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Month: February 2008

Number 5

News And Comment Depending on whom you ask, the surge in Iraq is working or making things worse. Who is right? Let’s see how easy it will be to find out. We begin with a piece by Michael Kinsley, a leftist journalist with...

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Number 4

News, Commentary And Speculation While events in Iraq have been going against the “Al Qaeda in Iraq” forces and their allies, Afghanistan is not viewed optimistically by all observers. The Taleban intend to take the...

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Number 3

Special Report: The Context And Significance Of Suicide Bombing In the West, suicide is generally understood as an individual’s attempt to end intolerable misery, and is (at least) frowned upon. In the Islamic world, it is...

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Number 2

Wide-Open Borders Thousands Of Miles Long, Plus 12 Million Comfortably Settled Illegals, Equal A Huge Problem Immigration is the topic, and you won’t find a more informative and useful site on the internet than that put up...

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Number 1

The Anniversary That Must Not Be Celebrated The end of January and early February mark the anniversary of a stunning coup. Forty years ago, events began unfolding that culminated in the greatest triumph of the US news media...

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