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Month: May 2014

Number 348

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 348 17 May 2014 Under Eric Holder, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was deputized to change the nation’s gun laws by putting into place a shadowy operation designed to prove a falsehood: that weapons sold by US gun shops, especially “assault weapons”, are the cause of Mexico’s drug violence.   HILLARY MAY HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE     “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?”   The First Amendment Hinders The Planned Fairness Of US Democracy Yes, you read that headline correctly, and if you are a “progressive”, you just might proclaim it factual, rather than offensively absurd. The guarantee of freedom of speech does frustrate the virulently authoritarian US “Left”, and no one is more sensitive to that than Charles Schumer, a senator from the state of New York. You might recall this fellow from his attempt to impose “fairness” on talk radio. He wanted to ration programming so that partisans like Rush Limbaugh were “balanced” by their political opposites. It was egregious nonsense, of course, and could only be interpreted as the licensing of electronic journalism. Fortunately the transparently censorious proposal died, having been more ignored than exposed and denounced. Churlish Chucky’s back, however, and this time he wants to amend the federal constitution in order to “…once and for all allow Congress to make laws to regulate our system…”. Once and for all....

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Number 347

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 347 3 May 2014 The ancient philosophers made a point of the connection between democracy and tyranny, as did the authors of The Federalist Papers. … The danger lies in the gullibility of democratic people when they follow a leader who proclaims himself their champion against perceived enemies. Team Obama Advocates A Willing Suspension Of Disbelief Thanks to a simple clerical error committed by someone in some nameless department of the US national government, unedited copies of some messages were released to the public. That means everybody knows that a chillingly cynical decision was made to lie to the US electorate and the world about how andwhy four heartbreakingly brave US civil servants were killed in Benghazi. At a stroke, the proof of deceit exposes not only incredibly incompetent planning, administration, and reactions to crisis, but the unethical nature of responses to questions about what happened. What is now known about the Benghazi disaster reminds of the charges made against President Franklin Roosevelt subsequent to the Japanese attack on Hawaii in December of 1941 (“FDR knew the Japanese aircraft carriers were going to attack; he had provoked it, and he welcomed it as a casus belli“). Well, FDR was not guilty, so he had nothing to hide — and therefore had no need to lie. Expedient falsehoods become essential In the Benghazi debacle, however, there is no...

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