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Month: May 2008

Number 12

News And Comment That Probably Did Not Reach You To put it bluntly and just a bit too simply: the USA is winning. Of course whether that’s good news or bad depends on what hopes you have for mankind — or what hopes...

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Number 11

News And Comment Most people have little idea of what is going on in Iraq. Here’s a small but useful reminder that it’s not the quagmire it never was: a slide show of soldiers on patrol, with text commentary by the...

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Number 10

Introductory Notice Rapid developments in US politics have prompted the publication of this somewhat slim number of The Penguin Post. Disappointed subscribers may look forward to the next issue, which is planned as a longer,...

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Number 9

The Hostilities In Iraq, And Related Developments Peace is not in sight, if by peace you mean all of Iraq living with a level of violence that’s on a par with that of San Diego. But large areas of Iraq are tranquil. Most...

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