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Month: September 2013

Number 323

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 323 29 September 2013 Most of the greatest evils that man has inflicted upon man have come through people feeling quite certain about something which, in fact, was false. Imposition, Exemption, And Status In Utopia Obamacare is good enough for the masses on whom it is to be imposed. The Ruling Elite has no intention of kowtowing to a Kafkaesque bureaucracy, however, and has haughtily decamped. One has to wonder why that fact does not outrage the citizenry. Has the truth — the full story — been effectively censored by the news media? Do people literally not know what the snobs have done? Have the smelly masses resigned themselves to their new status as the dim-witted recipients of “benefits” that flow from the generosity of The One? However one struggles to explain the phenomenon, it is an obvious tragedy. Cynical politicians, certain that the ignorant and stupid masses will be grateful for whatever alleged benefits are scattered on the ground before them, proclaim the munificence of The One and his familiars. The spectacle will be recounted by historians, and future generations will express amazement that the polity could be so gullible, so quickly seduced by transparent charlatans. A governing tactic called bread and circuses is about to be reborn as bypasses and c-sections. The Myth Of The Community Organizer’s Vision And Leadership The ACA...

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Number 322

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 322 24 September 2013 If I fear anything, I fear the atmosphere of the war, the power which it gives to all the things I hate — the newspapers, the politicians, the puritans, the scoutmasters, the middle-aged merciless spinsters. I fear the way I might behave, if I were exposed to this atmosphere. I shrink from the duty of opposition. I am afraid I should be reduced to a chattering enraged monkey, screaming back hate at their hate. Hiding From Hard Facts Climate change is complicated. Simplifying it to little more than a matter of carbon emissions is insanely inaccurate, and can be deliberately deceitful. Worse, blaming humanity for harm done by weather is a political tactic in support of increased regulation of the economy and greater control of the individual. That’s how climate becomes a weapon in the struggle against Liberty. Most people, instead of looking into the hard science, fuss about consensus — and demand solutions to problems that do not exist. There is no scientific consensus, and mankind’s role in climate is less clear than it is fanciful. The video linked above, for example, states that pollution (which is undefined) triggered a fundamental change in the relationship between atmospheric temperature and levels of carbon dioxide; that claim is pure speculation, and makes little sense. After all, carbon dioxide is not a...

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Number 321

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 321 16 September 2013 …just as Americans liberated themselves from their British oppressors, Muslims must free themselves from Islam because they, too, have an unalienable right to freedom. In liberating themselves from Islam, they will ensure a happier life for themselves and their children, and a safer, more peaceful world for the rest of us. The Threat In at least twenty-three previous issues of this newsletter, you have been informed and reminded of Obama’s pledge to provide the USA with a “civilian national security force” that is as well funded and as powerful as the existing US military. He has never explained why that force is necessary, but it was approved by the same legislation that approved Obamacare, and it has almost certainly been supplied with weaponry that will allow it to exert lethal force within the borders of the nation in support of federal power. (See the Footnote for sources.) When Obama originally declared that the nation needed this domestic force, it was clear that his statement was absolutely not extemporaneous, impulsive, or spontaneous. His “watching a tennis match” head-swiveling indicated that he was reading the words from teleprompter screens, first from the one on the left, then from the one on the right. That’s his way of pretending to look at his audience as he speaks, and it’s proof that what he...

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Number 320

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 320 4 September, 2013 …it was discovered that the (British air raids of Nazi Germany) were … killing only two hundred German civilians (almost all noncombatants contributing little to the war effort) at the cost of .. two hundred RAF fighting men each month, and thus were a contribution to a German victory! Science, Climate, And Economic Reality Fifty-To-One is a mother site that contains a stellar collection of interviews of specialists who provide devastating insight into anthropogenic global warming alarmism. Begin your visit with a short video that quickly proves its point: “carbon taxes” are demonstrably absurd, as are efforts to reverse, halt or slow alleged global warming. Next: do not skip this enlightening interview of David Evans. He knows the AGW story well, and clearly explains the scientific facts — and the fabrications preached by Warmers. Both videos linked above get the highest possible recommendations, but note well: there are other excellent, extraordinarily informative interviews on the “mother” site. This is where to send a friend who tries to tell you that the oceans are heating up (they are not), the upper atmosphere is a blanket of insulating water vapor that blocks the escape of heat from the earth (totally false, and repeatedly proved false), and that CO2 is a danger (no, it’s not pollution; it’s plant food that is aiding in...

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