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Month: August 2014

Number 354

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 354 16 August 2014 The Arabs had always been warlike; by adopting Islam in the seventh century, they acquired a religion which intensified this tendency. Wisdom Is Not Usually This Compact And This Easy To Understand Here are two sources of information that strike this newsletter as vitally important. The first is a single page of commentary, and the second is a five and a half minute video. Begin with this revelatory discussion of Islam and war. Second, view a presentation on the solar cycle and its relation to climate. You can inform yourself in less than fifteen minutes. The masthead includes a quote from the works of Carroll Quigley. Publisher: The Eagle Wing Palace of The Queen...

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Number 353

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 353 15 August 2014 Contrary to legend, Galileo never spent a day of his life in a prison cell. Click — And Pass It On Send this to someone who might know where it’s needed. Here is a clarification of the statistic quoted in the video; a tip of the hat goes to reader JY for that. Obama Reconsidered Introductory Commentary in past numbers of this newsletter — all of which are available on request — has attempted to limn the character, principles, motives and capabilities of the president. Those efforts might be summed up as the observation that the man is an empty suit. That unflattering remark is partly due to Obama’s reluctance to spell out his political-philosophical orientation and grand design. He has chosen instead to deal with individual issues, preaching reforms designed to ease the electorate’s burdens. By avoiding identifying himself with any -ism or school of thought, he has been able to present himself as a pure pragmatist, free to resolve each distinct issue while not subject to stereotyping, categorization, and partisan sniping. This veiled demeanor borders on deceit. Obama’s voting records as both state and federal senator are available, so observers can reasonably refer to the president as a “progressive”, a “left-winger”, or a “liberal”. In fact that has not happened, for the press has been more than willing...

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Number 352

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 352 1 August 2014 (Though) elitists…constantly proclaim that morality is relative and that conscience is not inherent, somehow they are the ones who possess the proper definition of the “greater good.” If “good” is in all cases relative, then wouldn’t the “greater good” also be entirely relative? This inconsistency in their reasoning does not seem to stop them from forcing the masses through propaganda or violence to accept their version of better judgment. Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad The Turkish City of Kartal Is Kind To Its Homeless Animals Israel vs. Hamas and the fallout on Gaza’s people: here’s a comment from a Turk who posted a comment on YouTube — Palestinians, Arabs and whoever is involved in this over there, should first get together and create a legitimate government system. The world has given them more credibility than they actually deserve. We as people living on the world have long established social systems, it differs from country to country, but still, the system works and every individual human being is valued. So I suggest these guys to start thinking like the rest of the world has done thousands of years ago, and get themselves together. I remember Arafat, with a beard and a funny dress, kissing people on the lips etc. Also Kaddafi, as he likes the rank “colonel” and calls him so,...

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