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Month: June 2016

Number 433

Number 433 28 June 2016 The decade that has passed since the hysteria surrounding the completion of the Human Genome Project has shown us how little the genetic code tells us about any living organism, and even less about complex ones such as you and me. Brexit John Podhoretz sums it up: “…there’s the small matter of those forty-plus years of British querulousness with Europe and the fact that so many people for so long a time had warned of the consequences of integration and had been proved prescient by the undemocratic behavior of the mandarins at European Union Central in Brussels, and then by the Greek collapse, and then by the migrant crisis. There was a history here, a long and sustained history of argument and reflection made by brilliant men and women who love their country. And that argument won.” That’s from here. Finally, use your Commentary subscription to read this damning indictment. The Words Are Forbidden Speech — Even In The USA The current flap is over whether US politicians in high positions in the federal government — or contenders for those offices — shall be permitted to refer to any version of Islam as “radical Islam”. The One Leader is trying to prevent Democrats from even thinking in the politically incorrect language. The reason: Islam is not the enemy of Western Civilization, and the support...

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Number 432

Number 413 22 June 2016 If wonder seems idle it is because we associate it with childhood, when we are sometimes lost, as Rilke said, in the “nowhere without no”, oblivious of what is going on around us. Hands UP! This newsletter has already provided a critique of the militarization of the police forces of the USA; you might want to revisit the relevantbook review before reading further. The transformation of cops into heavy infantry is not nearly controversial enough. Its rationale has infected some agencies in the federal government that are utterly unsuited to military tasks. In this commentary, Tom Coburn and Adam Andrejewski present the facts and ask some politically incorrect but essential questions. It’s past time someone blew the whistle. Did you know that military weapons and special forces training are being provided to employees of the Internal Revenue Service, The Health and Human Services Special Office of Inspector General Agents, and The Department of Veterans’ Affairs? Those questions are introductory. The fundamental puzzle is whether Uncle Sam expects his servants to engage the citizenry in combat. Well, governments do tend to find victims. Extremists, insurgents, radicals — whatever the Powers That Be call them, they are humans who, in the opinion of some political leaders, pose dangers to someone. One can reasonably expect that all actions taken by militarized civil servants will be justified as...

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Number 431

Number 431 14 June 2016 I do not know why, as the philosophers put it, there is something rather than nothing; why there is anything at all. … Anyone who feels that suns and stars and galaxies could have been spawned out of mathematically demonstrated instabilities in Nothing hasn’t understood the question. Reality In Florida, a monster quickly murders fifty people…and Hillary says she is unwilling to condemn an entire religion. Well. Recall that Islamic scholars are immaculately clear on what “should” be done with homosexuals. The slaughter has undeniable roots in scriptural fantasy. How can one not damn the faith as toxic? The tragedy is another reminder of Islam’s horrifying ethical immaturity. The USA will always be lethally targeted by the religion’s implacable faction; this latest enormity is both a reminder of the past and a precursor of the inevitable. Note that Hillary’s biography and mindset are, to many observant Muslims, rank abominations. Whether she can play a major role in the defense of Western Civilization is at least open to consideration. Meanwhile Obama hopes everyone will ignore the fact that if just one reveler had been able to shoot back, the death toll might have been reduced. Reporting The News — Unless It’s Not Fit To Print On Friday, June 10, 2016, The Wall Street Journal placed this headline (in fonts larger than those of any other...

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Number 430

Number 430 01 June 2016 When the system starts seeking goals that are out of line with individual values, the individual, who is usually trapped in the system, can either get hurt or survive by lying. What’s In The News? This newsletter scans several different newspapers each day. They include a couple of local rags that are dying slowly; then there are both the New York and Los Angeles Times, as well as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and occasional other publications such asBloomberg Business Week. If there is anything interesting that can be said about this collection of sources, it might be that they don’t seem to agree on what’s news. For instance, today’s front page reports in the LA Times include pieces on a threefold increase of murders in a predominantly African-American part of town, the impacts of special interest groups on local political campaigns, a Chinese railroad that has the Pakistanis upset, and the chemical that seems to have killed a musician. According to the New York paper, however, the fact that homeless people in the USA are getting older is very important (rating a huge photo at the top of the page), it’s vital to know that the USA is making some ten thousand Syrians wait to gain entry as immigrants, one of Trump’s business deals with Hong Kong looks fishy, “online agitators” in...

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