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Month: October 2016

Number 445

Number 445 21 October 2016 To lose oneself completely in a spontaneous flood of music is one of the great human joys: one isn’t creating, but being created — in fact, one no longer exists. At the same time, there’s a give-and-take, a handing off of ideas that mimics the process of thought itself, as if we were synapses in a greater mind. It Can Get Worse, And It Probably Will The third debate between the presidential candidates left much of the US press fussing over Trump’s refusal to say that if he loses he will accept the verdict of the electorate. In fact that is a virtually meaningless issue. When he refused to respond with insincere political correctness, Trump signaled once again his unusual independence from the standard model of a “good” candidate. (See this if you disagree.) Those who wonder what he might do next are focusing, however, on an issue that is not just speculative, but a total waste of time: after all, Trump will not be elected. Meanwhile stifling secrecy hides essential information from the public. The reference is to Hillary’s amazing abuse of digital technology, and to the utter failure of her staff to correct the problem and keep her out of hot water. Part of the cause for the blunders is technological: computers and the internet have introduced means of communication and data...

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Number 444

Number 444 19 October 2016 The notion that FDR harbored fascist tendencies is vastly more controversial today than it was in the 1930’s, primarily because fascism has come to mean Nazism and Nazism means simply evil. Saying, for example, that FDR had a Hitlerite fiscal policy was not only regularly discussed; it was often cited as evidence in Roosevelt’s favor. A Word On The USA’s Politically Correct News Media The picture published under the headline of an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times is an unflattering view of Donald Trump — but it’s the content of the text that hits hardest. The author is one Max Boot, who is described as a “senior fellow” at the Council on Foreign Relations and a former foreign policy adviser to John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Marco Rubio. The headline: “Nazi echoes in Trump’s tweets”. Yes, you read that correctly. To what Nazi echoes is Boot referring? The list begins with (1) the Reichstag fire that Hitler used to destroy his opposition, continues with (2) comparisons of Trump’s anti-illegal immigration posture to Hitler’s attempt to exterminate Jews (Boot does not mention Gypsies, homosexuals, Poles and many other groups), and concludes with (3) the claim that sending Hillary to jail for security breaches and lying under oath would be very much the same as Hitler’s imprisonment of his political enemies. Well. Hillary broke...

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Number 443

Number 443 18 October 2016 …on July 10, 2011, in Henderson, Nevada, …local police informed homeowner Anthony Mitchell that they wanted to occupy his home in order to gain a “tactical advantage” in dealing with a domestic abuse in an adjacent home. Mitchell refused the request….the police broke down Mitchell’s front door using a battering ram. Five officers pointed weapons at him, ordering him to the ground, where they shot him with pepper-ball projectiles. Hillary’s Hoodlums Thanks go to The Desert Rat’s website, Headline of the Day, for alerting this newsletter to a report of what some of Hillary’s operatives are doing. Call up this web page and follow the story…. It is obvious that the US news media overwhelmingly support Hillary’s campaign. Over the years, scholars will probably try to gather and interpret the data left by all the news broadcasts, internet pages, editorial opinions, columnists’ remarks, “social media” artifacts, magazine articles…in short, everything that can be ascribed to what is often simply referred to as the media. It might even be noted by some researchers that the media was a term that expressed the misapprehension of the public that all of those distinctly different ways of communicating were somehow a single thing: media is often misunderstood in the USA to be a (shudder) singular noun. Of course what matters here is the willingness — no, the eagerness...

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Number 442

Number 442 17 October 2016 Whereas judges once heard independent actions against executive officers, they now are the final participants in an appeals process that oversees administrative agencies. The result is that administrators feel liberated from the constraints of law, and judges feel bound to make the administrative system work. Hillary Suffers From Parkinson’s Disease A careful look at the public record indicates that Hillary is afflicted and hindered by Parkinson’s disease (PD). Before you accept or reject that claim, do see these videos: One, Two, and Three. This newsletter noticed one of the indicators of PD and mentioned what it erroneously called her strabismus (definition of the term) in Number 438 (here). Intellectual impairment caused by PD varies greatly, but there is no valid reason why a person who suffers from the disease should be acceptable to the electorate, especially as president of the nation. PD increasingly and unevenly degrades the functions of the brain; that heightens the probability that a US president suffering from the disease would become incrementally dependent on influential unelected figures. History suggests strongly that Hillary’s disability will continue to be meticulously hidden from view and publicly trivialized. The cases of F. D. Roosevelt and J. F. Kennedy are particularly enlightening: every effort was made to prevent the public from realizing that FDR could not walk, and Kennedy’s excruciating pain was treated as none...

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Number 441

Number 441 13 October 2016 Ever since al Qaeda was smashed in Afghanistan in late 2001, al Qaeda leaders found haven in Iran. This meant that the world’s preeminent Sunni terrorist organization had an operational base within the world’s preeminent Shi’ite country. Hillary The Insuperable It’s obvious: watch this additional evidence that reveals Hillary yet again as a serial liar. As bad as that is, what is even more disturbing is how Hillary’s labyrinthine connections and stifling hauteur have perverted the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There are rumors to the effect that a lot of FBI agents realize the integrity of their previously sacrosanct bureau has been besmirched by Director Comey. When Attorney General Lynch avoided deciding whether to prosecute Hillary, Comey might have bravely defended his agency. He certainly should have told Lynch that prosecutorial decisions are utterly inappropriate for the FBI, and that he and his people would refuse to make them. When he did not take a principled stand, he gave credibility to the perception that Hillary is so well-connected that she can shrug off criminal charges. Later, in testimony before a Congressional committee, Comey indicated that he believes Hillary never lied when she was questioned by the FBI. That astounding statement confirmed the FBI’s unfortunate abject submission to political power. (See this video again, and follow it with this.) First Lynch was victimized; then it...

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