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Month: July 2013

Number 314

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 314 30 July, 2013 …the Federal Bureau of Investigation on November 8, 1945, reported to the White House that (Harry Dexter) White was a spy. The report was suppressed. The entire story was exposed nine years later by the Attorney General and the Subcommittee of the Senate [Committee –ed.] in November, 1953. White had been furnishing documents to the Soviet government. Providentially for him, Harry Dexter White died before his misdeeds caught up with him. The Struggle To Make Government Responsible And Accountable The US Internal Revenue Service is sued by a Tea Party group — and it looks as if the effort might be automatically doomed by laws limiting the ability of the citizenry to deal with improper acts committed by federal civil servants. Start with the WaPo story, and then consider this observation made by a commenter just below the story: All hype by Jay Sekulow. He knows that, by statute, the Department of Justice will certify the IRS employee/defendants as acting in their official capacities, which means that the suit will actually be a suit against the United States. That’s right. True the Vote, Inc. v. The United States. Then, since the court lacks jurisdiction under the Anti-Injunction Act and the Declaratory Judgment Act, as well as the fact that Sekulow’s complaint fails to identify any statute under which THE UNITED...

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Number 313

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 313 22 July, 2013 Racism was indisputably central to Nazi ideology. Today we are perfectly comfortable equating racism and Nazism. And in important respects that’s absolutely appropriate. But why not equate Nazism and, say, Afrocentrism? Food For Thought A reminder: this newsletter suggests you start each day with the latest news from Suspicious 0bservers. The site deals with the relationship between the earth and the sun. To prepare for your new habit of daily viewing, you can see “How to watch the sun” on YouTube. Follow that with “Energy from space” and “The next ice age“. The videos are also available on this page. (Note: it’s dived, not “dove”. And production of CO2 is not pollution.) Then there is a news website that is much more concise than Drudge, and often carries lots of items that Drudge has not heard of. Try a subscription to this. Tip: if you use Gmail, you can check your Inbox in the morning and then call up YouTube, where you will find your subscriptions to both of the above sites are shown on the page that comes up (because when you signed in on Gmail, you also signed in on YouTube). That makes it quick and easy to go to reports on the space weather, and then catch up with the news on earth.   Bad News For...

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Number 312

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 312 13 July, 2013 Of all the lies that are swallowed and regurgitated by the media, the ones that hurt the most come from the Good Guys. The grass-roots do-gooders, the social work heroes, the non-profit advocacy groups battling for peace, justice, and equality. …holding the good guys accountable doesn’t mean that they are bad guys…. Apply equal skepticism to both sides. And if your mother says she loves you, check it out. Distraction A “wingnut” remarks on the state of the world, as seen from the USA: Egypt teeters on the brink of civil war, Syria is still in civil war, Lebanon is also on the brink, Iran marches forward to nuclear arms, the U.S. economy remains a mess, unemployment is rampant, more people are on food stamps than work in the private sector, the deficit grows exponentially by the second, Social Security is going bankrupt, Medicare is going bankrupt, the IRS has virtually taken over the country and is about to subsume health care, Benghazi remains unresolved, the NSA is spying on everything and everybody between here and Alpha Centauri…. Yes, and it seems no one is plotting a rational course through the storms. In the USA, Obama literally ignores the approaching chaos and the news media remain unimpressed by the government’s incompetence. The people who could make a difference, are, in...

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Number 311

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 311 4 July, 2013 On November 2 (1944) Makolajczyk again attempted to secure British support against Stalin’s activities. The British Government declined his proposal by letter on November 2. Despite all this the Polish Prime Minister stuck to his simple statement that no Polish official could sign away forty per cent of his country or submit the remainder to a Communist government. Seldom in history has there been such indomitable moral courage as that of Stanislaw Mikolajczyk in those days. The US Department of Justice Under G. W. Bush And Then Under Obama From this report in the Obama-friendly Washington Post comes an interesting quote: The inspector general’s draft report is among the many documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, touching off a roiling national debate about the proper balance between the government’s reach into Americans’ lives and the effort to protect the nation in the Internet age. The document portrays the surveillance court as “amenable” to the government’s legal theory to “re-create” authority for the Internet metadata program that had initially been authorized by President George W. Bush without court or congressional approval. The program was shut down in March 2004 when acting Attorney General James B. Comey and senior leaders at the Justice Department threatened to resign over what they felt was an illegal program. Whether you know a little...

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