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Month: February 2015

Number 371

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 371 27 February 2015 …even the utilitarian learning which the earliest Caliphs fostered was soon to be snuffed out under the weight of an Islamic theocracy (promulgated by Al-Ghazali in the eleventh century) which regarded the very concept of scientific laws as an affront to Allah and an infringement of his freedom to act. In this way then the vast body of classical literature disappeared from the hands of the Caliphate. Thus the Arabs undermined classical civilization and its literary heritage in Europe through an economic blockade, whilst in the Middle East they destroyed it deliberately and methodically. The Obamanet These two short paragraphs sum up The One Leader’s intent: Utility regulation was designed to maintain the status quo, and it succeeds. This is why the railroads, Ma Bell and the local water monopoly were never known for innovation. The Internet was different because its technologies, business models and creativity were permissionless. This week Mr. Obama’s bureaucrats will give him the regulated Internet he demands. Unless Congress or the courts block Obamanet, it will be the end of the Internet as we know it. Source. The Science Of Climate Change Highly recommended explanations of the facts This five minute video is a superbly informative explanation of the truth about how and why the climate is changing. You can confidently recommend this to your correspondents....

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Number 370

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 370 22 February 2015 The earth is overdue for a solar super-storm that could inflict a global catastrophe. Mankind Survived Yes, that’s the big news: no harm was done. And no, it’s not an exaggeration to say that civilization as it currently exists it could indeed have been lethally damaged only hours ago. That it did not happen was pure luck. Here are the facts on a video that lasts six minutes. The narrator refers to a “Carrington event”. This newsletter has repeatedly explained what that is — and how a weapon that creates the effects of a Carrington event could be constructed and deployed. It would be a true doomsday device. The sun only hours ago emitted a coronal mass ejection of incomprehensible size and power. That took place on the side of the sun that happened not to be facing earth. If you don’t find this profoundly disturbing, you need to do some reading. The references provided just below will give you an introduction to the horrifying truth. Read about the Carrington event in Wikipedia. An EMP weapon is explained. Read the book review here. Meanwhile, consider this question: why was this not reported in the mass media? The masthead includes a quote from the works of Peter Vincent Pry. Publisher: The Eagle Wing Palace of The Queen...

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Number 369

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 369 17 February 2015 …putting white businessmen and rich doctors on TV in a bad light doesn’t reflect on all white businessmen or all rich doctors. But putting black looters on TV doesn’t reflect on all black people, either. The only people who think it does are either stupid or racist. Is ISIS Islamic? Obamoid perceptions and interpretations Begin with what informs the foreign policy of the USA. This brief explanatory commentary is highly recommended; do not skip it. Muslims in Britain attempt a scholarly and credible answer This video tries to prove that ISIS violates the pristine principles of the religion founded by Mohammed. In an attempt to be comprehensive, it goes into considerable detail about the history of ISIS. From an introduction to the film: “…these radicalized groups (ISIS) have perverted the purity of the ancient Islamic religion.” Well…that remains to be seen. Advisory: some viewers might find the film’s audio hard to understand, as non-native speakers of English are constantly on camera, and others will note the film’s stated purpose is to reduce the public’s negative perception of Islam and of all Muslims. Indeed it is forthright propaganda. Overall it creates the impression that its quirky-jerky makers have probably tinkered with the truth. If you wish to judge for yourself, you will have to be patient, for the film is almost...

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Number 368

The New Terrapin Gazette Number 368 06 February 2015 My idea of supporting liberty of conscience and the rights of citizens is that of supporting those rights in other people, for if a man supports only his own rights for his own sake, he does no moral duty. The War On Drugs For some time, this newsletter has insisted that the (stupidly named) “war on drugs” is a huge mistake because it costs too much, brutalizes people, fosters intractable corruption in politics and law enforcement, rewards crime, and does not grant the individual the right to choose his vices. Exactly why drugs and behaviors could be addicting — however that word “addicting” might be defined — was not considered here. The mechanism and process of addiction were taken to be so peripheral as to be irrelevant. There is a new argument against the insanity of criminalizing both recreational drug use and addiction. According to this view, drugs and behaviors (such as gambling) are not in themselves addicting. They are said to be the favored responses of people who have become social isolates. To this newsletter, that seems a narrow view. It appears to be the case that people who use chemicals recreationally (or as relief from emotional distress) do tend to band together, forming social groups of varying types and effectiveness. Drunks often learn and perfect their alcoholism in...

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