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Month: May 2013

Number 307

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 307 28 May, 2013 A fact, once discovered, leads an existence of its own, and enters into relations with other facts of which their discoverers have never dreamt. Apollonius of Perga discovered the laws of the useless curves which emerge when a plane intersects a cone at various angles: these curves proved, centuries later, to represent the paths followed by planets, comets, rockets, and satellites. The Implications Of Being Recorded, Virtually All The Time Never mind the actual statistics: the simple fact is, closed circuit TV cameras are just about everywhere. The main purpose seems to be to aid in crime prevention. (Here is a London camera, for example.) The Google “Glass” has made its debut, and evidently some folks are eager and prepared to do violence to anyone who presumes to record them with it. Russians have been using dashboard-mounted video cameras in their cars for some time, and the results posted on the internet are pretty convincing: do NOT drive in Russia! What do you think? Do you take the Nixonian view that people deserve to have privacy so they can vent, say stupid things and not be held to account for them, and propose preposterous ideas that are just empty talk and not conspiracies? Or should we all be held accountable for our ravings, however insincere — and however private we...

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Number 306

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 306 17 May, 2013 We are often tempted to get angry with state functionaries. But since we are usually begging things from them, rather than demanding them in the manner of one who could take his business elsewhere — with the state there is no elsewhere — we usually choose to remain polite. And if we finally get what we are begging for, we tend to be effusive in our thanks, if only because so pleased that the ninny did something less than completely ninny-ish. The result is a world in which state functionaries genuinely imagine themselves to be loved by almost all of their victims and hated by hardly any of them. The Concept Of Global Warming Expands And Points To Horror Beyond Imagining For years, the debate over climate has focused on whether technology is responsible for coming catastrophic rises in sea level and skyrocketing temperatures. Carbon dioxide has been claimed to be the proximate instrument of mayhem, with technology driving that, and human greed being the root cause. This newsletter has disputed the claimed chain of cause and effect without ever denying that warming and cooling could and might occur; it has denounced believers in anthropogenic global warming as adhering to a kind of cult, and it has noted the penitential, misanthropic nature of the cult’s faith. It was also pointed...

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Number 305

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 305 10 May, 2013 That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there. Technology, The Sun, And The Future This brief video is highly recommended. It was created by an individual who posts a daily report you should sample. Furthermore, this particular edition of the report is useful, as it tells you what The Powers That Be should have told you long ago. The Carrington Event was mentioned in this newsletter four years ago, and then noted in twenty subsequent numbers. The public knows next to nothing about it, yet it is of major importance. For more information on its full implications, watch this video; it shows how a phenomenon very like a Carrington event can be generated by a nuclear explosion and used as a massively destructive weapon. A portion of this video is of interest because it shows the location of debris from the Japanese tsunami. You might consider subscribing to this channel on YouTube. Each daily report is about four minutes long. The Benghazi Scandal’s Political Lethality In Context The Disaster and its Aftermath From the first, it was bad — very bad. The attack on the facility went on for hours, and help was never dispatched. When it was over and...

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