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Month: September 2015

Number 401

Number 401 25 September 2015 The time is not far off when federal health-care programs, combined with Social Security, will totally consume the vast majority of the federal budget, leaving little room for much else. Obama, The Architect Of Remodeled Western Civilization The wrong question Virtually all reasonable and partially-informed people know the mullahs who control Iran have no intention to refrain from developing and deploying nuclear weapons. In fact evading the restrictions will be easy, and forbidding inspectors access to the weapons shops will be even easier. Iranian ambition has always been clear: Tehran desires a world without Israel. Anyone who disputes that must also insist that years of endlessly repeated Iranian propaganda indicate…literally nothing decent. The question is, therefore, not whether Iran plans a nuclear war. Nor is it whether Iran fears one, even if it turns out to be a losing effort…as long as the Shia lunatics believe it might possibly eradicate Israel. The honest and perceptive observer must admit that what the world should be asking is why the USA’s president insisted on the reckless pact that he claims will prevent nuclear war. The One Leader As Noble Reformer A thoughtful consideration of Obama’s total agenda reveals the man’s overall intent. In truth, he considers himself a “Progressive” whose plans include a great many permanent changes in the USA. Perhaps the least of these include...

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Number 400

Number 400 15 September 2015 …the will of the people can be said, albeit it disingenuously, to be reflected in the action of those for whom they voted — “the people get the government they deserve” — although the truth is otherwise, for the people know little of the actions taken by their members of Congress and still less of the the regulatory maze engineered by the administrative state. Constitutional Governance In The USA Is Once Again Mocked The facts are few but damning: first, the egregious agreement that gives Iran a clear path to nuclear weaponry is a treaty, but it’s not recognized as such. If it were called a treaty, the number of Senate votes required to ratify it would be sixty-seven. Instead, the Senate’s non-constitutional rules have been employed to permit the pact to be legitimated in a type of vote that is supposed to be used to end a filibuster. That means the Senate can make the pact part of US policy with forty-one votes. By all appearances, the Obamites have the votes they need to evade proper constitutional procedure. Second, The One Leader has nothing but contempt for public opinion, as the polls indicate. The Quinnipiac people say twenty-five percent of the US public favors the pact. Third, that means that The One Leader has imposed on a number of Senators who are likely...

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Number 399

Number 399 3 September 2015 We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about. Ruling The USA The function of the constitution Readers who recall this newsletter’s review of Philip Hamburger’s excellent book Is Administrative Law Unlawful? might want to refresh their memories. The reason: that review notes that constitutional governance is mocked by the executive branch of the federal US government, which has illegally subsumed legislative and judicial powers. Law-making and passing judgment on accused miscreants are absolutely not within the power of the president and his hirelings — according to the founders of the republic. That ensures that the laws are the citizens’, and that justice is blind. The US system was precedented when it was adopted in the eighteenth century. It was neither radically experimental nor audaciously innovative. If one ignores the role of the royal family, the US federal government is a series of refinements of the British system. That concept began to be set aside when Wilson’s presidency created the Federal Reserve to control currency — a blatantly unconstitutional measure — and introduced the notion that domestic politics could be thought of as a kind of war. F. D. Roosevelt embraced those innovations, expanded them, and further weakened the constitution’s definitive separation of powers. The current presidency is an immensely powerful amalgam of...

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