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Month: February 2016

Number 419

Number 419 25 February 2016 History, n. An account, mostly false, of events, mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers, mostly knaves, and soldiers, mostly fools. Muslim Immigration Into The USA The Reason Foundation, a libertarian think tank/activist organization, has prepared a video interview of Joel Fetzer, the author of a recent book, Open Borders And International Migration Policy (information here). The text deals (in part) with the complaints made by anti-immigrant factions. Historical examples include anti-Chinese bigotry and tension generated by the arrival in the USA of Irish and Latin-American immigrants. Overall, the video is factual, thoughtful, and on target; it demonstrates the inaccuracy of claims made about the impact of the immigrants on the economy and society. One unexpected result, the virtual death of the Republican Party in California, is of particular interest because it implies that anti-immigrant policy can be a lethal threat to the groups that espouse it. Do watch the video. Note, then, that the video does not mention Islamic immigration into Europe, nor does it point out that Islam is a collection of sects that, in many cases, have tried for centuries to exterminate each other. In fact there is no meaningful similarity to be found between, on the one hand, the antagonisms of native-born US Protestants who reacted angrily to the arrival of large numbers of Roman Catholic Irish, and, on...

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Number 418

Number 418 16 February 2016 It is our responsibility as Westerners to oppose the expansion of Islam, but it should be the Muslims’ responsibility to outgrow Islam. This Legal Decision Should Never Have Been Necessary The USA’s One Leader has tried to bring the power generating industry under control. The primary excuse: using combustion of carboniferous fuel produces a dangerous pollutant, carbon dioxide, and the federal government must have the legal ability to limit that process. As regular readers of this newsletter know, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; in fact, it would be highly beneficial if the atmosphere contained half again as much C02 as it currently does. Those who deny those truths are literally ignorant. Now the federal supreme court has decided to delay Obama’s attempts to cripple industries that use fire and steam to generate electricity. Unfortunately the justices did not point out that Obama’s power grab was a fascistic lunge to bring the economy under greater federal control. This case was correctly decided for the wrong reasons, and that should scare the daylights out of rational citizens: Obamites remain determined to drive up the cost of electricity because anti-science factions are hysterically promoting an irrational agenda. (Carbon dioxide is food for plants and good for you, but the ruling cretins must think tetany is fun. — Hint: that was a joke. Click on the hyperlink,...

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Number 417

…sharia is juxtaposed to freedom because it strangles individual liberty, the catalyst of progress. Germany: Past, Present, Future The Current Disaster Is Comprehensible What is happening in Europe? This. Do not read further until you have viewed this video. It is clear that some refugees can be accepted by non-Muslim nations, and resettled peacefully. It is also true that the German reaction to the continuing violence in Islamic regions is literally insane. Consider, please: current German policy is largely due to reactions to the fascist National Socialist regime that ruled Germany from 1933 to 1945. The attempt to cleanse humanity by exterminating the Poles and the Jews still weighs heavily on the conscience of many political activists in Germany, Merkel among them. Of course anti-Nazi sloganeering comes easiest to collectivists who are generally labeled “left wing”; their long history of opposing National Socialist madness gives them pride of place in contemporary politics. Instead of murdering millions, today’s German “leftists” welcome millions of foreigners. A non-German, multicultural, tolerant Germany is one of the “Left’s” goals. That is their way of compensating for Germany’s presumed “guilt”. The ethical basis for following a cosmopolitan policy is admirable. Yes, of course the Nazis were horribly depraved, and anything that still reeks of their stench should be stamped out. The desire to make amends by constructing a new society in Europe does have roots....

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Number 416

(The ruling class of the USA) now acts as though all Americans could be terrorists and it increasingly confuses its own domestic opponents with enemies of the state. Hillary, The Obamoid Agenda, And The USA’s Middle Class For more than seven years, the nation has seen the results of the Hope And Change that Obama promised, and, for the middle class, those results have been lackluster at best. Well over half of US residents consider themselves “middle class”, and those folks are worried about unemployment rates, the rising cost of health care, taxes, uninspiring public schools, and the long-term prospects for the nation. Overall, the perception is that the security and success of the USA have declined in spite of Obama’s insistence that government is the solution. Many in the middle class recall Reagan’s “…government is the problem”. If Hillary is to win, she will have to address the perceptions of the middle class. As time goes by, she could discover that blaming the problems of the nation on wealthy and under-taxed parasites is a tough sell. Yet Hillary does have reasons to want to be perceived as Obama II: she needs the votes of black citizens, women, and the young; saying anything that might alienate those groups would be fatal to her campaign. Nor can she damn Obamoid policy as having caused problems and failed to improve matters...

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