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Month: February 2014

Number 338

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 338 27 February 2014 Since Islam has global ambitions, we are all in danger, and we should stand with every nation and with every people that is threatened by jihad. This includes Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East. We should recognize that the Israelis’ conflict with the Palestinians is not about land; it is an ideological conflict between freedom and tyranny.   A Heroine     Erika Kornelia Szeles, 1941 – 1956 She fought tyranny. She was betrayed by the United States of America. She was murdered by the Soviets. She will never be forgotten. Snippets From The Not-So-Divine Comedy That Is The USA’s Political Arena 1. An example of how the USA’s income tax collector, the Internal Revenue Service, operates is available; it makes for unpleasant reading. Notice that the thugs have not been called to account; so far, Congress seems literally incapable of accomplishing anything resembling a proper response to egregious misbehavior that should be punished with prison time. And why is the IRS above the law? Because it acted in the service of the current federal administration. Yes, that’s not justice; of course it isn’t. But…notice who heads the Department of Justice, and how that has played out. 2. This is very clever. The lawyers in the Justice Department may be unprincipled, but they aren’t stupid. The best solution...

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Number 337

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 337 21 February 2014 Religion as cosmetic reverence shorn of substantive content is a virtue only the postmodern, post-doctrinal West could love; its self-congratulatory elites having evolved beyond anything so quaint as doctrine and arrived at…nihilism. Discontent, Anxiety, And Premonitions Of Dystopia Folks in the USA are being bombarded with predictions of economic catastrophe, famine, and cultural collapse. Survivalists are preparing to defend their homes against marauding gangs and government agents. Self-styled investment advisers are devising strategies that will simply preserve, rather than increase, your assets. These are indeed nervous times. Why? Some of the reasons for the current pessimism and fear can be discerned. That’s the first step in an attempt to make things better, so make your list — and then consider whether any of your concerns can be translated into soluble problems. To get you started, here are a few things this newsletter has on its list of discontents. They are in no particular order — everything here is bad. 1. The “War On Terrorism”, or “War On Terror”. The West has lost perspective: it has been centuries since Islam challenged decent civilization, and Westerners are accustomed to winning or losing wars. Losers clean up the mess, rebuild, and cope with the circumstances of peace; winners stop fighting, transfer resources to consumer markets, and consider the threat eliminated. Unfortunately that pattern...

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Number 336

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 336 12 February 2014 The only way to persuade people to voluntarily accept the loss of freedom is by making it look like a great bargain at first. The Facts Of Climate Change You have been lied to Do watch this video, paying particular attention at about one minute and six seconds into the presentation; you can stop watching when the clock reaches one minute and fifty-four seconds. It’s damning evidence of the AGW alarmists’ deceit. The mechanism of climate change has been identified For the full story, begin here. When you have watched those three short videos, change to this URL and watch the fourth episode in the series. There it is. While details remain to be explored, the fundamentals are now clear. The climate is growing more extreme, and will cool substantially. Just how profound or protracted the coming mini-ice age will be cannot be predicted. Conclusions 1. Carbon dioxide never was a significant factor. For years, this newsletter has tried to discredit this greenhouse gas as the villain behind warming; the effort was futile because of alarmist propaganda generated by the likes of Al Gore and the IPCC. 2. Governments quickly perceived the crusade against carbon dioxide as an opportunity to impose greater control of economic activity, as well as involve the polity in another phony “war” — this time against...

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