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Month: May 2016

Number 429

Number 429 26 May 2016 It is difficult to understand how laws made without representation, and adjudications made without independent judges and juries, have the obligation of law; instead they apparently rest merely on government coercion. They therefore cannot be perpetuated on a theory of consent or acquiescence, and they traditionally would have had the potential to justify revolution. Obama’s Contagious Contempt For The USA’s Constitution This newsletter has repeatedly claimed that The One Leader issues unconstitutional executive orders that usurp upon the exclusive legislative authority of Congress. The editorial page of The Wall Street Journal recounts an instance of Obama’s dictatorial mentality and its consequences. Here is a summary: In 2015, District Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas issued an injunction that blocked an Obama executive order that modified — well, rewrote— federal immigration law. The judge’s action stopped the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from illegally legalizing the resident status of aliens. DHS told Hanen that it would comply with his injunction. The catch: DHS lied, and legalized some one hundred thousand applicants…on the orders of Obama. The president had decided that he has the executive authority to tell a federal bureau to break or disregard a law passed by Congress. In fact the constitution prohibits the executive branch from assuming that dictatorial power. Hanen bit back: he denounced DHS’s deceit as statements “made in bad faith”,...

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Number 428

Number 428 23 May 2016 …the stupid person, in contrast to the malicious one, is utterly self-satisfied and, being easily irritated, becomes dangerous by going on the attack. The Next US President Can Trump defeat Hillary? The press and pollsters are frantic to answer that question. Perhaps the real question is not who will win, but why so many observers are desperately reading the tea leaves. The answer is that the Democrats feel free to field a profoundly flawed candidate, and the Republicans are hoping their man will not be perceived as exactly what he is. This election is a grotesque anomaly: both candidates are literal freaks. That confounds the press, outrages many ideologues, and puzzles the voters. Some of the results of a Fox News survey are so odd that a neutral observer might think the USA has gone off the rails. Consider: 47% of Democrats believe Hillary will “say anything” in order to win, and fully one quarter of her party find her unlikeable. Over a quarter of those backing Sanders flatly refuse to vote for her if Sanders is eliminated, and there are indications that the Democratic convention could be — well, unruly. Almost exactly half of Hillary’s voters admit they are “really” voting against Trump. Too, just over half of Trump’s supporters admit they are “really” voting against Hillary. This is an election that will...

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Number 427

Number 427 13 May 2016 …the gazing populace receive greedily, without examination, whatever soothes superstition, and promotes wonder. The Tramp Abroad On The Current Situation In Turkey The text reads, “Shhh…Be quiet. Turkey is sleeping.” I cannot vouch 100% for these figures, but my gut feeling is that they are correct or not far off. The trend is obvious. As I wrote before, the AKP (the ruling party) re-ignited the tensions with the (Kurdish) PKK, after very nearly coming to a peaceful agreement, just to distract the populace from their other shenanigans. This problem should have been dispensed with some time ago. Today, however, a “martyr” (in Turkish: ┼čehit) is a soldier or policeman who is killed in the line of duty — and by extension, it has come to identify anyone who is killed by a PKK rebel. In the beginning the Kurds were loudly demanding land from Turkey, but strangely not from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Iran, Iraq or Syria where they have varying sizes of minority populations. In the late 90s, Turkey started “loosening up” on the Kurds, giving them the right to openly speak Kurdish, have Kurdish language schools, print books and broadcast on radio and TV, sell music cassettes/CDs, in short to have some autonomy and the rights to cultural freedoms. The state-run TV even created a separate 24-hour Kurdish language channel! Then the demands for...

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Number 426

Number 426 05 May 2016 While a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse is harmless to people in its direct effects, in its indirect effects…(it) would almost certainly be far more deadly than a nuclear detonation in a city. Verifiying Or Debunking Anthropogenic Global Warming You might have seen this: a German geologist claims he has found credible evidence that someone tampered with weather data assembled by various instrumentalities of the US government. NASA, among other agencies, is said to have changed the numbers so they provided proof that global warming began before 1950. (Read the claims here, and then here, and finally here.) Could he be correct? Well, possibly. One reason why he might be on target is the fact that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) does have a number of features that parallel some aspects of religious zealotry. In particular, the idea that selfish behavior must be forbidden by enlighted authorities does mirror some historical religious practices; the rationale is a permutation of the concepts of original sin and piety. Many AGW believers begin with the assertion that mankind’s foolish behavior is harming Nature (some would say humanity is assaulting Gaia), and then call for punitive intervention. Accordingly, enthusiastic activists, inspired by the revelations of science, offer their services as enlightened authorities. These eager law-givers agree to take power, punish evildoers, and impose decency on the ignorant and/or unbelieving elements of...

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