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Month: September 2016

Number 440

Number 440 30 September 2016 …almost 140 years after Darwin’s seminal book, we do not understand the powers and limitations of natural selection, we do not know what kinds of complex systems can be assembled by an evolutionary process, and we do not even begin to understand how selection and self-organization work together to create the splendor of a summer afternoon in an Alpine meadow. The Islamist Dream: The Decline Of Western Civilization The West has signed its own death warrant. Evidence supporting that statement is obvious: errant Muslims have swamped the immigration systems of Europe, and are on track to overwhelm the ethical and legal traditions of those nations. They intend to do the same in the Western Hemisphere. Can the West be conquered by violence? Clearly not. Therefore set aside for the moment the sporadic violence perpetrated by suicidal Muslim maniacs. The real threat — which is slow and incredibly difficult to halt because it is preferred by fanatics who are grimly determined to wage a “war” that can drag on for generations — is the Islamic push to use democracy (of whatever variety) to set aside Liberty and impose Sharia. If you believe those claims are not true, do pay careful attention to this information. Muslims always out-breed Westerners by approximately a factor of four. Some authorities say that while women in the USA each have...

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Number 439

  Number 439 20 September 2016 Modern society… especially in America, tends to be fractured and in need of the liberty protected by law. It therefore is worrisome that administrative power consists of consolidated power outside and above the law. Far from clearly advancing the development of modern society, this sort of power appears to impede it. When Hillary Says “Erase”, She Means It If you look at the website maintained by the folks who sell “BleachBit“, you will understand why Hillary’s loyal servants used that product. It does not just erase email messages — it destroys them. Yes: that does mean Hillary knew she would be in deep trouble if those messages ever saw the light of day. Unfortunately the Russians very likely have them all…. Addendum: Three people are intimately familiar with the installation and maintenance of Hillary’s insecure and unsanctioned email server. Paul Pagliano set up the server in 2009. Today he flatly refuses to obey a congressional subpoena to testify in the matter; he won’t even show up. Two men who know a lot about the server have appeared after being subpoenaed, but both refused to say anything. They cited the fifth amendment to the US constitution. Pagliano could testify without risking prosecution, as he has been granted immunity. So — why in the world is he defying Congress? All three men are among Hillary’s...

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