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Month: September 2014

Number 356

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 356 24 September 2014 Acting Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Director Kenneth Melson…confirmed the Justice Department’s involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. …(He) reportedly became physically ill discussing the gruesome details of Fast and Furious and the tactics his bureau had approved. Islam, The Obama Administration, And The Truth The basics You might want to refer to the full text of Obama’s speech; it is reported here. 1. The president said: “ISIL is not Islamic.” That is nonsense. ISIL draws not just its inspiration from the Koran, but takes its marching orders from that book. The Koran identifies all non-Muslims as enemies, and urges that they be fought: see the explicit, utterly unambiguous commandments found at 2:190-3, 2:216, and 3:5. If you don’t have a Koran, by all means obtain a copy of Sam Harris’s The End of Faith (ISBN 978-0393327656) and read chapter four. The page for the book is here. 2. Obama also claims that “No religion condones the killing of innocents.” The truth of that statement cannot be denied — but only because religions that murder always define their victims as guilty and only then condemn them to death. The Koran states that “idolatry is worse than carnage”. To Islam, simply being a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist or an adherent to any number of pagan faiths is a capital offense. Then there...

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Number 355

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 355 10 September 2014 It’s…rather remarkable that domestic police officers are driving tanks and armored personnel carriers on American streets, breaking into homes and killing dogs over pot. They’re subjecting homes and businesses to commando raids for white-collar and even regulatory offenses, and there’s been barely any opposition or concern from anyone in Congress, any governor, or any mayor of a sizable city. Dispatches From A Tramp Abroad Grim evidence of Russian losses in Ukraine My God! The Russian regular army, supposedly “not belligerent” on the territory of Ukraine, had to attend to the serious problem of disposing of the corpses of its soldiers. According to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, more than two thousand had been killed. To this end, in the Rostov region mobile crematoria — Volva IN-50.1K-based trucks (developed in St. Petersburg) — were deployed. This was reported by Russian human rights activist Elena Vasilieva in an interview with Her comments “200 Loads from Ukraine to Russia” appeared on the social network Facebook. The trucks were seen near the Ukrainian border by at least two witnesses. The photo shows one of the vehicles. Doing battle with imperialist Islam’s most fearsome warriors How is ISIL/ISIS funded and trained? This article is probably true to some extent, but I am sure some details are incorrect or can never be known. Meanwhile, here’s one...

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