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Month: January 2016

Number 415

All told, nearly a million prisoners (in the USA) are now making office furniture, working in call centers, fabricating body armor, taking hotel reservations, working in slaughterhouses, or manufacturing textiles, shoes, and clothing, while getting paid somewhere between 93 cents and $4.73 per day. What’s Old, Doc? There is an interesting article in a recent issue of The Wall Street Journal; it is titled, “Natural-Born Killer Joins Germ Fight”. The upshot: antibiotics basically set aside the treatment of bacterial infections with bacteriophages long ago, and now many physicians are eager to have the viruses back. And why? Because bacteria have grown increasingly able to shrug off antibiotics, and deaths from infection are up sharply. Yes, phages are viruses, so it’s important to note immediately that they do not harm humans. Instead they go after bacteria, infecting them and causing them to burst. That’s good, but the fact is, these bacteria-killing viruses come from sewers, polluted rivers in some of the earth’s worst real estate, and other horrid places. So of course testing of the phages has to be painstaking. That means the development of cures for currently deadly bacterial diseases will be slow. It did not have to be so. This newsletter’s editor remembers reading about phages in a magazine at least sixty years ago, and he wonders why the treatment was not being studied and tested back then....

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Number 414

…could the wolf bleat like the lamb, the flock would soon be enticed into ruin; wherefore to prevent the mischief, he ought to be seen as well as heard. Who Is Permitted To Be The President Of The USA? The Full Story Is Embarrassing Some folks, including Don Trump, think Senator Cruz is not entitled to run for president because he is not a “natural born” citizen. This matter was debated when John McCain ran for the office, yet it seems that the correct answers are still not generally appreciated. So… …is Senator Ted Cruz qualified to be president? Yes, because the 1790 Immigration Act declares flatly that people in his circumstances are “natural-born” citizens. That law followed the adoption of the constitution by about two years, and some of the founding fathers of the nation were in the Congress at the time. One knows, therefore, exactly what the constitution means by “natural-born”. John McCain’s case is extraordinary. He is not a “natural-born” citizen because he was naturalized by act of Congress (Act of August 4, 1937, § 1, 50 Stat. 558 ch.563, codified at USC § 1403(a)) eleven months after his birth. That very specific legislative blunder applied only to children born of US citizens in the Panama Canal Zone. Those persons were considered by Congress to require a clarification of their status that distinguished them from aliens...

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Number 413

…power over the people, for the sake of the people, is very different from government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Regarding Donald Trump This is an excellent speech. It’s no wonder Trump is still in the game. That said, consider these words from Noah Rothman’s remarks in Commentary: “… Trumpism (is) a paranoid, nationalist fever. It is, by definition, a minority sentiment. It cannot ascend to lead the nation because it seeks to shape a winning coalition through division and subtraction. For conservatives with an interest in seeing their governing agenda enacted, the rise of Trump is a threat”. The problem with Rothman’s clear logic is that US conservatives have no currently visible prospect of defeating Hillary and restoring principled constitutional governance. If, however, Trump can use his growing popularity to break the heavy-handed “Progressive” grip on power, perhaps the core values of the nation can be resuscitated. An effective representative democracy, complete with its rock-solid preservation of individual Liberty, might be the rewarding result of Trump’s administration. “Progressives” would object bitterly to that suggestion, of course, as their dreams of Hope and Change — Utopia — are threatened by it. Accordingly, Trump must know that his quest for the presidency will be portrayed as analogous to Hitler’s rise to power. As viciously and mindlessly partisan as it is, the comparison of the USA’s...

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Number 412

(Under Islam,) …moderates of all faiths are committed to reinterpreting, or ignoring outright, the most dangerous and absurd parts of their scripture — and this commitment is precisely what makes them moderates. But it also requires some degree of intellectual dishonesty, because moderates can’t acknowledge that their moderation comes from outside the faith. The One Leader Will Save The USA From Firearms The US president plans to save untold numbers of lives by issuing an executive order that will prevent many psychological deviants from obtaining firearms. As a self-described former teacher of constitutional law, Obama should know that Philip Hamburger, a genuine law professor at Columbia University, is correct when he clarifies the legal status of legislative actions taken by the federal chief executive. The president cannot make law, as Hamburger explains in his book (reviewed here). Yet that is exactly what the nation’s Chief Scofflaw is doing. The problem is that the judicial system does not currently have a remedy for presidential usurpation of legislative authority. Obviously a federal court should set Obama’s action aside, but the judges shrink from offending the executive branch. The reasons for this cowardice are many; they include nothing an honorable citizen can endorse. Even PJ Media, a “wingnut” outfit, is at least temporarily cowed. US residents should seek out reliable information, and no better source can be found than John Lott. He...

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