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Month: November 2013

Number 329

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 329 24 November 2013 …it is our own desire for answers and panaceas that gives the terrible simplifiers their power. Kerry Flaunts Umbrella, Obama Prays For The Distraction To Work, Israel Sweats The accord between Iran and the powers that do not want that nation to acquire nuclear weapons is a moronic blunder. Herewith some marginally hasty observations that do indeed proceed from a certain degree of alarm. Obama is in trouble. He badly needed a success of some sort — anything that would distract the public and press and allow him to pose as a statesman. The Iranians knew that. Iran has a perfect right to medical uses of nuclear energy, as well as for the generation of electricity. In fact it has passed the point required to have uranium that is pure enough for both purposes; it is openly preparing uranium for military use. Tellingly, Kerry and the European Union never chose to demand that the Iranians respond to the question, “Why do you want to purify uranium to weapons grade? What use do you have for nuclear weapons? What do you want that only nuclear weapons can get you?” Up to now, Iran has babbled about its right as a sovereign power to do what it wants with nuclear science and technology — but that’s no answer. Pinning Tehran down about...

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Number 328

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 328 21 November 2013 Authority sometimes proceeds from reason, but reason never from authority. For all authority which is not approved by true reason seems weak. But true reason, since it is established in its own strength, needs to be strengthened by the assent of no authority. The USA Shirks Its Responsibilities To Peace, Liberty, And Decency It could be that Israel and Saudi Arabia realize they must do what is necessary without the help of the Obamite USA. Money quote: “Both the Israeli and Saudi governments are convinced that the international talks to place limits on Tehran’s military nuclear development amount to appeasement and will do little to slow its development of a nuclear warhead”. The full article is behind registration, unfortunately. Accordingly you should turn to this excellent item — which includes the following observation: “…Kerry assured the world that he was neither blind nor stupid, (but) it’s obvious that the Israelis and Saudis are prepared to answer in the affirmative with respect to both adjectives”. For reasons that are unclear — though this newsletter continues to suspect, without hard evidence, that Obama is prejudiced against Jews and Israel — the rift between the USA and Israel is deepening. That is to be regretted. It is yet another sign of Obamoid eccentricity. Consider the way a “progressive” news publication portrays the situation:...

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Number 327

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 327 14 November 2013 David Goldstein of the California Institute of Technology has commented that the possibility that someone will try to replicate a piece of work is a powerful disincentive to cheating — in other words, it can help to prevent scientific fraud. Goldstein also notes that, in reality, very few scientific papers are ever subject to an attempt to replicate them. Meteorological Madness It’s a perfect storm: mix normal bad weather with a US federal administration that is overseen by a demagogue who, on assuming office, had no executive experience; now add ignorant, alarmist abuse of the power of journalism, and what do you get? A disgrace. First, realize that the killer storm that savaged The Philippines was not caused by unusually warm weather. Fact: for more than a decade, warming has not occurred. In any event, huge hurricanes appear from time to time, and sometimes they make landfall in areas that are extremely vulnerable to high winds. Further, the assumption that warming would necessarily make all hurricanes stronger is just that — an assumption. (If you want to help, once again this newsletter suggests that you not give money to the Red Cross. See this website; it’s put up by an organization with clean hands.) Second, note that Obama is thrashing about frantically, attempting to accomplish something. He’s an under-achiever, and...

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Number 326

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 326 6 November 2013 …if each class perceives the situation ideologically — as a clash of fundamental principles and ideals, with the fate of society as a whole hanging in the balance — then the stage is set for a revolutionary fight to the finish. A Problem For Collectivists, And A Prediction To Remember Fracking is safe. Like cooking, eating, driving a car, and giving birth, it’s supposed to be done properly. It can be. Unfortunately it will be bitterly attacked as inherently bad — as if it were misbehavior like rape. Deceitful, dishonest politicians will suddenly discover fracking and do what they can to prevent or reduce it to the point where it makes no impact on the economy. Their objective will be to maintain energy prices at high levels, thereby curtailing industry and commerce. Why ever? Expanding industries and transportation systems reduce unemployment, increase prosperity, and encourage competition that militates against high prices. Those economic developments in turn favor free markets. As a direct consequence of economic expansion, the dependence of people on governmental welfare systems declines. That hinders the power of governments. When the dependent class shrinks, statist ideologues lose status, influence, and power. Expect, therefore, Obama and his familiars to have a lot of bad things to say about fracking. Eventually — and probably sooner rather than later — the...

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