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Month: December 2015

Number 411

…the campaign of the scientific establishment to rule out intelligent design as beyond discussion because it is not science results in the avoidance of significant questions about the relation between evolutionary theory and religious belief, questions that must be faced in order to understand the theory and evaluate the scientific evidence for it. The Tramp Abroad Suggests You Consider The Views Of Some A-10 Pilots The first pilot makes his case in a personal communication: Comments on ISIS: Hell, we will never learn from our mistakes when you have assholes trying to run the government that want to be calling all the shots on the battlefield. “Harry” says – Live today to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. Pogo fans from way back were famous for quoting a popular comment – “We have met the enemy and they are us”. That reminds me of the “free fire zones” and “no fire zones” in Nam that changed almost daily that were directed from D.C. &@!!@! After reading what this A10 Pilot had to say…. Remember, our president says, “We have them on the run!” Well, here’s a forwarded message — FYI, from the perspective of someone who is overflying Syria within this abyss of rules of engagement: On Dec 3, 2015, at 1122, in a note, an A-10 pilot currently deployed and involved in the “fight” against ISIS wrote:...

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Number 410

Westerners who disdain cultural relativism, who are willing to denounce barbarism when they see it, and who believe that the West, indeed, is the centerpoint of civilization today, are dismissed as haters. Coping With The Homicidal Religious Fanatics In The Civilian Population Of The USA Yes, the FBI is in a bind over how it investigates US residents who might be Islamofascist warriors. This clarifies the problem (do read it). The subject is profoundly difficult. In fact even evaluating the performance of the Obama administration is a challenge. The uncertain future can appear extraordinarily dangerous, and hideously so if you happen to be Jewish. Surely some imaginative proposals should be presented, debated, and given a chance to reduce the obvious threat. Accordingly, this newsletter suggests that it could be that the USA’s best defense against the crazed Muslims in its population would be to encourage decent citizens to defend themselves with firearms. That, coupled with the elimination of “gun-free zones”, would change the environment that currently works to the advantage of bloodthirsty lunatics. (See Gingrich’s view on this.) The grim truth is that soft targets invite mass murder. People deserve at least the opportunity to shoot back, even if that leads to wild gunfights in public places. That’s a horrible scenario, and unfortunately, it is not fantastic. When contemplating reality, consider the possibilities unemotionally. For example: do you believe...

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