpretation, the ultimate constituents of the material world would have definite properties (as waves or particles and possessing a definite location or velocity) only in the presence of measurement — that is to say an observer. In other words, quantum phenomena require consciousness and so cannot generate it. Genius, Stupidity, Guile, And Error When Susan Rice made some false statements regarding the Benghazi murders, she either lied or she repeated incorrect information; her critics jumped on the nonsense she claimed was accurate, and the response from Obamoid partisans was to claim she was being demonized by racists. That’s so difficult to prove that it might as well be classified as a meaningless charge. Worse yet, it does suggest that some folks in positions of authority and responsibility must, by virtue of their genetic endowment, be considered inerrant and above all reproach. Anyone can make a mistake. The most ethical person can stoop to lies or deceit, perhaps rationalizing as he does that in an imperfect world, circumstances may require resort to expedient means in order to achieve the greater good. And of course that’s the problem, isn’t it? That’s how good people became Nazis, and looked the other way rather than sacrifice themselves protesting enormities they could not possibly prevent or halt. That’s how decent parents...

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Number 285

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 285 20 December, 2012 Back in the 1950s, Ed Murrow told us that TV could go in one of two directions: it could teach, illuminate, and even inspire us, he said, or it could be nothing more than wires and lights in a box. Let’s be real generous and say the jury is still out on that one. This Is The Best Strategy For Reducing All Domestic Violence, Homicidal And Suicidal The horror preoccupying the news media and the minds of many in the USA today is the mass murderer who invades a “Gun Free” zone and begins slaughtering as many people as possible. As bad as that is, there are many more who simply kill themselves — in spite of being under treatment for some kind of “mental illness” or emotional disorder. If some way could be found to alter the consciousness of these people so they felt no compulsion to do harm, surely the nation would be better off. It appears very likely that such a remedy may be at hand. Do watch this video (skip the stupid ad at the beginning), and give it careful consideration. It makes a convincing case. Highest recommendation. The Second Amendment And Heller Be Damned: The Populace Must Be Disarmed, Lest The Governors Fear The Governed Obama will use the acts of a madman to advance...

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Number 284

Number 284 16 December, 2012 A deliberating creature that has increased capacity to get things right does so only because it has a propensity to get things wrong. A fully adapted organism would not have to deliberate at all. In the split seconds that determine the difference between life and death, he who deliberates is lost. Journalism Has Failed The news media in the USA have abandoned principle and are guilty of betraying the best interests of the nation. Consider this understated expression of outrage: Who told the president about the siege on our consulate in that Libyan hell hole? When did Obama learn about the siege that left four Americans, including his official representative to Libya, dead? What were his orders about dealing with the siege? In the normal course of events, you would think that the men and women whose whole professional life is, or is supposed to be, driven by the desire to answer such questions would be busy as terriers digging for the truth about this extraordinary event. Four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, murdered on the anniversary of 9/11 by offshoots of al-Qaeda. You’d think, wouldn’t you, that every Pulitzer Prize-craving journalist in the country would be all over this one. (Source.) You would indeed expect exactly those results…were it not for the fact that to ask, to demand to know, would be politically...

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Number 283

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 283 13 December, 2012 …we share more than 98 per cent of our genes with the chimpanzee. … One common riposte is to point out that we share 50 per cent of our genes with a banana. More importantly, we need to ask what the “sharing” means…. Dawkins points out that “…an estimate like ’98 per cent in common’ doesn’t mean anything unless we specify the size of the unit we are comparing … If you are comparing whole chromosomes, the percentage shared is zero”. Going Out On Several Limbs What’s going to happen? Since Madame Zelda packed up her cloudy crystal ball and departed on a search for more gullible customers, this newsletter has not been a rich source of predictions. Just for fun — and in the hope that some slapdash speculation will instigate a few barroom fights — this would be a good time to wax prophetic. After all, we know the world will end in a few days; we got that news from a bunch of dead Native Americans who practiced human sacrifice. If you paid attention to that, why not get some prognostications from the world’s finest unread newsletter? Begin with that Mayan calendar tommyrot: look, it’s transparent alarmism aimed at presumed morons (that’s how the cynical media barkers think of you), so plan to have to get through...

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Number 282

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 282 8 December, 2012 A society that becomes more Muslim will have less of everything else, including individual liberty. The Defense Of The West Just how much is at stake these days, and what will have to be done to see to the best interests of Western Civilization? To this newsletter, the survival and metaphorical strength of Liberty are paramount. Unless that principle is placed first, all sacrifice and cost will be wasted. Who is the enemy? One might say the enemy is always the same, and define him as whatever current entity that wishes to destroy Liberty. That would be a weasel’s way of putting it, for the simple truth is, the enemy of the West is Islam. Of course that statement will infuriate many, but it is true, for none can justifiably and accurately call himself a Muslim who does not consider the Koran a repository of divine commandments that must take precedence over all other principles. Look to the Koran, therefore, if you would understand the nature of the threat — and especially in the event you question whether Islam is a threat. Those who find in Islam neither flaw nor danger can stop reading at this point, for their opinions are irrelevant. If you understand Islam to be a colonialist death cult that hopes to destroy all other faiths except...

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