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Month: June 2015

Number 389

Number 389 26 June 2015 The case, my friend, is that the world has been overrun with fable and creeds of human invention, with sectaries of whole nations against all other nations, and sectaries of those sectaries in each of them against each other. Every sectary, except the Quakers, has been a persecutor. Obama And The Horror In Charleston The following information is abstracted from this commentary. Obama said, “…this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries”. This newsletter proclaims the president’s claim a lie — not a mistake, but a blatant falsehood. From the above-referenced commentary: “…just a glance at this list of international school shootings should disabuse anyone of the notion that such mass killings don’t happen in other countries with a fair amount of frequency”. Finally, see the chart reproduced here (source). The US Supreme Court Obamacare: a disappointment It was not a good decision. In the sheer interests of Liberty, health insurance should be voluntary, available from a nationwide free market, subsidized by charitable institutions, and not policed by a quasi-fascist agency with all the tender mercies of a rabid dingo. Instead illusory “progressive” Utopianism prevails yet again. Getting something right Ever since the outrage called Kelo, the US federal supreme court’s ethics have been particularly suspect. In their recent Horne decision, the Supremes tacitly displayed a degree of contrition. (Only...

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Number 388

Number 388 20 June 2015 …the prevailing doctrine — that the appearance of life from dead matter and its evolution through accidental mutation and natural selection to its present forms has involved nothing but the operation of physical law — cannot be regarded as unassailable. Obama And Israel The relationship between the USA and Israel is new, distinct, and troubling. A former Israeli ambassador (until 2013) calls Obama “the bully in chief”, tacitly suggesting that bigotry has intruded. See this in particular. The question is not trivial: why has Obama taken the attitude that Netanyahu is irrational? The evidence Compared to Hamas, the Israelis are angelic; compared to the rest of the world, they have interests and needs that are easily tolerated. Should they give up the so-called West Bank to the creation of a “Palestinian” state? They did something very like that when they uprooted Jews who lived in Gaza and turned the area over to the tender mercies of its majority residents. Hamas gained power; that began the tunneling and the firing of missiles onto Israeli towns. All the land on the earth has been spoken for, and changes in borders will always result in winners and losers. When they abandoned Gaza, the Israelis lost deliberately, hoping for peace. They lost a second time because they had chosen to lose to people who hope and plan for...

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Number 387

At no time, not even at the beginning, did genuine Arabs and Muslims show much interest in science and scholarship. Aristotle’s work was preserved in Arabic not initially by Muslims, but by Christians such as the fifth century priest Probus of Antioch, who introduced Aristotle to the Arabic-speaking world. The Cult Issues An Illogical Pronouncement There has been no pause in anthropogenic global warming, according to a new paper that’s examined here. There are major flaws in the claim: first, it does not demonstrate that mankind is responsible, even if it is correct about the steady warming of the earth; climate change could have other causes than atmospheric carbon dioxide. Then the nature of the alleged warming is inaccurately described: a uniformity of land and sea temperatures is assumed, even though that has never been demonstrated. How could professional scientists make such mistakes? The answer — that the errors support cultic dogma, not science — is not dismissed by the repetition of claims of scholarly consensus. If you are curious, you will find a full explanation here, with additional clarification in this weblog post. Finally, gain a sense of perspective: watch a video of a conversation with Freeman Dyson. It’s a gentle reminder that carbon dioxide is not taking the world to hell in a handbasket. The One Leader Presumes What is this? According to this explanation, “…the agreement...

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Number 386

Why did it take so long to get (bin Laden)? We had the first important clue in 2002; why did we only get to him in 2011? The reason is that professional interrogators, intelligence operatives, and investigators were marginalized, and instead of tried and tested methods being used, faith was placed in enhanced interrogation techniques. The NSA And Constitutional Governance If you have not seen the NSA-related video linked in Number 385 of this newsletter, you should do that now. Well-produced and extremely informative, it is now joined by another long video that presents valuable additional information on Snowden. The newcomer has vaguelycinéma-vérité overtones, possibly because the producers assume it takes a certain gravitas to explain the NSA to a nation that will not want to believe its most trusted public servants could be so naughty. The upshot of the film is that some important people belong in prison. Is Snowden among the important guilty parties? Surely. See this video of Senator Rand Paul; he’s a severe critic of the NSA’s errors, and cannot exonerate Snowden. That is not to say that Snowden had a rational option when he made off with those secret files, nor is it to believe that Snowden somehow endangered the USA. On the contrary: he has endangered people whose vision of the best future for their homeland is literally unconstitutional. Obviously the NSA needs...

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Number 385

The unambiguous evidence reveals that much of what the federal government does is unaffected by elections; this is the consequence of the Statists’ design. ….upon ascending to the presidency, (F. D.) Roosevelt erected an autocratic program to overcome the transience of Statist electoral victories and interrupted rule, about which he had earlier complained. Roosevelt altered the character of our constitutional system and mounted a lasting policy agenda largely invulnerable to opposition electoral victories and legal challenges. China Sees Its Chance As this Number of The New Terrapin Gazette was being prepared for release, news arrived that China has breached computer networks of the US government. That is an act of war. Of course it will not be interpreted as such by the current administration, as China knows. This is the confluence of Chinese adventurism and US reluctance to assert itself credibly. Let no one pretend that the character of the president of the USA was not observed, studied, and understood by Beijing. Early news reports include those of The Washington Post, ABC News, and Great Britain’s The Telegraph. “The Courts Told Him It Was Illegal And He Just Kept Doing It Anyway” There are aspects of Rand Paul’s comments on foreign policy that put this newsletter off, but his attitude toward domestic issues seems solid. The best example of the latter is the recent defeat of the NSA’s “grab...

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