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Month: October 2013

Number 325

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 325 28 October 2013 …virtually all the classical literature that has survived into modern times did so through the good offices of Christian monks, not Arab philosophers. And, as I will now argue, the real ideological impression of Islam was not the enlightened thinking of Avicenna and Averroes, who were in any case rejected and expelled from the Muslim canon, but the darker thinking found in the Koran and the Haditha: the doctrines of perpetual war against non-believers; of holy deception (taqiyya); of death for apostates and heretics; of judicial torture; of slave and concubine-taking as a legitimate occupation. Trying To Sign Up For Obamacare Can Be Dangerous Cautions Begin by finding out what John McAfee has to say about Obamacare, fraud, and privacy. Follow up by learning more on the dangers of applying for Obamacare. The government has no measures in place to protect you from criminals who target people trying to get medical insurance, even though the mandated signup procedure presents a golden opportunity for identity thieves. Evidently Sebelius never thought of what might happen. McAfee claims that a lot of the Obamacare website was written in India by second-rank programmers (to keep costs down), and the initial integration of all the parts of the complex software could only be expected to fail. He also insists that the job was rushed, when...

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Number 324

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 324 22 October 2013 Given that there are likely truths to be known about how members of our species can be made as happy as possible, there are almost certainly truths to be known about ethics. To say that we will never agree on every question of ethics is the same as saying that we will never agree on every question of physics. Obamacare Is A Reality Begin with an understanding of what Obamacare is and how it works; a hat tip goes to reader RL for providing just the video you need. Do not skip it! The Affordable Care Act is essentially a collectivist attempt to redistribute wealth. If you have a middle class income, you will discover that the cost of your health care insurance just went up sharply — even alarmingly. At present, the computers are not working properly, but when it is possible to sign up for Obamacare, you will be required to provide personal information first; only at the end of the enrollment process will you be told how much your new insurance will cost. (Watch out for widely-believed Obamacare “facts” that are not factual, by the way.) The Forgotten Fact Recall, please, that this newsletter long ago predicted that Congress would be the real power, the primal and final decisive force, in an Obama presidency. The One is...

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