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Month: April 2015

Number 378

It would seem that if a Supreme Court majority of five lawyers has the final word on constitutional matters, then governance comes down to selecting five lawyers. This is obviously contrary to the Framers’ intent. Book Review The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, by Gerald H. Pollack. ISBN 978-0-9626895–4-3. The author is a professor at the University of Washington, and it would be a great mistake to ignore or denounce his findings — there is indeed a fourth phase of water, and it might prove to be very beneficial. For a hint of Pollack’s work, do see a TEDx lecture he gave some time ago. Pollack writes for the reasonably intelligent layman, thank goodness. While some of his findings smack of Vedic magic, in fact it’s all based on standard materialist experimentation and careful interpretation. The reader will hope that the clever professor can use his discoveries to perfect a machine to get potable water from the sea at very low cost — among other feats. Pollack really is onto something here. The book is available in both hard and soft covers (the ISBN above is for the less expensive format). It would be an excellent gift for a bright high school junior or senior who is interested in science and humanitarian efforts. A Quintessential Politician Agrees With Reality Newt Gingrich learns something from the...

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Number 377

…a German usually chooses for himself his favorite flower, musical composition, beer, club, painting, or opera, and sees little value or merit in any other. Yet at the same time he insists that his myopic or narrow-angled vision of the universe must be universalized, because no people are more insistent on the role of the absolute or the universal as the framework of their own egocentricity. Senator Cruz’s Problem With The Constitution In Number 375 of this newsletter, the claim was made that US nationality is not inherited. That is partly true — and mostly false. It is false in so far as federal legislation is concerned, for laws regarding citizenship make it easy for US citizens to see to it that wherever their children are born, they will not have to be naturalized in order to be citizens of the USA. The federal constitution of the USA declares that only natural-born citizens can be president, and the meaning of those words was clear when they were written. Note that senators are constitutionally required to be citizens, but need not be “natural-born”. The authors of the nation’s charter made a deliberate distinction based on the fact that “natural-born” meant born in the USA. (They did not consider that there might be non-naturalized citizens who were not born in the USA. That innovation came later.) The constitution has never been...

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Number 376

The Talks The Iranians have taken a look at John Kerry, and their opinion is correct: he is a lightweight. Accordingly, they have — as far as can be determined — not backed down on any significant issue. Here is all that can be known, as well as all that anyone needs to know. It’s up to Congress now. Cruz For President? This newsletter erred: in Number 375, it proclaimed that “…nationality is not inherited”. In some instances it is. The fact remains that both Senator Ted Cruz and Senator John McCain are not constitutionally qualified to be president of the USA. The full ramifications will be discussed in a forthcoming issue. A Puzzling Silence This newsletter finds it curious that the confrontation between federal authorities and the Bundy family of Nevada has become a virtual non-event. Washington seems to be pretending that it never happened, and the press has not — as far as NTG knows — followed up on what has potential as a powerful story. Does that mean that Obamites and collectivists of all stripes have tacitly conceded that Washington blundered? Could it mean that the one opponent the Obamites do not want to provoke is the volunteer civilian militia? Clearly, the various armed groups around the country are in touch with each other, and can be a credible counter to delinquent federal law agencies; see...

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