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Month: April 2013

Number 304

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 304 29 April, 2013 …no man asks the other to act the villain unless he believes him inclined to be one. No man attempts to seduce the truly honest woman. It is the supposed looseness of her mind that starts the thoughts of seduction, and he who offers it calls her a prostitute. Our pride is always hurt by the same propositions which offend our principles; for when we are shocked at the crime, we are wounded by the suspicion of our compliance. Islam And The Obama Administration Introduction There is a lot more to Washington’s relations with Islam than was expressed by the US president’s bow to the Saudi king and apology to the Muslim world. True, those gaffes were significant because they allowed the president’s intended audience to take him for what he is — an amateur — but subsequent events show how profoundly naive and biased US policy is. In spite of the overwhelmingly uncritical press, the significant assumptions, attitudes and tendencies of Team Obama are discernible. As policy evolves and stabilizes, the world can see how the US administration thinks. You are therefore requested to look. Begin with awareness of your opinions: do you feel the USA is well served by the federal “anti-terrorism” agencies? Political Correctness It is customary to think of censorship as simply a limitation of freedom...

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Number 303

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 303 20 April, 2013 The traditions of holy war and animus toward Jews are critical to our understanding of classical Islamic doctrine. Sharia, however, is the doctrine’s essence. It is Islam’s legal and political system. Its establishment is the necessary precondition for a society’s Islamization, and it is the objective of both violent jihad and stealthier methods of pressuring a society’s major institutions to bend to Islamic norms. Sharia is the animating force of classical Islam — its claim to ultimate truth. Madness And Reality The insanity can be traced back. Move from the recent specifics to earlier false but politically correct assumptions: 1. Obama’s stupid, stupid question: “Why did young men who grew up and studied here as part of our communities and our country resort to such violence?” 1-a. Why did they kill and maim? Because of the teachings of the death cult that is Islam. 1-b. The young men did not “grow up here”; they were the product of their violently fanatical environment in Chechnya. 1-c. They were never “part of our communities”; their values and aspirations are totally alien to the USA. The murderers had neither understanding of nor respect for Liberty. They understood only submission to the commandments they believed came from the creator of the universe and mankind. 1-d. Religious toleration is a fundamental value in the USA,...

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Number 302

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 302 18 April, 2013 The frightened mind, always on the defensive, is particularly aware of the dangers of yielding an inch to the devil. The Culture War The Benghazi disaster was a failure of government to plan, to protect, to respond, and to admit its failures. Obama’s ethics were inadequate to the task of mitigating the blunders, and Hillary hissed and spat out angry claims that the government’s lies and incompetence did not matter. Thus did the administration betray its lack of concern for principled policy. As B follows A, this disgrace has been followed by a confirmation of the autocratic temper of the Ruling Elite. Attacking opponents of restrictions on firearms — regulations that in no way addressed the murders in the Connecticut school — Obama displayed genuine fury. This was not a posturing politician shouting slogans; nor was his outrage provoked by the depravity of others. This was a man beside himself because his will had been thwarted. His irrational, boorish indictments of others were anything but candid. At base, he’s a bully. Accordingly, Obama savaged the senators, accusing them of evil; he damned them as craven, inhumane weaklings who cared nothing for the lives of innocent children. He accused the National Rifle Association of lying, a charge that is forbidden to members of the British House of Commons — for it...

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Number 301

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 301 14 April, 2013 The West is in danger, but we can still prevail. We begin the struggle by standing up for our values and telling the truth about Islam. Even when we are insulted, even when we are harassed and intimidated, even when we are marked for death just for stating an opinion — we must never be silenced. The Trial That Must Not Be Reported It’s “…beyond the most morbid Hollywood horror. It will change you”. Yet the customarily sensationalist national mass media won’t report it (see the photo!). If you were a student in a journalism school, this newsletter would advise you to start with the hyperlink immediately above, and then click through to this. And/Or read a Commentary article. Recent research may be relevant to your consideration of this topic. — More: misdirection. There is a website where journalists may anonymously reveal editorial attitudes on coverage of the story. Yes, it has come to that — and no long-term reader of this newsletter should be surprised. Addendum: The embargo on news is an effective collectivist tactic in the culture war; accordingly, “wingnut” websites are doing what they can to defeat it. Reader JY notes that the cringe-inducing story is having some success in getting through the barriers put up by politically correct journalists. Book Review Mind and Cosmos, by Thomas...

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Number 300

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 300 9 April, 2013 …if Darwin proposed a blind watchmaker who tinkered without foreknowledge of the prospective significance of each mutation, I suspect that much of technological evolution results from tinkering with little real understanding ahead of time of the consequences. We think; biological evolution does not. But when problems are very hard, thinking may not help that much. We may all be relatively blind watchmakers. What Is North Korea Up To, Anyway? It’s stupefying: the brat (nominally) running the gigantic gulag that is North Korea is howling about reducing New York to radioactive ash, babbling about how North and South Korea are at war (everybody knew that, Stupid), and whining that the USA is plotting to commit a suicidal invasion of the People’s Lunatic Republic of Korea. Is this kid insane? How worried should Uncle Sam be? As complex and bizarre as the situation is, some solid facts are available, and there is no reason to panic. Begin your assessment of the mess with “wingnut” commentary on the relationship between North Korea and Iran. Then consider this newsletter’s more sophisticated interpretation. The first thing to understand is that the imbecilic juvenile who inherited power is just a tool. He’s being manipulated — not controlled, exactly, but used — by relatives. This is a family affair as greedy and lethal as anything the Borgias...

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