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Month: August 2015

Number 398

Number 398 30 August 2015 …remember that German fascism was born out of a Romantic revolt against industrialization that philosophically mirrored aspects of transcendentalism. The difference is that while Thoreau sought to separate himself from modernity, (Al) Gore seeks to translate his Romantic animosity into a governing program. The Nomenclature Of US Political Factions As you know, this newsletter avoids the political terms Left, Right, Liberal, Conservative, Radical, Socialist. There is some method in that madness. Clearly, there are ideologically distinct groups that compete for control of the government and financial communities in the USA, but their popular names often obscure more than they reveal. In a not terribly successful effort to focus on fundamental political concepts, NTG refers to “Progressives” and “Wingnuts”, using quotes to imply strongly that both terms are dishonest. That is just a modest beginning. In fact the truth is more completely revealed by labeling people “individualists” and “collectivists”. Now the attempt is made to argue that some political systems repress individualism and impose group values inhumanely, all in the interests of “fairness”, “equality”, and “justice”. Yes, terms are increasingly abused as well as employed, and too often in the interests of imposing reforms from above. The Liberty of the individual is usually the first victim of “progressivism”. Accordingly, many collectivists can also properly be called fascists, as that pejorative is defined by Jonah Goldberg...

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Number 397

Number 397 22 August 2015 …the honest and the powerless have a vested interest in a politician who cannot be bought, whereas the powerful and the dishonest have already begun to haggle over the tab while the acceptance speech is still being written. And, even in a political system renowned worldwide for its venality, Bill Clinton seemed anxious to be bought, and willing if not indeed eager to advertise the fact in advance. Ethics, The Elite, The Common Weal, And Hillary Privilege has always accompanied power, and there is virtually no rational way to promote Liberty without tacitly encouraging license. Use a good search engine to get links related to the “Lolita express”, and you will see that those in the Ruling Elite cope with the sensationalist press by disdainfully ignoring it. Hillary Clinton’s husband, Slick Willy, is a perfect example of the libidinous leader who shrugs off accusations both genuine and fabulous, and carries on regardless. But…aren’t his unsavory past and present actions inimical to Hillary’s current political aspirations? Probably not, according to her partisans, who believe expedient voters will be willing to disregard Hillary’s mindset (remember, she tolerates Slick’s contemptuous serial betrayals). The fact that Hillary’s marital partner is incorrigible is to be ignored as just peripheral fodder for a salacious press. The corollary is not to be entertained. One must not mention the hope that credulous...

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Number 396

Number 396 11 August 2015 Americans…are, for the most part, averse to negativity, equating it with learning to function in your dysfunction. The USA’s Dilemma The candidacy of Donald Trump implies that either the electorate makes him president, or it elects a person funded by individuals and corporate entities. Trump can pay his way in a presidential election. His competitors must rely on many wealthy donors — some of whom include people who are eager to buy influence. To various groups of angry voters, the current funding of political campaigns means turning many of government’s regulatory powers over to the Koch brothers, Monsanto, the arms industry, Big Oil, the coal industry, Big Pharma — name your favorite villains. Some doctrinaire collectivists simply refer to “the rich” as the corrupting conglomerate that squats obscenely outside government and manipulates the legislative and executive branches. Consider the Federal Reserve as a cautionary example. It is only reasonable to assume that the bankers who promoted its inception included wealthy families who supported Woodrow Wilson. Well, the truth is, Wilson did not need to be bribed; he was an ideologue, a fascist who wanted to control many apparently disordered aspects of society. He believed that the economy had to be bent to the will of The Enlightened. He scolded and lectured other nations, and approached some areas of governance with military hauteur. His authoritarian...

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