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Month: February 2013

Number 295

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 295 27 February, 2013 …hardly anyone wishes for the return of old-style capitalism. Faced with the choice between serfdom and economic insecurity the masses everywhere would probably choose outright serfdom, at least if it were called by some other name. Computer Espionage And Sabotage: Fending Off The Chinese In Numbers 218 and 294, this newsletter referred to Chinese efforts to use the internet to crack into the computer networks of US firms and governmental agencies. That raised the question of why this is possible, for it makes no sense that vitally important computers be as easy to dial up as is your cousin in Oklahoma. The possibility that China might use a telephone and a browser to shut down the electric grids of the USA, incapacitate military communications and wreck the national economy is chilling — and not at all the stuff of science fiction. After all, the US and Israel tried, with considerable success, to cripple Iranian efforts to produce a nuclear weapon; the “Stuxnet” program was introduced into the SCADA (System Control And Data Acquisition) network running the machines refining uranium. The result was chaos. This newsletter consulted an expert. The question was phrased as a declaration of incredulity: it’s wretched to realize that the people running the country are so stupid that they hook all computers up to each other, allowing...

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Number 294

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 294 20 February, 2013 Where there is no criticism of religion, life and society in their entirety become religious and the littlest squeak against the existing order is an act of blasphemy. Book Review Marked for Death, Islam’s War Against the West and Me, Geert Wilders; ISBN 978-1-59698-796-8. This is a superb book. It begins with a first-person account (sans whining and self-pity) of the ordeal Wilders has been put through by Islam and its defenders. The author then provides a very clear history of Islam and an excellent discussion of the current campaign being waged by the death cult to displace Western Civilization and force all mankind to submit to Koranic rule. In explaining the strategy and tactics of colonial Islam, Wilders tacitly but clearly demonstrates his profoundly humane mindset. This is a man who does not hate Muslims, but despises the vile customs that enslave them. Perhaps the most distressing passages in the book are Wilders’s accounts of his struggles with the multiculturalism of his native Holland. Western complicity with and encouragement of Islamic totalitarianism is a vile form of mass suicide promoted by some who proclaim their virtue even as they demand the extermination of Liberty. It’s not all grim, for Wilders presents clear proposals for the self-defense of the West. The ideas work; they have proved effective. Islam can be...

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Number 293

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 293 13 February, 2013 Cults do not simply fill the mind with error, but fundamentally transform the manner in which the brain processes information. The Inevitable This newsletter first complained, in March of 2009, that The Powers That Be remain unconcerned about a Carrington event. Every so often, the facts make the news — but probably only as filler. The problem with Carrington events is that they are inevitable, which means that even John Kerry can’t talk Mother Nature into holding off. The good thing about Carrington events is that they can be mitigated by preparedness. The bad thing about that is that it will require a national effort to avoid catastrophe, and this newsletter is convinced that no current or prospective national leadership has the intelligence and wisdom required to decide on and then carry out effective measures. Perhaps in twenty years a government will take steps to protect the USA against a huge solar flare, but as things stand now, the federal government is much more concerned about getting the national community organized — that is, under control. Sleight Of Mind: Obamoid Policies Boost The Stock Market Obama is finally doing something right: thanks to his enlightened policies — which are taking hold now — the stock market is up, way up, and the future suddenly looks brighter. Everyone knows that when...

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Number 292

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 292 3 February, 2013 We are facing a determined enemy who is striving through all means to destroy the West and snuff out our traditions of free thought, free speech, and freedom of religion. Make no mistake: if we fail, we will be enslaved. Syria, Israel, G. W. Bush And The Nuclear Reactor That Never Was You may recall that in September of 2007, a partially-constructed nuclear reactor in Syria was explosively destroyed. The government of Bashar al-Assad has never admitted that there was any such structure on the site. At the time, this newsletter speculated that press reports of bombs dropped by Israeli F-16 fighters might be false. Perhaps the reactor was blown up by a team of commandos, and the “air strike” was a distraction or a cover, so the team could get safely out of Syria. Further, NTG felt it possible that Syrian air defense systems were totally disabled by US technology on loan to Israel, for it seemed as if Syrian radar screens were literally blank before and during the attack, and the Syrians were totally baffled about how the reactor was destroyed. Speculation is always fun, isn’t it? (For more speculation, see Wikipedia.) In time, perhaps the real story comes out, and the tales spun by armchair generals look foolish. Well, now we have an account of events that...

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