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Month: April 2016

Number 425

Number 425 27 April 2016 Prior to the Potsdam Conference in July, 1945, the Japanese were repeatedly signaling for peace. … Sometime between July 30th and the departure of the Americans from Potsdam on August 2nd, the decision was made to drop the atomic bomb on Japan. Despite all the evidence that the surrender of Japan was inevitable, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945…. Bitter Thoughts On The USA’s Next Presidential Election Commentary says, “… it’s hard to see how the small vote Trump amassed (in New York) could possibly beat Hillary Clinton who alone received more than double the number of ballots cast for the reality star.” Correct. Trump can’t possibly defeat Hillary. But would a Trump presidency be preferable to another opportunity for the Clintons to abuse political power? That is a question very few Democrats will feel obliged to answer. In fact most voters know next to nothing about the seamy history of Slick Willy and his spouse. After two terms of Obamoid absurdity, the Clintons might even look like the nation’s opportunity to heave a sigh of relief and get back to “normal”. Yes, that means Hillary’s favorite apocryphal Poltergeist, “The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” (abbreviated VRWC), will probably remain locked out. As funds flood into the Clinton Foundation (see its description of itself here, and compare that to a...

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Number 424

Number 424 20 April 2016 Where rationalists insist on polarizing the continua of human experience into antithetical pairs of opposing categories, the West has constantly rejected the implied need for rejection of one or the other, by embracing “Both”. This catholic outlook goes back to the earliest days of Western society when its outlook was being created in the religious controversies of the preceding Classical Civilization. Obama, Congress, The Judiciary, And Aliens Illegally Present In The USA It’s a complex issue that has not been understood by the litigants: US states are trying to get the federal supreme court to prevent Obama from burdening them with the financial impact of The One Leader’s meddlesomeness. (Hint: don’t delve deeper into this dispute if you are unwilling to do a little reading beyond the scope of the slender commentary in this newsletter. Even the source at the URL linked here has misunderstood the fundamental facts involved.) Obama has overstepped his constitutional authority. Article One, Section One: “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States….” Here is what has happened (not for the first time): Congress has passed a law, and Obama has altered it. He feels his executive authority allows him to tinker with extant law. He is wrong, both factually and ethically. The states involved have stupidly ignored the precise, unambiguous language of...

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Number 423

Number 423 07 April 2016 The history of cosmic theories…may without exaggeration be called a history of collective obsessions and controlled schizophrenias; and the manner in which some of the most important individual discoveries were arrived at reminds one more of a sleepwalker’s performance than an electronic brain’s. Ignoring The Inevitable Because the Carrington Event of 1859 was both rare and inconsequential, it is not taken seriously today. This newsletter is considered wildly alarmist because it warns that another such solar electromagnetic pulse is inevitable — and that, given the current technology of civilization, it would cause a cascading catastrophe of Biblical proportions (a realistic estimate: up to ninety percent of the population of the USA could perish). The authorities who could mandate effective preventive preparations either dismiss the facts as crackpot fantasies…or ignore them. Those who want more information should learn about solar behavior. You could begin with this brief recent report; it might inspire you to learn more about sunspots, the cyclical nature of the sun’s activity, and the full range of possibilities. From time to time, this newsletter has published information on the solar threat. From 29 March 2009 to 26 June 2015, the word “Carrington” appeared in thirty-five issues of this newsletter. Books were reviewed, facts were provided, and opinions were offered. (Allnumbers of this newsletter are available at The social and political realities...

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