News And Comment That Probably Did Not Reach You

To put it bluntly and just a bit too simply: the USA is winning.

Of course whether that’s good news or bad depends on what hopes you have for mankind — or what hopes you have for your personal political career. Fact: no one outside the Islamofascist camp will be hit harder by the unfolding military realities of Iraq than the Democratic US presidential candidates. They are both heavily invested in defeat, and that commitment may prove fatal.

Given their smug “we can’t win” prophesies and “we should stop trying” proposals, can the Democratic contenders sincerely congratulate the military for its brilliant successes? How do you publicly call a four-star general a liar, and then not fire him and his staff as soon as you unpack your bags in the White House? Can you move gracefully from suggesting we gift bin Laden with a default victory to implying that you just knew our all-volunteer military would adapt and triumph?

The mere possibility that such transparent cynicism might be attempted could prove damning. How many voters will take kindly to prospective leaders who automatically sell the US military short? The great majority of the US electorate wants to be proud of its sons and daughters who are willing to stand in harm’s way…which is where they must stand, so they can deal properly with the worst people on the face of the earth.

And deal with them they have, for one fact is becoming more and more obvious: things are going very badly for the enemies of Western Civilization. A quote:

This illustrates a very important trend that we first saw in the Baghdad operations last year; that al-Qaeda now knows that it cannot afford to confront the security forces anymore. Now, instead of digging in and fighting “glorious battles” in Fallujah or elsewhere, al-Qaeda is more inclined to run away than fight. This is a true sign of al-Qaeda’s weakening and of their ultimate defeat.

Next consider this account of something that would have been considered impossible only a few years ago: the selective application of air power in an urban environment.

The violent ideologues of Islam must bend and break under the pressure. As the tide of battle shifts, and as more and more Iraqis take up arms against Al Qaeda, one should not be surprised to find that a few members of the Islamofascist hierarchy are wriggling in agony. The partial result: while some jihadi leaders call for rededication to blood lust and intensified efforts, a few are conducting a reappraisal of the scriptural basis for violent jihad. The story has been broken to the West in a publication tightly linked to the Northeastern US political-cultural establishment (the chattering class that looks down on “flyover country” and loathes George W. Bush), The New Yorker. Whether these people are angling for an end to the violence directed against the mass murderers running Al Qaeda, whether the purpose of the article is just to report without pointing to changes in policy, whether the author has been deceived by a fiendishly clever plot — we simply can’t know.

One thing is clear, however: the military measures directed against the blood enemies of Western Civilization have had some positive effects. That means the destruction of Al Qaeda should and can continue to its conclusion. The appearance of an article that hints at a change of heart among some in the ranks of those who want to eradicate our culture is no reason to alter our course. A defeated enemy always sees the light, doesn’t he? For some, the truth comes sooner; for others, later. And who is to say what form the revelation of reality will take, as it imposes itself on minds deformed by superstition and a thirst for the blood of infidels?

Certainly the West cannot afford to forget that Islam always takes the long view. The arrival of the universal caliphate may take another two thousand years, but, according to the commandment of God, it must be imposed, and all Muslims must fight for it. Recall that one of the things that particularly upsets bin Laden is the expulsion of Islam from the Iberian peninsula, an event that took place five hundred years ago. Add to that the God-given permission to lie — taqiyya — and you might wonder just how sincere this attempt to negate the Koran’s many enticements to violence actually is. Certainly anyone who reads the Muslim holy book can see that the reformers deny the Koran’s inerrancy. Muslims who do that and advocate peaceful relations with infidels are not likely to grow old, gracefully or otherwise.

Meanwhile, of course not all is going efficiently in the battle with Al Qaeda. How, for example, can you fight a purely defensive war, particularly when your enemy is eager to do literally anything to kill you? The Germans are struggling with that issue. What matters in this case is not that the enemy of civilization is winning, because he is not; it’s that the Germans do not understand the nature of the conflict that has come to them, and they do not see that it is ethical for them to respond accordingly. The sins of the fathers, you know. Time will probably improve their insight.

Regarding which, we have some perspective from Michael Yon:

Maybe creating a powerful democracy in the Middle East was a foolish reason to go to war. Maybe it was never the reason we went to war. But it is within our grasp now and nearly all the hardest work has been done.

From the beginning, that hard work has been mocked by a sinister undertaking: the propagandistic and censorious efforts of the major media. Repeated exposure of the deceit has done little good, and media reform remains an impossible dream.

Is it a conspiracy? No, it’s the expression of a mindset. The public is uninformed, important information is blocked, and an insider’s serious book about the genesis of the war in Iraq is studiously ignored by the major media.

Why all this censorship? Because the media gatekeepers consider it their responsibility to prevent the diffusion of ideological error. In pursuit of that ethically bankrupt goal, just about anything goes, from cheating on a quote to using bad sources and just plain making stuff up ( the original report, and some reaction; if you want a more complete account of the AP ‘s propagandistic labors, send the PenPo a request for file /back/backup/ap.txt).

The third issue of the PenPo was devoted exclusively to a report on Muslim suicide bombing. Few observers have wondered aloud why the West has taken so little notice of the importance of suicidal martyrdom in Islamic teaching. The result has been ignorance and misunderstanding that literally weaken the defense of our civilization. This commentary on Gaza is, therefore, important, as it recognizes the fundamental dysfunction of the “Palestinian” subculture as a variety of self-destructive obsession.

In the West, the bizarre “Palestinian” community is commonly thought of as made up of normal people who have been kicked out of their homeland and remain camped nearby, in the forlorn hope that they may someday be permitted to resume decent lives. Nothing could be further from the depressing truth, unfortunately. The “Palestinians” are victims of Islam, and their efforts on their own behalf are fundamentally programmed to produce failure, suffering and death — all of which is in accord with the teachings of the Koran. The final horror in this tragedy is the contempt and disgust with which the Islamic world regards the “Palestinians,” a very open secret almost never mentioned by the news media.

The maintenance of the myth of the “Palestinian” cause is a vital task not only for Islam’s propagandists, but for their de facto allies in the West. In the last decade, perhaps no single theme in that myth has been more effective than the iconic death of a twelve year-old boy, senselessly and coldly murdered by Israeli soldiers: Mohammed al-Dura. You probably saw the horrifying film on TV. It shows the pathetic boy and his father huddling behind what appears to be a section of cement pipe stood on end; bullets strike the wall above their heads, as the heartless Israelis snipe at the harmless pair. Then the boy is hit; he collapses on the sidewalk, but no aid can reach him because of the relentless, merciless fire from the Zionist positions. Eventually the fire stops, the dead boy is carried to an ambulance, and the film of his murder ignites the Arab and Islamic world.

There is, however, film you did not see. It shows the father and son deliberately remaining behind, hiding needlessly, as the “Palestinians” who have positioned them run off. Why didn’t little Mohammed and his dad go with them? There was no fire from “Israeli” positions then, so it was safe to leave the area. You did not see the film of the “dead” boy peeking at the camera, lifting his arm to get a view of the goings-on; you did not see the bloodless sidewalk after his “corpse” was carried away, sidewalk that later was splashed with what looks like blood. You did not see a post-event analysis of the angles of fire from “Palestinian” and Israeli positions — a study that shows that the cruel Zionists could not have shot the boy, but that all the fire visible in the film had to be coming from “Palestinian” positions.

You were exposed only to the lie, and never told that the al-Dura “murder” was a clumsy, transparent but tremendously effective hoax.

You were not told that the French TV network, France 2, broadcast the hoax as truth, defended the nonsense as fact, and, when exposed as gullible if not ethically culpable in promoting the fraud, sued its major critic for defamation (among other things) — and won.

You might wonder why you learned none of this from your TV, newspaper, newsmagazine, or any outlet of the major media. And wellshould you wonder.

In the asymmetrical warfare of global Jihad against the West, the “weak” side treats the media of the “strong” side as a theater of war, and no single case shows the Western journalism’s vulnerability to this kind of manipulation better than the Al Dura affair.

By all means, inform yourself. It’s easy. Follow a link or two, moving out from the URL provided here. If you do, you will glimpse a tiny part of a deceitful, corrupt and morally degenerate network.

It’s a network that has slyly gained your trust: Edward R. Murrow (the smoking man’s platitudinous philosopher), Walter Cronkite (the avuncular sage who proclaimed our victory in Tet to be a crushing defeat), The New York Times (“All the news that’s fit to print,” “The paper of record”), Time, Newsweek, the BBC, Dan Rather….

It’s a snake pit. The more you learn about it, the more betrayed you will feel; the more you realize that the major media hold you in contempt, considering you stupid, unequipped to deal with the full story and without any right to vote your conscience, the more you will understand why you must look elsewhere for facts.

Too right. The major media give us much not to believe, such as this “Cold is weather, hot is climate” rubbish. The myth of anthropogenic global warming is a major theme running through our media-inspired grasp of events, and a cause celebre for trendy, socially conscious, green hipsters. As you may recall from a recent item in the PenPo, the myth is actually an article of faith — a religious phenomenon related to concepts of original sin, guilt, salvation and penance.

Surprisingly, this insight into the madness is not peculiar to this newsletter. <ahref=”http:”” article.php?id=”080521153625.1ijzzvn1&show_article=1″”>Faith-based environmentalism is the subject of somediscussion, and cracks are beginning to appear in some public edifices that are built of nonsense. Freeman Dyson:

All the books that I have seen about the science and economics of global warming, including the two books under review, miss the main point. The main point is religious rather than scientific. There is a worldwide secular religion which we may call environmentalism….Environmentalism has replaced socialism as the leading secular religion.

What next? Common sense? — Naah.

No, common sense is an uncommon commodity, and very hard to sell because it is demonstrably alien to millions. Consider this goofynews item, and the deadpan attitude of the report that describes the horrible events — here’s a quote:

A rampaging mob in western Kenya burnt 15 women accused of witchcraft to death, a local official and villagers told AFP Wednesday.

“This is unacceptable. People must not take the law into their own hands simply because they suspected someone,” said Mwangi Ngunyi, the head of Nyamaiya district.

Well of course it’s unacceptable. The people should not take the law into their own hands, everybody knows that; instead, witches need to be arrested by the legitimate authorities, and then the law carried out according to the letter of the statutes. The witches must get a fair trial, which means they deserve competent representation and an honest verdict arrived at by a jury of their peers, among other procedural and substantive things. Then, if convicted of witchcraft, they must be punished as the law that protects the public from witchcraft mandates, not as the mob wishes.

Seriously, where were the editors, when this report was prepared for publication??

The point: it seems the fundamental problem of mankind is the tendency — or perhaps it is a need — to believe in absurdities. What non-human animal lives his life, and kills his own kind, in obedience to preposterous fantasies and unprovable assertions?

Finally And Briefly

Here are some quickies, added at the last minute just to bulk up this issue a bit:

1. This discovery, if the carbon-14 dates hold up, will stand the archaeological world on its ear. It seems that the urban development associated with what is loosely called civilization may date back some nine thousand years! That’s twice as old as previously believed, and it’s in the wrong part of the world.

The website does not mention a problem: if urbanization is really that old, why does it not appear anywhere else during the gap of some four thousand years between the flowering of the newly-discovered site and the sites already known in the Fertile Crescent? Our understanding of the attainment of the economic and political sophistication necessary for civilization has (up to now) been that while individual cities rise and are abandoned, the pattern of urbanization and its props never failed. Humanity developed the ability to build and sustain large cities, and that development — that idea — was not fragile, in other words. Now we are confronted with a vision of mankind sliding down from a civilized to a much more primitive level, and remaining there for well over three thousand years. It’s history in reverse. That is a shocking concept…something out of a science fiction novel.

The problem is horrendous, for big cities imply a rich economic surplus, and most of all, extensive trade. As one anthropologist said, “Ideas are light baggage.” So why did the very idea of civilization perish?

2. If you are in the mood for some biting (if a bit sophomoric) political satire, give these web pages a look: this is the “mother site,” andhere’s the page that savages Islam.

3. Hillary. Enough said.

4. Well, when all other news sources fail, we still have the BBC. Yes. And that means we have BBC-watchers, critics who document the words of what is almost certainly the most important English-language anti-USA propaganda organ in the world. The BBC broadcasts from Londonistan, you know….